Lista portów
private0 0/tcp
reserved private0 0/udp
reserved rtmp 1/ddp
routing table maintenance protocol tcpmux 1/tcp
tcp port service multiplexer, tcp port multiplexer (rfc1078), tcp port service multiplexer [rfc-1078] tcpmux 1/udp
tcp port service multiplexer nbp 2/ddp
name binding protocol compressnet 2/tcp
management utility compressnet 2/udp
management utility compressnet 3/tcp
compression process compressnet 3/udp
compression process echo 4/ddp
appletalk echo protocol rje 5/tcp
remote job entry rje 5/udp
remote job entry zip 6/ddp
zone information protocol echo 7/tcp
echo echo 7/udp
echo discard 9/tcp null sink
sink null, discard discard 9/udp null sink
sink null, discard systat 11/tcp users
active users systat 11/udp users
active users daytime 13/tcp
daytime (rfc 867) daytime 13/udp
daytime (rfc 867) netstat 15/tcp qotd 17/tcp quote
quote of the day qotd 17/udp quote
quote of the day msp 18/tcp
message send protocol msp 18/udp
message send protocol chargen 19/tcp ttytst source
ttytst source character generator, character generator chargen 19/udp ttytst source
ttytst source character generator, character generator ftp-data 20/tcp
default ftp data port, file transfer [default data] ftp-data 20/udp
file transfer [default data] ftp 21/tcp
file transfer protocol, file transfer [control] ftp 21/udp
file transfer [control] ssh 22/tcp
secure shell, secure shell login, ssh remote login protocol ssh 22/udp
secure shell login, ssh remote login protocol telnet 23/tcp
telnet telnet 23/udp
telnet priv-mail 24/tcp private24
any private mail system priv-mail 24/udp private24
any private mail system smtp 25/tcp mail
simple mail transfer smtp 25/udp mail
simple mail transfer nsw-fe 27/tcp
nsw user system fe nsw-fe 27/udp
nsw user system fe msg-icp 29/tcp
msg icp msg-icp 29/udp
msg icp msg-auth 31/tcp
msg authentication msg-auth 31/udp
msg authentication dsp 33/tcp
display support protocol dsp 33/udp
display support protocol priv-print 35/tcp private35
any private printer server priv-print 35/udp private35
any private printer server time 37/tcp timserver
timserver, time time 37/udp timserver
timserver, time rap 38/tcp
route access protocol rap 38/udp
route access protocol rlp 39/tcp resource
resource location protocol rlp 39/udp resource
resource location, resource location protocol graphics 41/tcp
graphics graphics 41/udp
graphics name 42/tcp nameserver name
host name server, ien 116 name 42/udp nameserver name
host name server nicname 43/tcp whois nicname
usually to sri-nic, who is, nicname nicname 43/udp shois whois
who is, nicname mpm-flags 44/tcp
mpm flags protocol mpm-flags 44/udp
mpm flags protocol mpm 45/tcp
message processing module [recv] mpm 45/udp
message processing module [recv] mpm-snd 46/tcp
mpm [default send] mpm-snd 46/udp
mpm [default send] ni-ftp 47/tcp
ni ftp ni-ftp 47/udp
ni ftp auditd 48/tcp
digital audit daemon auditd 48/udp
digital audit daemon tacacs 49/tcp
login host protocol (tacacs) tacacs 49/udp
login host protocol (tacacs) re-mail-ck 50/tcp
remote mail checking protocol re-mail-ck 50/udp
remote mail checking protocol la-maint 51/tcp
imp logical address maintenance la-maint 51/udp
imp logical address maintenance xns-time 52/tcp
xns time protocol xns-time 52/udp
xns time protocol domain 53/tcp nameserver
name-domain server, domain name server domain 53/udp nameserver
domain name server xns-ch 54/tcp
xns clearinghouse xns-ch 54/udp
xns clearinghouse isi-gl 55/tcp
isi graphics language isi-gl 55/udp
isi graphics language xns-auth 56/tcp
xns authentication xns-auth 56/udp
xns authentication mtp 57/tcp priv-term private57
any private terminal access, deprecated priv-term 57/udp private57
any private terminal access xns-mail 58/tcp
xns mail xns-mail 58/udp
xns mail priv-file 59/tcp private59
any private file service priv-file 59/udp private59
any private file service private60 60/tcp
unassigned private60 60/udp
unassigned ni-mail 61/tcp
ni mail ni-mail 61/udp
ni mail acas 62/tcp
aca services acas 62/udp
aca services whois++ 63/tcp via-ftp
via systems - ftp & whois++, whois++ whois++ 63/udp via-ftp
via systems - ftp & whois++, whois++ covia 64/tcp
communications integrator (ci) covia 64/udp
communications integrator (ci) tacacs-ds 65/tcp
tacacs-database service tacacs-ds 65/udp
tacacs-database service sql*net 66/tcp
oracle sql*net sql*net 66/udp
oracle sql*net bootps 67/tcp dhcps dhcpserver
dhcp/bootstrap protocol server, bootstrap protocol server, bootp server bootps 67/udp dhcps dhcpserver
bootp/dhcp server, dhcp/bootstrap protocol server, bootstrap protocol server bootpc 68/tcp dhcpc dhcpclient
dhcp/bootstrap protocol client, bootstrap protocol client, bootp client bootpc 68/udp dhcpc dhcpclient
bootp/dhcp client, dhcp/bootstrap protocol client, bootstrap protocol client tftp 69/tcp
trivial file transfer tftp 69/udp
trivial file transfer protocol, trivial file transfer gopher 70/tcp gn
internet gopher, gopher gopher 70/udp
gopher netrjs-1 71/tcp
remote job service netrjs-1 71/udp
remote job service netrjs-2 72/tcp
remote job service netrjs-2 72/udp
remote job service netrjs-3 73/tcp
remote job service netrjs-3 73/udp
remote job service netrjs-4 74/tcp
remote job service netrjs-4 74/udp
remote job service priv-dial 75/tcp private75
any private dial out service priv-dial 75/udp private75
any private dial out service deos 76/tcp
distributed external object store deos 76/udp
distributed external object store rje 77/tcp priv-rje netrjs private77
any private rje service, any private rje service, netrjs priv-rje 77/udp private77
any private rje service, any private rje service, netjrs vettcp 78/tcp
vettcp vettcp 78/udp
vettcp finger 79/tcp
finger finger 79/udp
finger http 80/tcp http www-http www
world wide web http, worldwideweb http http 80/udp www-http www
hypertext transfer protocol, world wide web http hosts2-ns 81/tcp
hosts2 name server hosts2-ns 81/udp
hosts2 name server xfer 82/tcp
xfer utility xfer 82/udp
xfer utility mit-ml-dev 83/tcp
mit ml device mit-ml-dev 83/udp
mit ml device ctf 84/tcp
common trace facility ctf 84/udp
common trace facility mit-ml-dev 85/tcp
mit ml device mit-ml-dev 85/udp
mit ml device mfcobol 86/tcp
micro focus cobol mfcobol 86/udp
micro focus cobol link 87/tcp private87 ttylink priv-term-l
any private terminal link, ttylink, any private terminal link private87 87/udp
any private terminal link kerberos 88/tcp kerberos-sec krb5 kerberos
kerberos secondary port tcp, krb5
kerberos (v5), kerberos 5 tcp, kerberos (v5), kerberos v5, kerberos kerberos 88/udp kerberos-sec kerberos
kerberos 5 udp, krb5
kerberos (v5), kerberos (v5), kerberos, kerberos secondary port udp su-mit-tg 89/tcp
su/mit telnet gateway su-mit-tg 89/udp
su/mit telnet gateway dnsix 90/tcp
dnsix securit attribute token map dnsix 90/udp
dnsix securit attribute token map mit-dov 91/tcp
mit dover spooler mit-dov 91/udp
mit dover spooler npp 92/tcp
network printing protocol npp 92/udp
network printing protocol dcp 93/tcp
device control protocol dcp 93/udp
device control protocol objcall 94/tcp
tivoli object dispatcher objcall 94/udp
tivoli object dispatcher supdup 95/tcp
bsd supdupd(8), supdup supdup 95/udp
supdup dixie 96/tcp
dixie protocol specification dixie 96/udp
dixie protocol specification swift-rvf 97/tcp
swift remote virtural file protocol swift-rvf 97/udp
swift remote virtural file protocol tacnews 98/tcp linuxconf
tac news, added by linuxconf rpm, linuxconf, tac news, unofficial: red hat linuxconf tacnews 98/udp
tac news, tac news, unofficial: red hat linuxconf metagram 99/tcp
metagram relay metagram 99/udp
metagram relay newacct 100/tcp
[unauthorized use] hostname 101/tcp hostnames hostname
usually from sri-nic, hostnames nic host name server, usually to sri-nic, nic host name server hostname 101/udp hostnames
hostnames nic host name server, nic host name server iso-tsap 102/tcp tsap
tsap iso-tsap class 0, part of isode., iso-tsap class 0 iso-tsap 102/udp tsap
tsap iso-tsap class 0, iso-tsap class 0 gppitnp 103/tcp x400
genesis point-to-point trans net, or x400 iso email, genesis point-to-point trans net, iso mail, iso e-mail gppitnp 103/udp
genesis point-to-point trans net acr-nema 104/tcp x400-snd
acr-nema digital imag. & comm. 300 acr-nema 104/udp
acr-nema digital imag. & comm. 300 cso 105/tcp cso csnet-ns cso-ns
mailbox name nameserver, ccso name server protocol, also used by cso name server cso 105/udp cso csnet-ns cso-ns
mailbox name nameserver, ccso name server protocol 3com-tsmux 106/tcp 3com-tsmux poppassd poppass pop3pw
3com-tsmux, eudora compatible pw changer 3com-tsmux 106/udp
3com-tsmux rtelnet 107/tcp
remote telnet, remote telnet service rtelnet 107/udp
remote telnet service snagas 108/tcp
sna gateway access server snagas 108/udp
sna gateway access server pop2 109/tcp postoffice pop-2
post office, postoffice v.2, post office protocol - version 2, pop version 2, post office protocol 2 pop2 109/udp postoffice pop-2
postoffice v.2, post office protocol - version 2 pop3 110/tcp pop3 pop-3
post office protocol 3, post office, postoffice v.3, post office protocol - version 3, pop version 3 pop3 110/udp pop-3
postoffice v.3, post office protocol - version 3 sunrpc 111/tcp portmap rpcbind
portmapper, rpcbind, remote procedure call, sun remote procedure call sunrpc 111/udp portmap rpcbind
portmapper, rpcbind, sun remote procedure call mcidas 112/tcp
mcidas data transmission protocol mcidas 112/udp
mcidas data transmission protocol ident 113/tcp tap auth authentication ident
ident, tap, authentication service, authentication service auth 113/udp tap ident
ident, tap, authentication service, authentication service audionews 114/tcp
audio news multicast audionews 114/udp
audio news multicast sftp 115/tcp
simple file transfer protocol sftp 115/udp
simple file transfer protocol ansanotify 116/tcp
ansa rex notify ansanotify 116/udp
ansa rex notify uucp-path 117/tcp
uucp path service uucp-path 117/udp
uucp path service sqlserv 118/tcp
sql services sqlserv 118/udp
sql services nntp 119/tcp untp usenet readnews
network news transfer, usenet news transfer protocol, network news transfer protocol nntp 119/udp usenet
network news transfer protocol cfdptkt 120/tcp
cfdptkt cfdptkt 120/udp
cfdptkt erpc 121/tcp
encore expedited remote pro.call erpc 121/udp
encore expedited remote pro.call smakynet 122/tcp
smakynet smakynet 122/udp
smakynet ntp 123/tcp
network time protocol ntp 123/udp
network time protocol ansatrader 124/tcp
ansa rex trader ansatrader 124/udp
ansa rex trader locus-map 125/tcp
locus pc-interface net map ser locus-map 125/udp
locus pc-interface net map ser nxedit 126/tcp unitary
unisys unitary login, nxedit nxedit 126/udp unitary
unisys unitary login, nxedit locus-con 127/tcp
locus pc-interface conn server locus-con 127/udp
locus pc-interface conn server gss-xlicen 128/tcp
gss x license verification gss-xlicen 128/udp
gss x license verification pwdgen 129/tcp
password generator protocol pwdgen 129/udp
password generator protocol cisco-fna 130/tcp
cisco fnative cisco-fna 130/udp
cisco fnative cisco-tna 131/tcp
cisco tnative cisco-tna 131/udp
cisco tnative cisco-sys 132/tcp
cisco sysmaint cisco-sys 132/udp
cisco sysmaint statsrv 133/tcp
statistics service statsrv 133/udp
statistics service ingres-net 134/tcp
ingres-net service ingres-net 134/udp
ingres-net service epmap 135/tcp epmap loc-srv
ncs local location broker, location service, dce endpoint resolution epmap 135/udp epmap loc-srv
location service, dce endpoint resolution profile 136/tcp
profile naming system profile 136/udp
profile naming system netbios-ns 137/tcp
netbios name service netbios-ns 137/udp
netbios name service netbios-dgm 138/tcp
netbios datagram service netbios-dgm 138/udp
netbios datagram service netbios-ssn 139/tcp
netbios session service netbios-ssn 139/udp
netbios session service emfis-data 140/tcp
emfis data service emfis-data 140/udp
emfis data service emfis-cntl 141/tcp
emfis control service emfis-cntl 141/udp
emfis control service bl-idm 142/tcp
britton-lee idm bl-idm 142/udp
britton-lee idm imap 143/tcp imap imap2 imap4
interim mail access proto v2, interactive mail access prot, interim mail access protocol v2, internet message access proto, internet message access protocol imap 143/udp imap2 imap4
interim mail access protocol v2, internet message access proto, internet message access protocol uma 144/tcp NeWS news
window system, universal management architecture, news window system uma 144/udp NeWS news
window system, universal management architecture, news window system uaac 145/tcp
uaac protocol uaac 145/udp
uaac protocol iso-tp0 146/tcp
iso-ip0 iso-tp0 146/udp
iso-ip0 iso-ip 147/tcp
iso-ip iso-ip 147/udp
iso-ip jargon 148/tcp cronus jargon
cronus-support, jargon jargon 148/udp cronus jargon
cronus-support, jargon aed-512 149/tcp
aed 512 emulation service aed-512 149/udp
aed 512 emulation service sql-net 150/tcp
sql-net sql-net 150/udp
sql-net hems 151/tcp
hems hems 151/udp
hems bftp 152/tcp
background file transfer program, background file transfer proto bftp 152/udp
background file transfer program sgmp 153/tcp
sgmp sgmp 153/udp
sgmp netsc-prod 154/tcp
netsc netsc-prod 154/udp
netsc netsc-dev 155/tcp
netsc netsc-dev 155/udp
netsc sqlsrv 156/tcp
sql service sqlsrv 156/udp
sql service knet-cmp 157/tcp
knet/vm command/message protocol knet-cmp 157/udp
knet/vm command/message protocol pcmail-srv 158/tcp
pcmail server pcmail-srv 158/udp
pcmail server nss-routing 159/tcp
nss-routing nss-routing 159/udp
nss-routing sgmp-traps 160/tcp
sgmp-traps sgmp-traps 160/udp
sgmp-traps snmp 161/tcp
snmp snmp 161/udp
simple net mgmt proto, snmp snmptrap 162/tcp snmp-trap
snmptrap, snmp-trap snmptrap 162/udp snmptrap snmp-trap
snmptrap, snmp-trap, traps for snmp cmip-man 163/tcp
iso mgmt over ip (cmot), cmip/tcp manager cmip-man 163/udp
cmip/tcp manager cmip-agent 164/tcp
cmip/tcp agent cmip-agent 164/udp smip-agent
cmip/tcp agent xns-courier 165/tcp
xerox xns-courier 165/udp
xerox s-net 166/tcp
sirius systems s-net 166/udp
sirius systems namp 167/tcp
namp namp 167/udp
namp rsvd 168/tcp
rsvd rsvd 168/udp
rsvd send 169/tcp
send send 169/udp
send print-srv 170/tcp
network postscript print-srv 170/udp
network postscript multiplex 171/tcp
network innovations multiplex multiplex 171/udp
network innovations multiplex cl/1 172/tcp cl-1
network innovations cl/1 cl/1 172/udp cl-1
network innovations cl/1 xyplex-mux 173/tcp
xyplex xyplex-mux 173/udp
xyplex mailq 174/tcp
mailq, zmailer mta mailq 174/udp
mailq vmnet 175/tcp
vmnet vmnet 175/udp
vmnet genrad-mux 176/tcp
genrad-mux genrad-mux 176/udp
genrad-mux xdmcp 177/tcp
x display mgr. control proto, x display manager control protocol xdmcp 177/udp
x display manager control protocol nextstep 178/tcp NeXTStep NextStep nextstep
nextstep window server, nextstep window nextstep 178/udp NeXTStep NextStep nextstep
nextstep window server, server bgp 179/tcp
border gateway protocol, border gateway proto. bgp 179/udp
border gateway protocol ris 180/tcp
intergraph ris 180/udp
intergraph unify 181/tcp
unify unify 181/udp
unify audit 182/tcp
unisys audit sitp audit 182/udp
unisys audit sitp ocbinder 183/tcp
ocbinder ocbinder 183/udp
ocbinder ocserver 184/tcp
ocserver ocserver 184/udp
ocserver remote-kis 185/tcp
remote-kis remote-kis 185/udp
remote-kis kis 186/tcp
kis protocol kis 186/udp
kis protocol aci 187/tcp
application communication interface aci 187/udp
application communication interface mumps 188/tcp
plus five's mumps mumps 188/udp
plus five's mumps qft 189/tcp
queued file transport qft 189/udp
queued file transport gacp 190/tcp
gateway access control protocol gacp 190/udp cacp
gateway access control protocol prospero 191/tcp
cliff neuman's prospero, prospero directory service prospero 191/udp
prospero directory service osu-nms 192/tcp
osu network monitoring system osu-nms 192/udp
osu network monitoring system srmp 193/tcp
spider remote monitoring protocol srmp 193/udp
spider remote monitoring protocol irc 194/tcp
internet relay chat, internet relay chat protocol irc 194/udp
internet relay chat protocol dn6-nlm-aud 195/tcp
dnsix network level module audit dn6-nlm-aud 195/udp
dnsix network level module audit dn6-smm-red 196/tcp
dnsix session mgt module audit redir dn6-smm-red 196/udp
dnsix session mgt module audit redir dls 197/tcp
directory location service dls 197/udp
directory location service dls-mon 198/tcp
directory location service monitor dls-mon 198/udp
directory location service monitor smux 199/tcp
snmp unix multiplexer, smux smux 199/udp
smux src 200/tcp
ibm system resource controller src 200/udp
ibm system resource controller at-rtmp 201/tcp
appletalk routing, appletalk routing maintenance at-rtmp 201/udp
appletalk routing maintenance at-nbp 202/tcp
appletalk name binding at-nbp 202/udp
appletalk name binding at-3 203/tcp
appletalk unused at-3 203/udp
appletalk unused at-echo 204/tcp
appletalk echo at-echo 204/udp
appletalk echo at-5 205/tcp
appletalk unused at-5 205/udp
appletalk unused at-zis 206/tcp
appletalk zone information at-zis 206/udp
appletalk zone information at-7 207/tcp
appletalk unused at-7 207/udp
appletalk unused at-8 208/tcp
appletalk unused at-8 208/udp
appletalk unused qmtp 209/tcp tam
trivial authenticated mail protocol, the quick mail transfer protocol qmtp 209/udp tam
trivial authenticated mail protocol, the quick mail transfer protocol z39.50 210/tcp wais z3950
wais, ansi z39.50, niso z39.50 database, ansi z39.50 z39.50 210/udp wais z3950
wais, ansi z39.50, ansi z39.50 914c/g 211/tcp 914c-g
texas instruments 914c/g terminal 914c/g 211/udp 914c-g
texas instruments 914c/g terminal anet 212/tcp
atexsstr anet 212/udp
atexsstr ipx 213/tcp
ipx ipx 213/udp
ipx vmpwscs 214/tcp
vm pwscs vmpwscs 214/udp
vm pwscs softpc 215/tcp
insignia solutions softpc 215/udp
insignia solutions CAIlic 216/tcp atls
computer associates int'l license server, access technology license server CAIlic 216/udp atls
computer associates int'l license server, access technology license server dbase 217/tcp
dbase unix dbase 217/udp
dbase unix mpp 218/tcp
netix message posting protocol mpp 218/udp
netix message posting protocol uarps 219/tcp
unisys arps uarps 219/udp
unisys arps imap3 220/tcp
interactive mail access protocol v3, interactive mail access imap3 220/udp
protocol v3, interactive mail access protocol v3 fln-spx 221/tcp
berkeley rlogind with spx auth fln-spx 221/udp
berkeley rlogind with spx auth rsh-spx 222/tcp
berkeley rshd with spx auth rsh-spx 222/udp
berkeley rshd with spx auth cdc 223/tcp
certificate distribution center cdc 223/udp
certificate distribution center masqdialer 224/tcp
masqdialer masqdialer 224/udp
masqdialer direct 242/tcp
direct direct 242/udp
direct sur-meas 243/tcp
survey measurement sur-meas 243/udp
survey measurement inbusiness 244/tcp dayna
dayna, inbusiness inbusiness 244/udp dayna
dayna, inbusiness link 245/tcp
link link 245/udp
link dsp3270 246/tcp
display systems protocol dsp3270 246/udp
display systems protocol subntbcst_tftp 247/tcp
subntbcst_tftp subntbcst_tftp 247/udp
subntbcst_tftp bhfhs 248/tcp
bhfhs bhfhs 248/udp
bhfhs rap 256/tcp FW1-secureremote
also "rap", rap rap 256/udp
rap set 257/tcp FW1-mc-fwmodule
fw1 management console for communication w/modules and also secure electronic transaction (set) port, secure electronic transaction set 257/udp
secure electronic transaction yak-chat 258/tcp Fw1-mc-gui
yak winsock personal chat, also yak winsock personal chat yak-chat 258/udp
yak winsock personal chat esro-gen 259/tcp
efficient short remote operations esro-gen 259/udp firewall1-rdp
firewall 1 proprietary rdp protocol http://www.inside-security.de/fw1_rdp_poc.html, efficient short remote operations openport 260/tcp
openport openport 260/udp
openport nsiiops 261/tcp
iiop name service over tls/ssl nsiiops 261/udp
iiop name service over tls/ssl arcisdms 262/tcp
arcisdms arcisdms 262/udp
arcisdms hdap 263/tcp
hdap hdap 263/udp
hdap bgmp 264/tcp
bgmp bgmp 264/udp FW1-or-bgmp
fw1 secureremote alternate, bgmp x-bone-ctl 265/tcp maybeFW1
x-bone ctl x-bone-ctl 265/udp
x-bone ctl sst 266/tcp
scsi on st sst 266/udp
scsi on st td-service 267/tcp
tobit david service layer td-service 267/udp
tobit david service layer td-replica 268/tcp
tobit david replica td-replica 268/udp
tobit david replica http-mgmt 280/tcp
http-mgmt http-mgmt 280/udp
http-mgmt personal-link 281/tcp
personal link personal-link 281/udp
personal link cableport-ax 282/tcp
cable port a/x cableport-ax 282/udp
cable port a/x rescap 283/tcp
rescap rescap 283/udp
rescap corerjd 284/tcp
corerjd corerjd 284/udp
corerjd fxp-1 286/tcp
fxp-1 fxp-1 286/udp
fxp-1 k-block 287/tcp
k-block k-block 287/udp
k-block novastorbakcup 308/tcp
novastor backup novastorbakcup 308/udp
novastor backup entrusttime 309/tcp
entrusttime entrusttime 309/udp
entrusttime bhmds 310/tcp
bhmds bhmds 310/udp
bhmds asip-webadmin 311/tcp
appleshare ip webadmin asip-webadmin 311/udp
appleshare ip webadmin vslmp 312/tcp
vslmp vslmp 312/udp
vslmp magenta-logic 313/tcp
magenta logic magenta-logic 313/udp
magenta logic opalis-robot 314/tcp
opalis robot opalis-robot 314/udp
opalis robot dpsi 315/tcp
dpsi dpsi 315/udp
dpsi decauth 316/tcp
decauth decauth 316/udp
decauth zannet 317/tcp
zannet zannet 317/udp
zannet pkix-timestamp 318/tcp
pkix timestamp pkix-timestamp 318/udp
pkix timestamp ptp-event 319/tcp
ptp event ptp-event 319/udp
ptp event ptp-general 320/tcp
ptp general ptp-general 320/udp
ptp general pip 321/tcp
pip pip 321/udp
pip rtsps 322/tcp
rtsps rtsps 322/udp
rtsps texar 333/tcp
texar security port texar 333/udp
texar security port pdap 344/tcp
prospero data access protocol pdap 344/udp
prospero data access protocol pawserv 345/tcp
perf analysis workbench pawserv 345/udp
perf analysis workbench zserv 346/tcp
zebra server zserv 346/udp
zebra server fatserv 347/tcp
fatmen server fatserv 347/udp
fatmen server csi-sgwp 348/tcp
cabletron management protocol csi-sgwp 348/udp
cabletron management protocol mftp 349/tcp
mftp mftp 349/udp
mftp matip-type-a 350/tcp
matip type a matip-type-a 350/udp
matip type a matip-type-b 351/tcp bhoetty
matip type b or bhoetty, unassigned but widespread use, matip type b, bhoetty (added 5/21/97), matip type b or bhoetty also safetp matip-type-b 351/udp bhoetty
matip type b or bhoetty, unassigned but widespread use, bhoetty, matip type b dtag-ste-sb 352/tcp bhoedap4
unassigned but widespread use, dtag, bhoedap4 (added 5/21/97), dtag, or bhoedap4, dtag (assigned long ago) dtag-ste-sb 352/udp bhoedap4
unassigned but widespread use, bhoedap4, dtag, dtag, or bhoedap4 ndsauth 353/tcp
ndsauth ndsauth 353/udp
ndsauth bh611 354/tcp
bh611 bh611 354/udp
bh611 datex-asn 355/tcp
datex-asn datex-asn 355/udp
datex-asn cloanto-net-1 356/tcp
cloanto net 1 cloanto-net-1 356/udp
cloanto net 1 bhevent 357/tcp
bhevent bhevent 357/udp
bhevent shrinkwrap 358/tcp
shrinkwrap shrinkwrap 358/udp
shrinkwrap nsrmp 359/tcp tenebris_nts
network security risk management protocol, tenebris network trace service nsrmp 359/udp tenebris_nts
network security risk management protocol, tenebris network trace service scoi2odialog 360/tcp
scoi2odialog scoi2odialog 360/udp
scoi2odialog semantix 361/tcp
semantix semantix 361/udp
semantix srssend 362/tcp
srs send srssend 362/udp
srs send rsvp_tunnel 363/tcp
rsvp tunnel rsvp_tunnel 363/udp
rsvp tunnel aurora-cmgr 364/tcp
aurora cmgr aurora-cmgr 364/udp
aurora cmgr dtk 365/tcp
deception tool kit (www.all.net), dtk, deception tool kit (lame -- see www.all.net), deception tool kit - fred cohen dtk 365/udp
deception tool kit (www.all.net), dtk, deception tool kit (lame -- see www.all.net), deception tool kit - fred cohen odmr 366/tcp
odmr odmr 366/udp
odmr mortgageware 367/tcp
mortgageware mortgageware 367/udp
mortgageware qbikgdp 368/tcp
qbikgdp qbikgdp 368/udp
qbikgdp rpc2portmap 369/tcp
rpc2portmap rpc2portmap 369/udp
coda portmapper, rpc2portmap codaauth2 370/tcp
codaauth2 codaauth2 370/udp
coda authentication server, codaauth2 clearcase 371/tcp
clearcase clearcase 371/udp
clearcase ulistproc 372/tcp ulistproc ulistserv
unix listserv, listprocessor ulistproc 372/udp ulistproc ulistserv
unix listserv, listprocessor legent-1 373/tcp
legent corporation, legent corporation (now computer associates intl.) legent-1 373/udp
legent corporation, legent corporation (now computer associates intl.) legent-2 374/tcp
legent corporation, legent corporation (now computer associates intl.) legent-2 374/udp
legent corporation, legent corporation (now computer associates intl.) hassle 375/tcp
hassle hassle 375/udp
hassle nip 376/tcp
amiga envoy network inquiry proto, amiga envoy net inquiry prot. nip 376/udp
amiga envoy network inquiry proto, amiga envoy net inquiry prot. tnETOS 377/tcp
nec corporation tnETOS 377/udp
nec corporation dsETOS 378/tcp
nec corporation dsETOS 378/udp
nec corporation is99c 379/tcp
tia/eia/is-99 modem client is99c 379/udp
tia/eia/is-99 modem client is99s 380/tcp
tia/eia/is-99 modem server is99s 380/udp
tia/eia/is-99 modem server hp-collector 381/tcp
hp performance data collector hp-collector 381/udp
hp performance data collector hp-managed-node 382/tcp
hp performance data managed node hp-managed-node 382/udp
hp performance data managed node hp-alarm-mgr 383/tcp
hp performance data alarm manager hp-alarm-mgr 383/udp
hp performance data alarm manager arns 384/tcp
a remote network server system arns 384/udp
a remote network server system ibm-app 385/tcp
ibm application ibm-app 385/udp
ibm application asa 386/tcp
asa message router object def. asa 386/udp
asa message router object def. aurp 387/tcp
appletalk update-based routing pro. aurp 387/udp
appletalk update-based routing pro. unidata-ldm 388/tcp
unidata ldm version 4, unidata ldm unidata-ldm 388/udp
unidata ldm version 4, unidata ldm ldap 389/tcp
lightweight directory access protocol, lightweight directory access ldap 389/udp
lightweight directory access protocol uis 390/tcp
uis uis 390/udp
uis synotics-relay 391/tcp
synoptics snmp relay port synotics-relay 391/udp
synoptics snmp relay port synotics-broker 392/tcp
synoptics port broker port synotics-broker 392/udp
synoptics port broker port meta5 393/tcp dis
meta5, data interpretation system meta5 393/udp dis
meta5, data interpretation system embl-ndt 394/tcp
embl nucleic data transfer embl-ndt 394/udp
embl nucleic data transfer netcp 395/tcp
netscout control protocol netcp 395/udp
netscout control protocol netware-ip 396/tcp
novell netware over ip netware-ip 396/udp
novell netware over ip mptn 397/tcp
multi protocol trans. net. mptn 397/udp
multi protocol trans. net. kryptolan 398/tcp
kryptolan kryptolan 398/udp
kryptolan iso-tsap-c2 399/tcp
iso-tsap class 2, iso transport class 2 non-control over tcp iso-tsap-c2 399/udp
iso-tsap class 2, iso transport class 2 non-control over udp, iso transport class 2 non-control over tcp work-sol 400/tcp
workstation solutions work-sol 400/udp
workstation solutions ups 401/tcp
uninterruptible power supply ups 401/udp
uninterruptible power supply genie 402/tcp
genie protocol genie 402/udp
genie protocol decap 403/tcp
decap decap 403/udp
decap nced 404/tcp
nced nced 404/udp
nced ncld 405/tcp
ncld ncld 405/udp
ncld imsp 406/tcp
interactive mail support protocol imsp 406/udp
interactive mail support protocol timbuktu 407/tcp
timbuktu timbuktu 407/udp
timbuktu prm-sm 408/tcp
prospero resource manager sys. man. prm-sm 408/udp
prospero resource manager sys. man. prm-nm 409/tcp
prospero resource manager node man. prm-nm 409/udp
prospero resource manager node man. decladebug 410/tcp
decladebug remote debug protocol decladebug 410/udp
decladebug remote debug protocol rmt 411/tcp
remote mt protocol rmt 411/udp
remote mt protocol synoptics-trap 412/tcp
trap convention port synoptics-trap 412/udp
trap convention port smsp 413/tcp
storage management services protocol, smsp smsp 413/udp
storage management services protocol, smsp infoseek 414/tcp
infoseek infoseek 414/udp
infoseek bnet 415/tcp
bnet bnet 415/udp
bnet silverplatter 416/tcp
silverplatter silverplatter 416/udp
silverplatter onmux 417/tcp
meeting maker, onmux onmux 417/udp
meeting maker, onmux hyper-g 418/tcp
hyper-g hyper-g 418/udp
hyper-g ariel1 419/tcp
ariel 1, ariel ariel1 419/udp
ariel 1, ariel smpte 420/tcp
smpte smpte 420/udp
smpte ariel2 421/tcp
ariel 2, ariel ariel2 421/udp
ariel 2, ariel ariel3 422/tcp
ariel, ariel 3 ariel3 422/udp
ariel, ariel 3 opc-job-start 423/tcp
ibm operations planning and control start opc-job-start 423/udp
ibm operations planning and control start opc-job-track 424/tcp
ibm operations planning and control track opc-job-track 424/udp
ibm operations planning and control track icad-el 425/tcp
icad icad-el 425/udp
icad smartsdp 426/tcp
smartsdp smartsdp 426/udp
smartsdp svrloc 427/tcp
server location svrloc 427/udp
server location ocs_cmu 428/tcp
ocs_cmu ocs_cmu 428/udp
ocs_cmu ocs_amu 429/tcp
ocs_amu ocs_amu 429/udp
ocs_amu utmpsd 430/tcp
utmpsd utmpsd 430/udp
utmpsd utmpcd 431/tcp
utmpcd utmpcd 431/udp
utmpcd iasd 432/tcp
iasd iasd 432/udp
iasd nnsp 433/tcp usenet
network news transfer, usenet, network news transfer, nnsp nnsp 433/udp
nnsp mobileip-agent 434/tcp
mobileip-agent mobileip-agent 434/udp
mobileip-agent mobilip-mn 435/tcp
mobilip-mn mobilip-mn 435/udp
mobilip-mn dna-cml 436/tcp
dna-cml dna-cml 436/udp
dna-cml comscm 437/tcp
comscm comscm 437/udp
comscm dsfgw 438/tcp
dsfgw dsfgw 438/udp
dsfgw dasp 439/tcp
dasp thomas obermair, dasp thomas obermair dasp 439/udp
dasp tommy@inlab.m.eunet.de, dasp tommy@inlab.m.eunet.de sgcp 440/tcp
sgcp sgcp 440/udp
sgcp decvms-sysmgt 441/tcp
decvms-sysmgt decvms-sysmgt 441/udp
decvms-sysmgt cvc_hostd 442/tcp
cvc_hostd cvc_hostd 442/udp
cvc_hostd https 443/tcp
http protocol over tls/ssl, secure http (ssl) https 443/udp
http protocol over tls/ssl snpp 444/tcp
simple network paging protocol snpp 444/udp
simple network paging protocol microsoft-ds 445/tcp
smb directly over ip, microsoft-ds microsoft-ds 445/udp
microsoft-ds ddm-rdb 446/tcp
ddm-rdb ddm-rdb 446/udp
ddm-rdb ddm-dfm 447/tcp
ddm-rfm ddm-dfm 447/udp
ddm-rfm ddm-ssl 448/tcp ddm-byte
ddm-ssl, ddm-byte ddm-ssl 448/udp ddm-byte
ddm-ssl, ddm-byte as-servermap 449/tcp
as server mapper as-servermap 449/udp
as server mapper tserver 450/tcp
computer supported telecomunication applications, tserver tserver 450/udp
computer supported telecomunication applications, tserver sfs-smp-net 451/tcp
cray network semaphore server sfs-smp-net 451/udp
cray network semaphore server sfs-config 452/tcp
cray sfs config server sfs-config 452/udp
cray sfs config server creativeserver 453/tcp
creativeserver creativeserver 453/udp
creativeserver contentserver 454/tcp
contentserver contentserver 454/udp
contentserver creativepartnr 455/tcp
creativepartnr creativepartnr 455/udp
creativepartnr macon-tcp 456/tcp
macon-tcp macon-udp 456/udp
macon-udp scohelp 457/tcp
scohelp scohelp 457/udp
scohelp appleqtc 458/tcp
apple quick time appleqtc 458/udp
apple quick time ampr-rcmd 459/tcp
ampr-rcmd ampr-rcmd 459/udp
ampr-rcmd skronk 460/tcp
skronk skronk 460/udp
skronk datasurfsrv 461/tcp
datarampsrv datasurfsrv 461/udp
datarampsrv datasurfsrvsec 462/tcp
datarampsrvsec datasurfsrvsec 462/udp
datarampsrvsec alpes 463/tcp
alpes alpes 463/udp
alpes kpasswd 464/tcp kpasswd5
kpasswd, kerberos password changing protocol, kerberos (v5), kerberos 5 password changing kpasswd 464/udp kpasswd5
kpasswd, kerberos password changing protocol, kerberos (v5), kerberos 5 password changing urd 465/tcp smtps
url rendesvous directory for ssm, smtp protocol over tls/ssl (was ssmtp) igmpv3lite 465/udp smtps
igmp over udp for ssm, smtp protocol over tls/ssl (was ssmtp) digital-vrc 466/tcp
digital-vrc digital-vrc 466/udp
digital-vrc mylex-mapd 467/tcp
mylex-mapd mylex-mapd 467/udp
mylex-mapd photuris 468/tcp
photuris key management, proturis photuris 468/udp
proturis rcp 469/tcp
radio control protocol rcp 469/udp
radio control protocol scx-proxy 470/tcp
scx-proxy scx-proxy 470/udp
scx-proxy mondex 471/tcp
mondex mondex 471/udp
mondex ljk-login 472/tcp
ljk-login ljk-login 472/udp
ljk-login hybrid-pop 473/tcp
hybrid-pop hybrid-pop 473/udp
hybrid-pop tn-tl-w1 474/tcp
tn-tl-w1 tn-tl-w2 474/udp
tn-tl-w2 tcpnethaspsrv 475/tcp
tcpnethaspsrv tcpnethaspsrv 475/udp
tcpnethaspsrv tn-tl-fd1 476/tcp
tn-tl-fd1 tn-tl-fd1 476/udp
tn-tl-fd1 ss7ns 477/tcp
ss7ns ss7ns 477/udp
ss7ns spsc 478/tcp
spsc spsc 478/udp
spsc iafserver 479/tcp
iafserver iafserver 479/udp
iafserver iafdbase 480/tcp loadsrv
iafdbase iafdbase 480/udp
iafdbase ph 481/tcp dvs
ph service ph 481/udp
ph service bgs-nsi 482/tcp
bgs-nsi bgs-nsi 482/udp xlog
bgs-nsi ulpnet 483/tcp
ulpnet ulpnet 483/udp
ulpnet integra-sme 484/tcp
integra software management environment integra-sme 484/udp
integra software management environment powerburst 485/tcp
air soft power burst powerburst 485/udp
air soft power burst avian 486/tcp sstats
avian avian 486/udp
avian saft 487/tcp
saft simple asynchronous file transfer saft 487/udp
saft simple asynchronous file transfer gss-http 488/tcp
gss-http gss-http 488/udp
gss-http nest-protocol 489/tcp
nest-protocol nest-protocol 489/udp
nest-protocol micom-pfs 490/tcp
micom-pfs micom-pfs 490/udp
micom-pfs go-login 491/tcp
go-login go-login 491/udp
go-login ticf-1 492/tcp
transport independent convergence for fna ticf-1 492/udp
transport independent convergence for fna ticf-2 493/tcp
transport independent convergence for fna ticf-2 493/udp
transport independent convergence for fna pov-ray 494/tcp
pov-ray pov-ray 494/udp
pov-ray intecourier 495/tcp
intecourier intecourier 495/udp
intecourier pim-rp-disc 496/tcp
pim-rp-disc pim-rp-disc 496/udp
pim-rp-disc dantz 497/tcp
dantz dantz 497/udp
dantz siam 498/tcp
siam siam 498/udp
siam iso-ill 499/tcp
iso ill protocol iso-ill 499/udp
iso ill protocol isakmp 500/tcp
isakmp, ipsec key management (isakmp/oakley) isakmp 500/udp
isakmp, ipsec key management (isakmp/oakley), isakmp key management stmf 501/tcp
stmf stmf 501/udp
stmf asa-appl-proto 502/tcp
asa-appl-proto asa-appl-proto 502/udp
asa-appl-proto intrinsa 503/tcp
intrinsa intrinsa 503/udp
intrinsa citadel 504/tcp
citadel citadel 504/udp
citadel mailbox-lm 505/tcp
mailbox-lm mailbox-lm 505/udp
mailbox-lm ohimsrv 506/tcp
ohimsrv ohimsrv 506/udp
ohimsrv crs 507/tcp
crs crs 507/udp
crs xvttp 508/tcp
xvttp xvttp 508/udp
xvttp snare 509/tcp
snare snare 509/udp
snare fcp 510/tcp
firstclass protocol fcp 510/udp
firstclass protocol passgo 511/tcp
passgo passgo 511/udp
passgo exec 512/tcp
remote execution, bsd rexecd(8), remote process execution; comsat 512/udp biff comsat
used by mail system to notify users, comsat, biff the dog login 513/tcp
remote login, remote login a la telnet;, bsd rlogind(8) who 513/udp whod
maintains data bases showing who's, bsd rwhod(8), remote who shell 514/tcp cmd
like exec, but automatic, cmd, no passwords used, remote command shell, bsd rshd(8) syslog 514/udp
bsd syslogd(8), system logger printer 515/tcp spooler
line printer spooler, spooler (lpd), spooler printer 515/udp spooler
spooler (lpd), spooler videotex 516/tcp
videotex videotex 516/udp
videotex talk 517/tcp
like tenex link, but across talk 517/udp
talk protocols, like tenex link, but across, bsd talkd(8) ntalk 518/tcp
(talkd) ntalk 518/udp
(talkd) utime 519/tcp unixtime
unixtime utime 519/udp unixtime
unixtime efs 520/tcp
extended file name server router 520/udp router routed route
rip, router routed -- rip, local routing process (on site); ripng 521/tcp efs
rip for ipv6, extended file name server, ripng ripng 521/udp
rip for ipv6, ripng ulp 522/tcp
ulp ulp 522/udp
ulp ibm-db2 523/tcp
ibm-db2 ibm-db2 523/udp
ibm-db2 ncp 524/tcp
ncp ncp 524/udp
ncp timed 525/tcp timeserver
timeserver timed 525/udp timeserver
timeserver tempo 526/tcp newdate
newdate tempo 526/udp newdate
newdate stx 527/tcp
stock ixchange stx 527/udp
stock ixchange custix 528/tcp
customer ixchange custix 528/udp
customer ixchange irc-serv 529/tcp
irc-serv irc-serv 529/udp
irc-serv courier 530/tcp rpc
experimental, rpc courier 530/udp rpc
rpc conference 531/tcp chat
chat conference 531/udp chat
chat netnews 532/tcp readnews
readnews netnews 532/udp readnews
readnews netwall 533/tcp
for emergency broadcasts netwall 533/udp
-for emergency broadcasts, for emergency broadcasts mm-admin 534/tcp
megamedia admin mm-admin 534/udp
megamedia admin iiop 535/tcp
iiop iiop 535/udp
iiop opalis-rdv 536/tcp
opalis-rdv opalis-rdv 536/udp
opalis-rdv nmsp 537/tcp
networked media streaming protocol nmsp 537/udp
networked media streaming protocol gdomap 538/tcp
gdomap gdomap 538/udp
gdomap apertus-ldp 539/tcp
apertus technologies load determination apertus-ldp 539/udp
apertus technologies load determination uucp 540/tcp uucpd
uucp daemon, uucpd uucp 540/udp uucpd
uucpd uucp-rlogin 541/tcp rdist rdistd
rdist daemon, uucp-rlogin uucp-rlogin 541/udp
uucp-rlogin commerce 542/tcp
commerce commerce 542/udp
commerce klogin 543/tcp
kerberized `rlogin' (v5), kerberos authenticated rlogin, kerberos `rlogin', kerberos (v4/v5) klogin 543/udp
kerberos (v4/v5) kshell 544/tcp krcmd
kerberized `rsh' (v5), krcmd kerberos (v4/v5), kerberos remote shell, kerberos `rsh', krcmd, and remote shell, kerberos (v4/v5) kshell 544/udp krcmd
krcmd kerberos (v4/v5), krcmd, kerberos (v4/v5) appleqtcsrvr 545/tcp ekshell
kerberos encrypted remote shell -kfall, kerberos encrypted shell, encrypted kshell, appleqtcsrvr appleqtcsrvr 545/udp
appleqtcsrvr dhcpv6-client 546/tcp
dhcpv6 client dhcpv6-client 546/udp
dhcpv6 client dhcpv6-server 547/tcp
dhcpv6 server dhcpv6-server 547/udp
dhcpv6 server afpovertcp 548/tcp
appleshareip protocol, afp over tcp afpovertcp 548/udp
appleshareip protocol, afp over udp, afp over tcp idfp 549/tcp
idfp idfp 549/udp
idfp new-rwho 550/tcp new-who
new-who new-rwho 550/udp new-who
experimental, new-who cybercash 551/tcp
cybercash cybercash 551/udp
cybercash devshr-nts 552/tcp deviceshare
deviceshare devshr-nts 552/udp deviceshare
deviceshare pirp 553/tcp
pirp pirp 553/udp
pirp rtsp 554/tcp
real time stream control proto, real time stream control protocol rtsp 554/udp
real time stream control proto, real time stream control protocol dsf 555/tcp dsf 555/udp remotefs 556/tcp rfs_server rfs
rfs, rfs_server, brunhoff remote filesystem, rfs server, brunhoff remote filesystem remotefs 556/udp rfs_server rfs
rfs, rfs_server, brunhoff remote filesystem, rfs server, brunhoff remote filesystem openvms-sysipc 557/tcp
openvms-sysipc openvms-sysipc 557/udp
openvms-sysipc sdnskmp 558/tcp
sdnskmp sdnskmp 558/udp
sdnskmp teedtap 559/tcp
teedtap teedtap 559/udp
teedtap rmonitor 560/tcp rmonitord
rmonitord rmonitor 560/udp rmonitord
experimental, rmonitord monitor 561/tcp monitor 561/udp
experimental chshell 562/tcp chcmd
chcmd chshell 562/udp chcmd
chcmd nntps 563/tcp snews snntp
nntp protocol over tls/ssl (was snntp), nntp protocol over tls/ssl nntps 563/udp snews snntp
nntp protocol over tls/ssl (was snntp), nntp protocol over tls/ssl 9pfs 564/tcp
plan 9 file service 9pfs 564/udp
plan 9 file service whoami 565/tcp
whoami whoami 565/udp
whoami streettalk 566/tcp
streettalk streettalk 566/udp
streettalk banyan-rpc 567/tcp
banyan-rpc banyan-rpc 567/udp
banyan-rpc ms-shuttle 568/tcp
microsoft shuttle ms-shuttle 568/udp
microsoft shuttle ms-rome 569/tcp
microsoft rome ms-rome 569/udp
microsoft rome meter 570/tcp
demon meter 570/udp
demon meter 571/tcp umeter
udemon meter 571/udp umeter
udemon sonar 572/tcp
sonar sonar 572/udp
sonar banyan-vip 573/tcp
banyan-vip banyan-vip 573/udp
banyan-vip ftp-agent 574/tcp
ftp software agent system ftp-agent 574/udp
ftp software agent system vemmi 575/tcp
vemmi vemmi 575/udp
vemmi ipcd 576/tcp
ipcd ipcd 576/udp
ipcd vnas 577/tcp
vnas vnas 577/udp
vnas ipdd 578/tcp
ipdd ipdd 578/udp
ipdd decbsrv 579/tcp
decbsrv decbsrv 579/udp
decbsrv sntp-heartbeat 580/tcp
sntp heartbeat sntp-heartbeat 580/udp
sntp heartbeat bdp 581/tcp
bundle discovery protocol bdp 581/udp
bundle discovery protocol scc-security 582/tcp
scc security scc-security 582/udp
scc security philips-vc 583/tcp
philips video-conferencing philips-vc 583/udp
philips video-conferencing keyserver 584/tcp
key server keyserver 584/udp
key server imap4-ssl 585/tcp
imap4+ssl (use 993 instead), imap4+ssl (use of 585 is not recommended, imap4-ssl 585/udp
use 993 instead), imap4+ssl (use 993 instead) password-chg 586/tcp
password change password-chg 586/udp
password change submission 587/tcp msa
submission, mail message submission submission 587/udp msa
submission, mail message submission cal 588/tcp
cal cal 588/udp
cal eyelink 589/tcp
eyelink eyelink 589/udp
eyelink tns-cml 590/tcp
tns cml tns-cml 590/udp
tns cml http-alt 591/tcp
filemaker, inc. - http alternate (see port 80), filemaker, inc. - http alternate http-alt 591/udp
filemaker, inc. - http alternate (see port 80), filemaker, inc. - http alternate eudora-set 592/tcp
eudora set eudora-set 592/udp
eudora set http-rpc-epmap 593/tcp
http rpc ep map http-rpc-epmap 593/udp
http rpc ep map tpip 594/tcp
tpip tpip 594/udp
tpip cab-protocol 595/tcp
cab protocol cab-protocol 595/udp
cab protocol smsd 596/tcp
smsd smsd 596/udp
smsd ptcnameservice 597/tcp
ptc name service ptcnameservice 597/udp
ptc name service sco-websrvrmg3 598/tcp
sco web server manager 3 sco-websrvrmg3 598/udp
sco web server manager 3 acp 599/tcp
aeolon core protocol acp 599/udp
aeolon core protocol ipcserver 600/tcp pcserver
sun ipc server, ecd integrated pc board srvr ipcserver 600/udp
sun ipc server syslog-conn 601/tcp
reliable syslog service syslog-conn 601/udp
reliable syslog service xmlrpc-beep 602/tcp
xml-rpc over beep xmlrpc-beep 602/udp
xml-rpc over beep idxp 603/tcp
idxp idxp 603/udp
idxp tunnel 604/tcp
tunnel tunnel 604/udp
tunnel soap-beep 605/tcp
soap over beep soap-beep 605/udp
soap over beep urm 606/tcp
cray unified resource manager urm 606/udp
cray unified resource manager nqs 607/tcp
nqs nqs 607/udp
nqs sift-uft 608/tcp
sender-initiated/unsolicited file transfer sift-uft 608/udp
sender-initiated/unsolicited file transfer npmp-trap 609/tcp
npmp-trap npmp-trap 609/udp
npmp-trap npmp-local 610/tcp
npmp-local npmp-local 610/udp
npmp-local npmp-gui 611/tcp
npmp-gui npmp-gui 611/udp
npmp-gui hmmp-ind 612/tcp
hmmp indication hmmp-ind 612/udp
hmmp indication hmmp-op 613/tcp
hmmp operation hmmp-op 613/udp
hmmp operation sshell 614/tcp
sslshell sshell 614/udp
sslshell sco-inetmgr 615/tcp
internet configuration manager sco-inetmgr 615/udp
internet configuration manager sco-sysmgr 616/tcp
sco system administration server sco-sysmgr 616/udp
sco system administration server sco-dtmgr 617/tcp
sco desktop administration server or arkeia (www.akriea.com) backup software, sco desktop administration server sco-dtmgr 617/udp
sco desktop administration server dei-icda 618/tcp
dei-icda dei-icda 618/udp
dei-icda compaq-evm 619/tcp digital-evm
digital evm, compaq evm compaq-evm 619/udp digital-evm
digital evm, compaq evm sco-websrvrmgr 620/tcp
sco webserver manager sco-websrvrmgr 620/udp
sco webserver manager escp-ip 621/tcp
escp escp-ip 621/udp
escp collaborator 622/tcp
collaborator collaborator 622/udp
collaborator asf-rmcp 623/tcp aux_bus_shunt
asf remote management and control protocol, aux bus shunt asf-rmcp 623/udp aux_bus_shunt
asf remote management and control protocol, aux bus shunt cryptoadmin 624/tcp
crypto admin cryptoadmin 624/udp
crypto admin dec_dlm 625/tcp
dec dlm dec_dlm 625/udp
dec dlm asia 626/tcp
asia asia 626/udp
asia passgo-tivoli 627/tcp
passgo tivoli passgo-tivoli 627/udp
passgo tivoli qmqp 628/tcp
quick mail queueing, qmqp, qmail quick mail queueing qmqp 628/udp
qmqp 3com-amp3 629/tcp
3com amp3 3com-amp3 629/udp
3com amp3 rda 630/tcp
rda rda 630/udp
rda ipp 631/tcp
ipp (internet printing protocol), internet printing protocol -- for one implementation see http://www.cups.org (common unix printing system) ipp 631/udp
ipp (internet printing protocol) bmpp 632/tcp
bmpp bmpp 632/udp
bmpp servstat 633/tcp
service status update (sterling software) servstat 633/udp
service status update (sterling software) ginad 634/tcp
ginad ginad 634/udp
ginad rlzdbase 635/tcp
rlz dbase rlzdbase 635/udp mount
rlz dbase, nfs mount service ldaps 636/tcp ldapssl sldap
ldap protocol over tls/ssl (was sldap), ldap over ssl, ldap protocol over tls/ssl ldaps 636/udp sldap
ldap protocol over tls/ssl (was sldap) lanserver 637/tcp
lanserver lanserver 637/udp
lanserver mcns-sec 638/tcp
mcns-sec mcns-sec 638/udp
mcns-sec msdp 639/tcp
msdp msdp 639/udp
msdp entrust-sps 640/tcp
entrust-sps entrust-sps 640/udp pcnfs
pc-nfs dos authentication, entrust-sps repcmd 641/tcp
repcmd repcmd 641/udp
repcmd esro-emsdp 642/tcp
esro-emsdp v1.3 esro-emsdp 642/udp
esro-emsdp v1.3 sanity 643/tcp
sanity sanity 643/udp
sanity dwr 644/tcp
dwr dwr 644/udp
dwr pssc 645/tcp
pssc pssc 645/udp
pssc ldp 646/tcp
ldp ldp 646/udp
ldp dhcp-failover 647/tcp
dhcp failover dhcp-failover 647/udp
dhcp failover rrp 648/tcp
registry registrar protocol (rrp) rrp 648/udp
registry registrar protocol (rrp) cadview-3d 649/tcp aminet
cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet, aminet cadview-3d 649/udp aminet
cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet, aminet obex 650/tcp
obex obex 650/udp bwnfs
obex, bw-nfs dos authentication ieee-mms 651/tcp
ieee mms ieee-mms 651/udp
ieee mms hello-port 652/tcp udlr-dtcp
udlr_dtcp, hello_port hello-port 652/udp udlr-dtcp
udlr_dtcp, hello_port repscmd 653/tcp
repcmd repscmd 653/udp
repcmd aodv 654/tcp
aodv aodv 654/udp
aodv tinc 655/tcp
tinc tinc 655/udp
tinc spmp 656/tcp
spmp spmp 656/udp
spmp rmc 657/tcp
rmc rmc 657/udp
rmc tenfold 658/tcp
tenfold tenfold 658/udp
tenfold mac-srvr-admin 660/tcp
macos server admin mac-srvr-admin 660/udp
macos server admin hap 661/tcp
hap hap 661/udp
hap pftp 662/tcp
pftp pftp 662/udp
pftp purenoise 663/tcp
purenoise purenoise 663/udp
purenoise asf-secure-rmcp 664/tcp
asf secure remote management and control protocol asf-secure-rmcp 664/udp
asf secure remote management and control protocol sun-dr 665/tcp
sun dr sun-dr 665/udp
sun dr mdqs 666/tcp doom
doom id software mdqs 666/udp doom
doom id software disclose 667/tcp
campaign contribution disclosures - sdr technologies disclose 667/udp
campaign contribution disclosures - sdr technologies mecomm 668/tcp
mecomm mecomm 668/udp
mecomm meregister 669/tcp
meregister meregister 669/udp
meregister vacdsm-sws 670/tcp
vacdsm-sws vacdsm-sws 670/udp
vacdsm-sws vacdsm-app 671/tcp
vacdsm-app vacdsm-app 671/udp
vacdsm-app vpps-qua 672/tcp
vpps-qua vpps-qua 672/udp
vpps-qua cimplex 673/tcp
cimplex cimplex 673/udp
cimplex acap 674/tcp
acap server of communigate (www.stalker.com), acap, application configuration access protocol acap 674/udp
acap, application configuration access protocol dctp 675/tcp
dctp dctp 675/udp
dctp vpps-via 676/tcp
vpps via vpps-via 676/udp
vpps via vpp 677/tcp
virtual presence protocol vpp 677/udp
virtual presence protocol ggf-ncp 678/tcp
gnu generation foundation ncp, gnu gereration foundation ncp ggf-ncp 678/udp
gnu generation foundation ncp mrm 679/tcp
mrm mrm 679/udp
mrm entrust-aaas 680/tcp
entrust-aaas entrust-aaas 680/udp
entrust-aaas entrust-aams 681/tcp
entrust-aams entrust-aams 681/udp
entrust-aams xfr 682/tcp
xfr xfr 682/udp
xfr corba-iiop 683/tcp
corba iiop corba-iiop 683/udp
corba iiop corba-iiop-ssl 684/tcp
corba iiop ssl corba-iiop-ssl 684/udp
corba iiop ssl mdc-portmapper 685/tcp
mdc port mapper mdc-portmapper 685/udp
mdc port mapper hcp-wismar 686/tcp
hardware control protocol wismar hcp-wismar 686/udp
hardware control protocol wismar asipregistry 687/tcp
asipregistry asipregistry 687/udp
asipregistry realm-rusd 688/tcp
realm-rusd realm-rusd 688/udp
realm-rusd nmap 689/tcp
nmap nmap 689/udp
nmap vatp 690/tcp
vatp vatp 690/udp
vatp msexch-routing 691/tcp resvc
ms exchange routing, the microsoft exchange 2000 server routing service msexch-routing 691/udp
ms exchange routing hyperwave-isp 692/tcp
hyperwave-isp hyperwave-isp 692/udp
hyperwave-isp connendp 693/tcp
connendp connendp 693/udp
connendp ha-cluster 694/tcp
ha-cluster ha-cluster 694/udp
ha-cluster ieee-mms-ssl 695/tcp
ieee-mms-ssl ieee-mms-ssl 695/udp
ieee-mms-ssl rushd 696/tcp
rushd rushd 696/udp
rushd uuidgen 697/tcp
uuidgen uuidgen 697/udp
uuidgen olsr 698/tcp
olsr olsr 698/udp
olsr accessnetwork 699/tcp
access network accessnetwork 699/udp
access network elcsd 704/tcp
errlog copy/server daemon elcsd 704/udp
errlog copy/server daemon agentx 705/tcp
agentx agentx 705/udp
agentx silc 706/tcp
secure internet live conferencing -- http://silcnet.org, secure internet live conferencing, secure live internet conferencing, silc silc 706/udp
secure internet live conferencing, silc borland-dsj 707/tcp
borland dsj borland-dsj 707/udp
borland dsj entrust-kmsh 709/tcp entrustmanager
entrustmanager, entrust key management service handler, entrustmanager - nortel des auth network see 389/tcp entrust-kmsh 709/udp entrustmanager
entrustmanager, entrust key management service handler, entrustmanager - nortel des auth network see 389/tcp entrust-ash 710/tcp
entrust administration service handler entrust-ash 710/udp
entrust administration service handler cisco-tdp 711/tcp
cisco tdp cisco-tdp 711/udp
cisco tdp netviewdm1 729/tcp
ibm netview dm/6000 server/client netviewdm1 729/udp
ibm netview dm/6000 server/client netviewdm2 730/tcp
ibm netview dm/6000 send/tcp netviewdm2 730/udp
ibm netview dm/6000 send/tcp netviewdm3 731/tcp
ibm netview dm/6000 receive/tcp netviewdm3 731/udp
ibm netview dm/6000 receive/tcp sometimes-rpc2 737/udp
rusersd on my openbsd box netcp 740/tcp
netscout control protocol netcp 740/udp
netscout control protocol netgw 741/tcp
netgw netgw 741/udp
netgw netrcs 742/tcp
network based rev. cont. sys. netrcs 742/udp
network based rev. cont. sys. flexlm 744/tcp
flexible license manager flexlm 744/udp
flexible license manager fujitsu-dev 747/tcp
fujitsu device control fujitsu-dev 747/udp
fujitsu device control ris-cm 748/tcp
russell info sci calendar manager ris-cm 748/udp
russell info sci calendar manager kerberos-adm 749/tcp
kerberos administration (v5), kerberos 5 kadmin, kerberos `kadmin' (v5), kerberos administration, kerberos 5 admin/changepw kerberos-adm 749/udp
kerberos administration (v5), kerberos 5 kadmin, kerberos administration, kerberos 5 admin/changepw rfile 750/tcp kerberos4 kerberos-iv kdc kerberos
kerberos authentication--tcp, kerberos key server, kerberos (v4), kerberos authentication--tdp, kdc kerberos (v4), kerberos (server) tcp loadav 750/udp kerberos4 kdc kerberos-iv kerberos
kerberos authentication--udp, kerberos key server, kerberos (server) udp, kerberos (v4), kdc kerberos (v4), kerberos version iv pump 751/tcp kerberos-master kerberos_master
kerberos 4 kadmin, kerberos `kadmin' (v4), kerberos admin server tcp, kerberos authentication pump 751/udp kerberos-master kerberos_master
kerberos 4 kadmin, kerberos admin server udp, kerberos `kadmin' (v4), kerberos authentication qrh 752/tcp qrh 752/udp rrh 753/tcp rrh 753/udp tell 754/tcp krb5_prop krb_prop hprop
kerberos/v5 server propagation, send, heimdal kdc database propagation, kerberos slave propagation tell 754/udp
send nlogin 758/tcp nlogin 758/udp con 759/tcp con 759/udp ns 760/tcp kreg krbupdate
kerberos registration, kreg kerberos (v4) registration, bsd kerberos registration, kerberos (v4) registration ns 760/udp rxe 761/tcp kpasswd kpwd
kpwd kerberos (v4) "passwd", kerberos "passwd", kerberos (v4) "passwd", old bsd kerberos `passwd', bsd kerberos `passwd' rxe 761/udp quotad 762/tcp quotad 762/udp cycleserv 763/tcp cycleserv 763/udp omserv 764/tcp omserv 764/udp webster 765/tcp
network dictionary webster 765/udp phonebook 767/tcp
phone phonebook 767/udp
phone vid 769/tcp vid 769/udp cadlock 770/tcp cadlock 770/udp rtip 771/tcp rtip 771/udp cycleserv2 772/tcp cycleserv2 772/udp submit 773/tcp notify 773/udp rpasswd 774/tcp acmaint_dbd 774/udp entomb 775/tcp acmaint_transd 775/udp wpages 776/tcp wpages 776/udp multiling-http 777/tcp
multiling http multiling-http 777/udp
multiling http wpgs 780/tcp wpgs 780/udp hp-collector 781/tcp
hp performance data collector hp-collector 781/udp
hp performance data collector hp-managed-node 782/tcp
hp performance data managed node hp-managed-node 782/udp
hp performance data managed node hp-alarm-mgr 783/tcp
hp performance data alarm manager hp-alarm-mgr 783/udp
hp performance data alarm manager concert 786/tcp
concert concert 786/udp
concert qsc 787/tcp
qsc qsc 787/udp
qsc controlit 799/tcp mdbs_daemon 800/tcp mdbs_daemon 800/udp device 801/tcp device 801/udp fcp-udp 810/tcp
fcp fcp-udp 810/udp
fcp datagram itm-mcell-s 828/tcp
itm-mcell-s itm-mcell-s 828/udp
itm-mcell-s pkix-3-ca-ra 829/tcp
pkix-3 ca/ra pkix-3-ca-ra 829/udp
pkix-3 ca/ra dhcp-failover2 847/tcp
dhcp-failover 2 dhcp-failover2 847/udp
dhcp-failover 2 gdoi 848/tcp
gdoi gdoi 848/udp
gdoi iscsi 860/tcp
iscsi iscsi 860/udp
iscsi supfilesrv 871/tcp
sup server, for sup rsync 873/tcp
rsync server, rsync server ( http://rsync.samba.org ), rsync rsync 873/udp
rsync iclcnet-locate 886/tcp
icl conetion locate server iclcnet-locate 886/udp
icl conetion locate server iclcnet_svinfo 887/tcp
icl conetion server info iclcnet_svinfo 887/udp
icl conetion server info accessbuilder 888/tcp cddb cddbp
accessbuilder, audio cd database, or audio cd database, cd database protocol accessbuilder 888/udp
accessbuilder sun-manageconsole 898/tcp
solaris management console java listener (solaris 8 & 9) omginitialrefs 900/tcp
omg initial refs omginitialrefs 900/udp
omg initial refs smpnameres 901/tcp samba-swat swat
samba web configuration tool, samba web administration tool, add swat service used via inetd, samba swat tool. also used by iss realsecure., smpnameres, samba swat tool smpnameres 901/udp
smpnameres ideafarm-chat 902/tcp
ideafarm-chat ideafarm-chat 902/udp
ideafarm-chat ideafarm-catch 903/tcp
ideafarm-catch ideafarm-catch 903/udp
ideafarm-catch xact-backup 911/tcp
xact-backup xact-backup 911/udp
xact-backup apex-mesh 912/tcp
apex relay-relay service apex-mesh 912/udp
apex relay-relay service apex-edge 913/tcp
apex endpoint-relay service apex-edge 913/udp
apex endpoint-relay service oftep-rpc 950/tcp
often rpc.statd (on redhat linux) rndc 953/tcp
rndc is used by bind 9 (& probably other ns), named's rndc control socket securenetpro-sensor 975/tcp ftps-data 989/tcp
ftp protocol, data, over tls/ssl ftps-data 989/udp
ftp protocol, data, over tls/ssl ftps 990/tcp
ftp protocol, control, over tls/ssl ftps 990/udp
ftp protocol, control, over tls/ssl nas 991/tcp
netnews administration system nas 991/udp
netnews administration system telnets 992/tcp
telnet protocol over tls/ssl telnets 992/udp
telnet protocol over tls/ssl imaps 993/tcp simap
imap over ssl, imap4 protocol over tls/ssl imaps 993/udp
imap4 protocol over tls/ssl ircs 994/tcp
irc protocol over tls/ssl ircs 994/udp
irc protocol over tls/ssl pop3s 995/tcp spop3
pop3 protocol over tls/ssl, pop3 protocol over tls/ssl (was spop3) pop3s 995/udp spop3
pop3 protocol over tls/ssl, pop3 protocol over tls/ssl (was spop3) vsinet 996/tcp xtreelic
vsinet, xtree license server vsinet 996/udp
vsinet maitrd 997/tcp maitrd 997/udp busboy 998/tcp puparp 998/udp garcon 999/tcp puprouter applix 999/udp puprouter
applix ac cadlock2 1000/tcp cadlock cadlock2 1000/udp ock ufsd 1008/tcp ufsd
ufs-aware server, ufs-aware server ufsd 1008/udp ufsd surf 1010/tcp
surf surf 1010/udp
surf sometimes-rpc1 1012/udp
this is rstatd on my openbsd box netvenuechat 1023/tcp private1023
reserved, nortel netvenue notification, chat, intercom private1023 1023/udp
reserved kdm 1024/tcp private1024
reserved, k display manager (kde version of xdm) private1024 1024/udp
reserved blackjack 1025/tcp listen NFS-or-IIS
listener rfs remote_file_sharing, iis, nfs, or listener rfs remote_file_sharing, network blackjack blackjack 1025/udp
network blackjack cap 1026/tcp LSA-or-nterm nterm
calender access protocol, nterm remote_login network_terminal, remote_login network_terminal cap 1026/udp
calender access protocol exosee 1027/tcp IIS
exosee exosee 1027/udp
exosee ms-lsa 1028/udp ms-lsa 1029/tcp iad1 1030/tcp
bbn iad iad1 1030/udp
bbn iad iad2 1031/tcp
bbn iad iad2 1031/udp
bbn iad iad3 1032/tcp
bbn iad iad3 1032/udp
bbn iad netinfo-local 1033/tcp netinfo
netinfo is apparently on many os x boxes., local netinfo port netinfo-local 1033/udp
local netinfo port activesync 1034/tcp
activesync notifications activesync 1034/udp
activesync notifications mxxrlogin 1035/tcp
mx-xr rpc mxxrlogin 1035/udp
mx-xr rpc pcg-radar 1036/tcp
radar service protocol pcg-radar 1036/udp
radar service protocol netarx 1040/tcp
netarx netarx 1040/udp
netarx fpitp 1045/tcp
fingerprint image transfer protocol fpitp 1045/udp
fingerprint image transfer protocol neod1 1047/tcp
sun's neo object request broker neod1 1047/udp
sun's neo object request broker neod2 1048/tcp
sun's neo object request broker neod2 1048/udp
sun's neo object request broker td-postman 1049/tcp
tobit david postman vpmn td-postman 1049/udp
tobit david postman vpmn cma 1050/tcp java-or-OTGfileshare
j2ee nameserver, also otg, also called disk/application extender. could also be minicommand backdoor otglicenseserv, corba management agent cma 1050/udp
corba management agent optima-vnet 1051/tcp
optima vnet optima-vnet 1051/udp
optima vnet ddt 1052/tcp
dynamic dns tools ddt 1052/udp
dynamic dns tools remote-as 1053/tcp
remote assistant (ra) remote-as 1053/udp
remote assistant (ra) brvread 1054/tcp
brvread brvread 1054/udp
brvread ansyslmd 1055/tcp
ansys - license manager ansyslmd 1055/udp
ansys - license manager vfo 1056/tcp
vfo vfo 1056/udp
vfo startron 1057/tcp
startron startron 1057/udp
startron nim 1058/tcp
nim nim 1058/udp
nim nimreg 1059/tcp
nimreg nimreg 1059/udp
nimreg polestar 1060/tcp
polestar polestar 1060/udp
polestar kiosk 1061/tcp
kiosk kiosk 1061/udp
kiosk veracity 1062/tcp
veracity veracity 1062/udp
veracity kyoceranetdev 1063/tcp
kyoceranetdev kyoceranetdev 1063/udp
kyoceranetdev jstel 1064/tcp
jstel jstel 1064/udp
jstel syscomlan 1065/tcp
syscomlan syscomlan 1065/udp
syscomlan fpo-fns 1066/tcp
fpo-fns fpo-fns 1066/udp
fpo-fns instl_boots 1067/tcp
installation bootstrap proto. serv. instl_boots 1067/udp
installation bootstrap proto. serv. instl_bootc 1068/tcp
installation bootstrap proto. cli. instl_bootc 1068/udp
installation bootstrap proto. cli. cognex-insight 1069/tcp
cognex-insight cognex-insight 1069/udp
cognex-insight gmrupdateserv 1070/tcp
gmrupdateserv gmrupdateserv 1070/udp
gmrupdateserv bsquare-voip 1071/tcp
bsquare-voip bsquare-voip 1071/udp
bsquare-voip cardax 1072/tcp
cardax cardax 1072/udp
cardax bridgecontrol 1073/tcp
bridge control bridgecontrol 1073/udp
bridge control fastechnologlm 1074/tcp
fastechnologies license manager fastechnologlm 1074/udp
fastechnologies license manager rdrmshc 1075/tcp
rdrmshc rdrmshc 1075/udp
rdrmshc dab-sti-c 1076/tcp sns_credit
shared network services (sns) for canadian credit card authorizations, dab sti-c dab-sti-c 1076/udp
dab sti-c imgames 1077/tcp
imgames imgames 1077/udp
imgames avocent-proxy 1078/tcp
avocent proxy protocol avocent-proxy 1078/udp
avocent proxy protocol asprovatalk 1079/tcp
asprovatalk asprovatalk 1079/udp
asprovatalk socks 1080/tcp
socks socks 1080/udp
socks pvuniwien 1081/tcp
pvuniwien pvuniwien 1081/udp
pvuniwien amt-esd-prot 1082/tcp
amt-esd-prot amt-esd-prot 1082/udp
amt-esd-prot ansoft-lm-1 1083/tcp
anasoft license manager ansoft-lm-1 1083/udp
anasoft license manager ansoft-lm-2 1084/tcp
anasoft license manager ansoft-lm-2 1084/udp
anasoft license manager webobjects 1085/tcp
web objects webobjects 1085/udp
web objects cplscrambler-lg 1086/tcp
cpl scrambler logging cplscrambler-lg 1086/udp
cpl scrambler logging cplscrambler-in 1087/tcp
cpl scrambler internal cplscrambler-in 1087/udp
cpl scrambler internal cplscrambler-al 1088/tcp
cpl scrambler alarm log cplscrambler-al 1088/udp
cpl scrambler alarm log ff-annunc 1089/tcp
ff annunciation ff-annunc 1089/udp
ff annunciation ff-fms 1090/tcp
ff fieldbus message specification ff-fms 1090/udp
ff fieldbus message specification ff-sm 1091/tcp
ff system management ff-sm 1091/udp
ff system management obrpd 1092/tcp
open business reporting protocol obrpd 1092/udp
open business reporting protocol proofd 1093/tcp
proofd proofd 1093/udp
proofd rootd 1094/tcp
rootd rootd 1094/udp
rootd nicelink 1095/tcp
nicelink nicelink 1095/udp
nicelink cnrprotocol 1096/tcp
common name resolution protocol cnrprotocol 1096/udp
common name resolution protocol sunclustermgr 1097/tcp
sun cluster manager sunclustermgr 1097/udp
sun cluster manager rmiactivation 1098/tcp
rmi activation rmiactivation 1098/udp
rmi activation rmiregistry 1099/tcp
rmi registry rmiregistry 1099/udp
rmi registry mctp 1100/tcp
mctp mctp 1100/udp
mctp pt2-discover 1101/tcp
pt2-discover pt2-discover 1101/udp
pt2-discover adobeserver-1 1102/tcp
adobe server 1 adobeserver-1 1102/udp
adobe server 1 adobeserver-2 1103/tcp Xaserver xaudio
x audio server, xaserver
x audio server, adobe server 2 adobeserver-2 1103/udp
adobe server 2 xrl 1104/tcp
xrl xrl 1104/udp
xrl ftranhc 1105/tcp
ftranhc ftranhc 1105/udp
ftranhc isoipsigport-1 1106/tcp
isoipsigport-1 isoipsigport-1 1106/udp
isoipsigport-1 isoipsigport-2 1107/tcp
isoipsigport-2 isoipsigport-2 1107/udp
isoipsigport-2 ratio-adp 1108/tcp
ratio-adp ratio-adp 1108/udp
ratio-adp kpop 1109/tcp
unofficial, pop with kerberos, kerberos pop server kpop 1109/udp
unofficial nfsd-status 1110/tcp
cluster status info nfsd-keepalive 1110/udp
client status info lmsocialserver 1111/tcp
lm social server lmsocialserver 1111/udp
lm social server icp 1112/tcp msql
mini-sql server, intelligent communication protocol icp 1112/udp
intelligent communication protocol mini-sql 1114/tcp
mini sql mini-sql 1114/udp
mini sql ardus-trns 1115/tcp
ardus transfer ardus-trns 1115/udp
ardus transfer ardus-cntl 1116/tcp
ardus control ardus-cntl 1116/udp
ardus control ardus-mtrns 1117/tcp
ardus multicast transfer ardus-mtrns 1117/udp
ardus multicast transfer availant-mgr 1122/tcp
availant-mgr availant-mgr 1122/udp
availant-mgr murray 1123/tcp
murray murray 1123/udp
murray supfiledbg 1127/tcp
sup debugging, for sup cce3x 1139/tcp
clearcommerce engine 3.x ( www.clearcommerce.com) nfa 1155/tcp
network file access nfa 1155/udp
network file access health-polling 1161/tcp
health polling health-polling 1161/udp
health polling health-trap 1162/tcp
health trap health-trap 1162/udp
health trap phone 1167/udp
conference calling vchat 1168/tcp
vchat conference service vchat 1168/udp
vchat conference service tripwire 1169/tcp
tripwire tripwire 1169/udp
tripwire skkserv 1178/tcp
skk (kanji input) mc-client 1180/tcp
millicent client proxy mc-client 1180/udp
millicent client proxy llsurfup-http 1183/tcp
ll surfup http llsurfup-http 1183/udp
ll surfup http llsurfup-https 1184/tcp
ll surfup https llsurfup-https 1184/udp
ll surfup https catchpole 1185/tcp
catchpole port catchpole 1185/udp
catchpole port hp-webadmin 1188/tcp
hp web admin hp-webadmin 1188/udp
hp web admin dmidi 1199/tcp
dmidi dmidi 1199/udp
dmidi scol 1200/tcp
scol scol 1200/udp
scol nucleus-sand 1201/tcp
nucleus sand nucleus-sand 1201/udp
nucleus sand caiccipc 1202/tcp
caiccipc caiccipc 1202/udp
caiccipc ssslic-mgr 1203/tcp
license validation ssslic-mgr 1203/udp
license validation ssslog-mgr 1204/tcp
log request listener ssslog-mgr 1204/udp
log request listener accord-mgc 1205/tcp
accord-mgc accord-mgc 1205/udp
accord-mgc anthony-data 1206/tcp
anthony data anthony-data 1206/udp
anthony data metasage 1207/tcp
metasage metasage 1207/udp
metasage seagull-ais 1208/tcp
seagull ais seagull-ais 1208/udp
seagull ais ipcd3 1209/tcp
ipcd3 ipcd3 1209/udp
ipcd3 eoss 1210/tcp
eoss eoss 1210/udp
eoss groove-dpp 1211/tcp
groove dpp groove-dpp 1211/udp
groove dpp lupa 1212/tcp
lupa lupa 1212/udp
lupa mpc-lifenet 1213/tcp
mpc lifenet mpc-lifenet 1213/udp
mpc lifenet kazaa 1214/tcp
kazaa kazaa 1214/udp
kazaa scanstat-1 1215/tcp
scanstat 1.0 scanstat-1 1215/udp
scanstat 1.0 etebac5 1216/tcp
etebac 5 etebac5 1216/udp
etebac 5 hpss-ndapi 1217/tcp
hpss-ndapi hpss-ndapi 1217/udp
hpss-ndapi aeroflight-ads 1218/tcp
aeroflight-ads aeroflight-ads 1218/udp
aeroflight-ads aeroflight-ret 1219/tcp
aeroflight-ret aeroflight-ret 1219/udp
aeroflight-ret qt-serveradmin 1220/tcp quicktime
qt server admin, apple darwin and quicktime streaming administration servers qt-serveradmin 1220/udp
qt server admin sweetware-apps 1221/tcp
sweetware apps sweetware-apps 1221/udp
sweetware apps nerv 1222/tcp
sni r&d network nerv 1222/udp
sni r&d network tgp 1223/tcp
tgp tgp 1223/udp
tgp vpnz 1224/tcp
vpnz vpnz 1224/udp
vpnz slinkysearch 1225/tcp
slinkysearch slinkysearch 1225/udp
slinkysearch stgxfws 1226/tcp
stgxfws stgxfws 1226/udp
stgxfws dns2go 1227/tcp
dns2go dns2go 1227/udp
dns2go florence 1228/tcp
florence florence 1228/udp
florence novell-zfs 1229/tcp
novell zfs novell-zfs 1229/udp
novell zfs periscope 1230/tcp
periscope periscope 1230/udp
periscope menandmice-lpm 1231/tcp
menandmice-lpm menandmice-lpm 1231/udp
menandmice-lpm univ-appserver 1233/tcp
universal app server univ-appserver 1233/udp
universal app server search-agent 1234/tcp hotline
infoseek search agent search-agent 1234/udp
infoseek search agent mosaicsyssvc1 1235/tcp
mosaicsyssvc1 mosaicsyssvc1 1235/udp
mosaicsyssvc1 bvcontrol 1236/tcp
bvcontrol bvcontrol 1236/udp
bvcontrol tsdos390 1237/tcp
tsdos390 tsdos390 1237/udp
tsdos390 hacl-qs 1238/tcp
hacl-qs hacl-qs 1238/udp
hacl-qs nmsd 1239/tcp
nmsd nmsd 1239/udp
nmsd instantia 1240/tcp
instantia instantia 1240/udp
instantia nessus 1241/tcp msg
nessus, remote message server nessus 1241/udp
nessus nmasoverip 1242/tcp
nmas over ip nmasoverip 1242/udp
nmas over ip serialgateway 1243/tcp
serialgateway serialgateway 1243/udp
serialgateway isbconference1 1244/tcp
isbconference1 isbconference1 1244/udp
isbconference1 isbconference2 1245/tcp
isbconference2 isbconference2 1245/udp
isbconference2 payrouter 1246/tcp
payrouter payrouter 1246/udp
payrouter visionpyramid 1247/tcp
visionpyramid visionpyramid 1247/udp
visionpyramid hermes 1248/tcp
hermes hermes 1248/udp
hermes mesavistaco 1249/tcp
mesa vista co mesavistaco 1249/udp
mesa vista co swldy-sias 1250/tcp
swldy-sias swldy-sias 1250/udp
swldy-sias servergraph 1251/tcp
servergraph servergraph 1251/udp
servergraph bspne-pcc 1252/tcp
bspne-pcc bspne-pcc 1252/udp
bspne-pcc q55-pcc 1253/tcp
q55-pcc q55-pcc 1253/udp
q55-pcc de-noc 1254/tcp
de-noc de-noc 1254/udp
de-noc de-cache-query 1255/tcp
de-cache-query de-cache-query 1255/udp
de-cache-query de-server 1256/tcp
de-server de-server 1256/udp
de-server shockwave2 1257/tcp
shockwave 2 shockwave2 1257/udp
shockwave 2 opennl 1258/tcp
open network library opennl 1258/udp
open network library opennl-voice 1259/tcp
open network library voice opennl-voice 1259/udp
open network library voice ibm-ssd 1260/tcp
ibm-ssd ibm-ssd 1260/udp
ibm-ssd mpshrsv 1261/tcp
mpshrsv mpshrsv 1261/udp
mpshrsv qnts-orb 1262/tcp
qnts-orb qnts-orb 1262/udp
qnts-orb dka 1263/tcp
dka dka 1263/udp
dka prat 1264/tcp
prat prat 1264/udp
prat dssiapi 1265/tcp
dssiapi dssiapi 1265/udp
dssiapi dellpwrappks 1266/tcp
dellpwrappks dellpwrappks 1266/udp
dellpwrappks epc 1267/tcp
etrust policy compliance epc 1267/udp
etrust policy compliance propel-msgsys 1268/tcp
propel-msgsys propel-msgsys 1268/udp
propel-msgsys watilapp 1269/tcp
watilapp watilapp 1269/udp
watilapp opsmgr 1270/tcp
microsoft operations manager opsmgr 1270/udp
microsoft operations manager excw 1271/tcp
excw excw 1271/udp
excw cspmlockmgr 1272/tcp
cspmlockmgr cspmlockmgr 1272/udp
cspmlockmgr emc-gateway 1273/tcp
emc-gateway emc-gateway 1273/udp
emc-gateway t1distproc 1274/tcp
t1distproc t1distproc 1274/udp
t1distproc ivcollector 1275/tcp
ivcollector ivcollector 1275/udp
ivcollector ivmanager 1276/tcp
ivmanager ivmanager 1276/udp
ivmanager miva-mqs 1277/tcp
mqs miva-mqs 1277/udp
mqs dellwebadmin-1 1278/tcp
dell web admin 1 dellwebadmin-1 1278/udp
dell web admin 1 dellwebadmin-2 1279/tcp
dell web admin 2 dellwebadmin-2 1279/udp
dell web admin 2 pictrography 1280/tcp
pictrography pictrography 1280/udp
pictrography healthd 1281/tcp
healthd healthd 1281/udp
healthd emperion 1282/tcp
emperion emperion 1282/udp
emperion productinfo 1283/tcp
productinfo productinfo 1283/udp
productinfo iee-qfx 1284/tcp
iee-qfx iee-qfx 1284/udp
iee-qfx neoiface 1285/tcp
neoiface neoiface 1285/udp
neoiface netuitive 1286/tcp
netuitive netuitive 1286/udp
netuitive navbuddy 1288/tcp
navbuddy navbuddy 1288/udp
navbuddy jwalkserver 1289/tcp
jwalkserver jwalkserver 1289/udp
jwalkserver winjaserver 1290/tcp
winjaserver winjaserver 1290/udp
winjaserver seagulllms 1291/tcp
seagulllms seagulllms 1291/udp
seagulllms dsdn 1292/tcp
dsdn dsdn 1292/udp
dsdn pkt-krb-ipsec 1293/tcp
pkt-krb-ipsec pkt-krb-ipsec 1293/udp
pkt-krb-ipsec cmmdriver 1294/tcp
cmmdriver cmmdriver 1294/udp
cmmdriver ehtp 1295/tcp
end-by-hop transmission protocol ehtp 1295/udp
end-by-hop transmission protocol dproxy 1296/tcp
dproxy dproxy 1296/udp
dproxy sdproxy 1297/tcp
sdproxy sdproxy 1297/udp
sdproxy lpcp 1298/tcp
lpcp lpcp 1298/udp
lpcp hp-sci 1299/tcp
hp-sci hp-sci 1299/udp
hp-sci h323hostcallsc 1300/tcp
h323 host call secure h323hostcallsc 1300/udp
h323 host call secure ci3-software-1 1301/tcp
ci3-software-1 ci3-software-1 1301/udp
ci3-software-1 ci3-software-2 1302/tcp
ci3-software-2 ci3-software-2 1302/udp
ci3-software-2 sftsrv 1303/tcp
sftsrv sftsrv 1303/udp
sftsrv boomerang 1304/tcp
boomerang boomerang 1304/udp
boomerang pe-mike 1305/tcp
pe-mike pe-mike 1305/udp
pe-mike re-conn-proto 1306/tcp
re-conn-proto re-conn-proto 1306/udp
re-conn-proto pacmand 1307/tcp
pacmand pacmand 1307/udp
pacmand odsi 1308/tcp
optical domain service interconnect (odsi) odsi 1308/udp
optical domain service interconnect (odsi) jtag-server 1309/tcp
jtag server jtag-server 1309/udp
jtag server husky 1310/tcp
husky husky 1310/udp
husky rxmon 1311/tcp
rxmon rxmon 1311/udp
rxmon sti-envision 1312/tcp
sti envision sti-envision 1312/udp
sti envision bmc_patroldb 1313/tcp
bmc_patroldb bmc_patroldb 1313/udp bmc-patroldb
bmc_patroldb pdps 1314/tcp
photoscript distributed printing system pdps 1314/udp
photoscript distributed printing system els 1315/tcp
e.l.s., event listener service els 1315/udp
e.l.s., event listener service exbit-escp 1316/tcp
exbit-escp exbit-escp 1316/udp
exbit-escp vrts-ipcserver 1317/tcp
vrts-ipcserver vrts-ipcserver 1317/udp
vrts-ipcserver krb5gatekeeper 1318/tcp
krb5gatekeeper krb5gatekeeper 1318/udp
krb5gatekeeper panja-icsp 1319/tcp
panja-icsp panja-icsp 1319/udp
panja-icsp panja-axbnet 1320/tcp
panja-axbnet panja-axbnet 1320/udp
panja-axbnet pip 1321/tcp
pip pip 1321/udp
pip novation 1322/tcp
novation novation 1322/udp
novation brcd 1323/tcp
brcd brcd 1323/udp
brcd delta-mcp 1324/tcp
delta-mcp delta-mcp 1324/udp
delta-mcp dx-instrument 1325/tcp
dx-instrument dx-instrument 1325/udp
dx-instrument wimsic 1326/tcp
wimsic wimsic 1326/udp
wimsic ultrex 1327/tcp
ultrex ultrex 1327/udp
ultrex ewall 1328/tcp
ewall ewall 1328/udp
ewall netdb-export 1329/tcp
netdb-export netdb-export 1329/udp
netdb-export streetperfect 1330/tcp
streetperfect streetperfect 1330/udp
streetperfect intersan 1331/tcp
intersan intersan 1331/udp
intersan pcia-rxp-b 1332/tcp
pcia rxp-b pcia-rxp-b 1332/udp
pcia rxp-b passwrd-policy 1333/tcp
password policy passwrd-policy 1333/udp
password policy writesrv 1334/tcp
writesrv writesrv 1334/udp
writesrv digital-notary 1335/tcp
digital notary protocol digital-notary 1335/udp
digital notary protocol ischat 1336/tcp
instant service chat ischat 1336/udp
instant service chat menandmice-dns 1337/tcp waste
nullsoft's encrypted private p2p network app, nullsoft waste encrypted p2p app, menandmice dns menandmice-dns 1337/udp
menandmice dns wmc-log-svc 1338/tcp
wmc-log-svr wmc-log-svc 1338/udp
wmc-log-svr kjtsiteserver 1339/tcp
kjtsiteserver kjtsiteserver 1339/udp
kjtsiteserver naap 1340/tcp
naap naap 1340/udp
naap qubes 1341/tcp
qubes qubes 1341/udp
qubes esbroker 1342/tcp
esbroker esbroker 1342/udp
esbroker re101 1343/tcp
re101 re101 1343/udp
re101 icap 1344/tcp
icap icap 1344/udp
icap vpjp 1345/tcp
vpjp vpjp 1345/udp
vpjp alta-ana-lm 1346/tcp
alta analytics license manager alta-ana-lm 1346/udp
alta analytics license manager bbn-mmc 1347/tcp
multi media conferencing bbn-mmc 1347/udp
multi media conferencing bbn-mmx 1348/tcp
multi media conferencing bbn-mmx 1348/udp
multi media conferencing sbook 1349/tcp
registration network protocol sbook 1349/udp
registration network protocol editbench 1350/tcp
registration network protocol editbench 1350/udp
registration network protocol equationbuilder 1351/tcp
digital tool works (mit) equationbuilder 1351/udp
digital tool works (mit) lotusnote 1352/tcp lotusnotes
lotus note lotusnote 1352/udp lotusnotes
lotus note relief 1353/tcp
relief consulting relief 1353/udp
relief consulting rightbrain 1354/tcp
rightbrain software rightbrain 1354/udp
rightbrain software intuitive-edge 1355/tcp
intuitive edge intuitive-edge 1355/udp
intuitive edge cuillamartin 1356/tcp
cuillamartin company cuillamartin 1356/udp
cuillamartin company pegboard 1357/tcp
electronic pegboard pegboard 1357/udp
electronic pegboard connlcli 1358/tcp
connlcli connlcli 1358/udp
connlcli ftsrv 1359/tcp
ftsrv ftsrv 1359/udp
ftsrv mimer 1360/tcp
mimer mimer 1360/udp
mimer linx 1361/tcp
linx linx 1361/udp
linx timeflies 1362/tcp
timeflies timeflies 1362/udp
timeflies ndm-requester 1363/tcp
network datamover requester ndm-requester 1363/udp
network datamover requester ndm-server 1364/tcp
network datamover server ndm-server 1364/udp
network datamover server adapt-sna 1365/tcp
network software associates adapt-sna 1365/udp
network software associates netware-csp 1366/tcp
novell netware comm service platform netware-csp 1366/udp
novell netware comm service platform dcs 1367/tcp
dcs dcs 1367/udp
dcs screencast 1368/tcp
screencast screencast 1368/udp
screencast gv-us 1369/tcp
globalview to unix shell gv-us 1369/udp
globalview to unix shell us-gv 1370/tcp
unix shell to globalview us-gv 1370/udp
unix shell to globalview fc-cli 1371/tcp
fujitsu config protocol fc-cli 1371/udp
fujitsu config protocol fc-ser 1372/tcp
fujitsu config protocol fc-ser 1372/udp
fujitsu config protocol chromagrafx 1373/tcp
chromagrafx chromagrafx 1373/udp
chromagrafx molly 1374/tcp
epi software systems molly 1374/udp
epi software systems bytex 1375/tcp
bytex bytex 1375/udp
bytex ibm-pps 1376/tcp
ibm person to person software ibm-pps 1376/udp
ibm person to person software cichlid 1377/tcp
cichlid license manager cichlid 1377/udp
cichlid license manager elan 1378/tcp
elan license manager elan 1378/udp
elan license manager dbreporter 1379/tcp
integrity solutions dbreporter 1379/udp
integrity solutions telesis-licman 1380/tcp
telesis network license manager telesis-licman 1380/udp
telesis network license manager apple-licman 1381/tcp
apple network license manager apple-licman 1381/udp
apple network license manager udt_os 1382/tcp
udt_os udt_os 1382/udp
udt_os gwha 1383/tcp
gw hannaway network license manager gwha 1383/udp
gw hannaway network license manager os-licman 1384/tcp
objective solutions license manager os-licman 1384/udp
objective solutions license manager atex_elmd 1385/tcp
atex publishing license manager atex_elmd 1385/udp
atex publishing license manager checksum 1386/tcp
checksum license manager checksum 1386/udp
checksum license manager cadsi-lm 1387/tcp
computer aided design software inc lm cadsi-lm 1387/udp
computer aided design software inc lm objective-dbc 1388/tcp
objective solutions database cache objective-dbc 1388/udp
objective solutions database cache iclpv-dm 1389/tcp
document manager iclpv-dm 1389/udp
document manager iclpv-sc 1390/tcp
storage controller iclpv-sc 1390/udp
storage controller iclpv-sas 1391/tcp
storage access server iclpv-sas 1391/udp
storage access server iclpv-pm 1392/tcp
print manager iclpv-pm 1392/udp
print manager iclpv-nls 1393/tcp
network log server iclpv-nls 1393/udp
network log server iclpv-nlc 1394/tcp
network log client iclpv-nlc 1394/udp
network log client iclpv-wsm 1395/tcp
pc workstation manager software iclpv-wsm 1395/udp
pc workstation manager software dvl-activemail 1396/tcp
dvl active mail dvl-activemail 1396/udp
dvl active mail audio-activmail 1397/tcp
audio active mail audio-activmail 1397/udp
audio active mail video-activmail 1398/tcp
video active mail video-activmail 1398/udp
video active mail cadkey-licman 1399/tcp
cadkey license manager cadkey-licman 1399/udp
cadkey license manager cadkey-tablet 1400/tcp
cadkey tablet daemon cadkey-tablet 1400/udp
cadkey tablet daemon goldleaf-licman 1401/tcp
goldleaf license manager goldleaf-licman 1401/udp
goldleaf license manager prm-sm-np 1402/tcp
prospero resource manager prm-sm-np 1402/udp
prospero resource manager prm-nm-np 1403/tcp
prospero resource manager prm-nm-np 1403/udp
prospero resource manager igi-lm 1404/tcp
infinite graphics license manager igi-lm 1404/udp
infinite graphics license manager ibm-res 1405/tcp
ibm remote execution starter ibm-res 1405/udp
ibm remote execution starter netlabs-lm 1406/tcp
netlabs license manager netlabs-lm 1406/udp
netlabs license manager dbsa-lm 1407/tcp
dbsa license manager dbsa-lm 1407/udp
dbsa license manager sophia-lm 1408/tcp
sophia license manager sophia-lm 1408/udp
sophia license manager here-lm 1409/tcp
here license manager here-lm 1409/udp
here license manager hiq 1410/tcp
hiq license manager hiq 1410/udp
hiq license manager af 1411/tcp
audiofile af 1411/udp
audiofile innosys 1412/tcp
innosys innosys 1412/udp
innosys innosys-acl 1413/tcp
innosys-acl innosys-acl 1413/udp
innosys-acl ibm-mqseries 1414/tcp
ibm mqseries ibm-mqseries 1414/udp
ibm mqseries dbstar 1415/tcp
dbstar dbstar 1415/udp
dbstar novell-lu6.2 1416/tcp
novell lu6.2 novell-lu6.2 1416/udp
novell lu6.2 timbuktu-srv1 1417/tcp
timbuktu service 1 port timbuktu-srv1 1417/udp
timbuktu service 1 port timbuktu-srv2 1418/tcp
timbuktu service 2 port timbuktu-srv2 1418/udp
timbuktu service 2 port timbuktu-srv3 1419/tcp
timbuktu service 3 port timbuktu-srv3 1419/udp
timbuktu service 3 port timbuktu-srv4 1420/tcp
timbuktu service 4 port timbuktu-srv4 1420/udp
timbuktu service 4 port gandalf-lm 1421/tcp
gandalf license manager gandalf-lm 1421/udp
gandalf license manager autodesk-lm 1422/tcp
autodesk license manager autodesk-lm 1422/udp
autodesk license manager essbase 1423/tcp
essbase arbor software essbase 1423/udp
essbase arbor software hybrid 1424/tcp
hybrid encryption protocol hybrid 1424/udp
hybrid encryption protocol zion-lm 1425/tcp
zion software license manager zion-lm 1425/udp
zion software license manager sais 1426/tcp sas-1
satellite-data acquisition system 1 sais 1426/udp sas-1
satellite-data acquisition system 1 mloadd 1427/tcp
mloadd monitoring tool mloadd 1427/udp
mloadd monitoring tool informatik-lm 1428/tcp
informatik license manager informatik-lm 1428/udp
informatik license manager nms 1429/tcp
hypercom nms nms 1429/udp
hypercom nms tpdu 1430/tcp
hypercom tpdu tpdu 1430/udp
hypercom tpdu rgtp 1431/tcp
reverse gossip transport rgtp 1431/udp
reverse gossip transport blueberry-lm 1432/tcp
blueberry software license manager blueberry-lm 1432/udp
blueberry software license manager ms-sql-s 1433/tcp
microsoft-sql-server ms-sql-s 1433/udp
microsoft-sql-server ms-sql-m 1434/tcp
microsoft-sql-monitor ms-sql-m 1434/udp
microsoft-sql-monitor ibm-cics 1435/tcp
ibm cics ibm-cics 1435/udp
ibm cics saism 1436/tcp sas-2
satellite-data acquisition system 2 saism 1436/udp sas-2
satellite-data acquisition system 2 tabula 1437/tcp
tabula tabula 1437/udp
tabula eicon-server 1438/tcp
eicon security agent/server eicon-server 1438/udp
eicon security agent/server eicon-x25 1439/tcp
eicon x25/sna gateway eicon-x25 1439/udp
eicon x25/sna gateway eicon-slp 1440/tcp
eicon service location protocol eicon-slp 1440/udp
eicon service location protocol cadis-1 1441/tcp
cadis license management cadis-1 1441/udp
cadis license management cadis-2 1442/tcp
cadis license management cadis-2 1442/udp
cadis license management ies-lm 1443/tcp
integrated engineering software ies-lm 1443/udp
integrated engineering software marcam-lm 1444/tcp
marcam license management, marcam license management marcam-lm 1444/udp
marcam license management, marcam license management proxima-lm 1445/tcp
proxima license manager proxima-lm 1445/udp
proxima license manager ora-lm 1446/tcp
optical research associates license manager ora-lm 1446/udp
optical research associates license manager apri-lm 1447/tcp
applied parallel research lm apri-lm 1447/udp
applied parallel research lm oc-lm 1448/tcp
openconnect license manager oc-lm 1448/udp
openconnect license manager peport 1449/tcp
peport peport 1449/udp
peport dwf 1450/tcp
tandem distributed workbench facility dwf 1450/udp
tandem distributed workbench facility infoman 1451/tcp
ibm information management infoman 1451/udp
ibm information management gtegsc-lm 1452/tcp
gte government systems license man gtegsc-lm 1452/udp
gte government systems license man genie-lm 1453/tcp
genie license manager genie-lm 1453/udp
genie license manager interhdl_elmd 1454/tcp
interhdl license manager interhdl_elmd 1454/udp
interhdl license manager esl-lm 1455/tcp
esl license manager esl-lm 1455/udp
esl license manager dca 1456/tcp
dca dca 1456/udp
dca valisys-lm 1457/tcp
valisys license manager valisys-lm 1457/udp
valisys license manager nrcabq-lm 1458/tcp
nichols research corp. nrcabq-lm 1458/udp
nichols research corp. proshare1 1459/tcp
proshare notebook application proshare1 1459/udp
proshare notebook application proshare2 1460/tcp
proshare notebook application proshare2 1460/udp
proshare notebook application ibm_wrless_lan 1461/tcp
ibm wireless lan ibm_wrless_lan 1461/udp
ibm wireless lan world-lm 1462/tcp
world license manager world-lm 1462/udp
world license manager nucleus 1463/tcp
nucleus nucleus 1463/udp
nucleus msl_lmd 1464/tcp
msl license manager msl_lmd 1464/udp
msl license manager pipes 1465/tcp
pipes platform pipes 1465/udp
pipes platform mfarlin@peerlogic.com, pipes platform mfarlin@peerlogic.com oceansoft-lm 1466/tcp
ocean software license manager oceansoft-lm 1466/udp
ocean software license manager csdmbase 1467/tcp
csdmbase csdmbase 1467/udp
csdmbase csdm 1468/tcp
csdm csdm 1468/udp
csdm aal-lm 1469/tcp
active analysis limited license manager aal-lm 1469/udp
active analysis limited license manager uaiact 1470/tcp
universal analytics uaiact 1470/udp
universal analytics csdmbase 1471/tcp
csdmbase csdmbase 1471/udp
csdmbase csdm 1472/tcp
csdm csdm 1472/udp
csdm openmath 1473/tcp
openmath openmath 1473/udp
openmath telefinder 1474/tcp
telefinder telefinder 1474/udp
telefinder taligent-lm 1475/tcp
taligent license manager taligent-lm 1475/udp
taligent license manager clvm-cfg 1476/tcp
clvm-cfg clvm-cfg 1476/udp
clvm-cfg ms-sna-server 1477/tcp
ms-sna-server ms-sna-server 1477/udp
ms-sna-server ms-sna-base 1478/tcp
ms-sna-base ms-sna-base 1478/udp
ms-sna-base dberegister 1479/tcp
dberegister dberegister 1479/udp
dberegister pacerforum 1480/tcp
pacerforum pacerforum 1480/udp
pacerforum airs 1481/tcp
airs airs 1481/udp
airs miteksys-lm 1482/tcp
miteksys license manager miteksys-lm 1482/udp
miteksys license manager afs 1483/tcp
afs license manager afs 1483/udp
afs license manager confluent 1484/tcp
confluent license manager confluent 1484/udp
confluent license manager lansource 1485/tcp
lansource lansource 1485/udp
lansource nms_topo_serv 1486/tcp
nms_topo_serv nms_topo_serv 1486/udp
nms_topo_serv localinfosrvr 1487/tcp
localinfosrvr localinfosrvr 1487/udp
localinfosrvr docstor 1488/tcp
docstor docstor 1488/udp
docstor dmdocbroker 1489/tcp
dmdocbroker dmdocbroker 1489/udp
dmdocbroker insitu-conf 1490/tcp
insitu-conf insitu-conf 1490/udp
insitu-conf anynetgateway 1491/tcp
anynetgateway anynetgateway 1491/udp
anynetgateway stone-design-1 1492/tcp
stone-design-1 stone-design-1 1492/udp
stone-design-1 netmap_lm 1493/tcp
netmap_lm netmap_lm 1493/udp
netmap_lm ica 1494/tcp citrix-ica
ica ica 1494/udp citrix-ica
ica cvc 1495/tcp
cvc cvc 1495/udp
cvc liberty-lm 1496/tcp
liberty-lm liberty-lm 1496/udp
liberty-lm rfx-lm 1497/tcp
rfx-lm rfx-lm 1497/udp
rfx-lm sybase-sqlany 1498/tcp watcom-sql
sybase sql any sybase-sqlany 1498/udp watcom-sql
sybase sql any fhc 1499/tcp
federico heinz consultora fhc 1499/udp
federico heinz consultora vlsi-lm 1500/tcp
vlsi license manager vlsi-lm 1500/udp
vlsi license manager saiscm 1501/tcp sas-3
satellite-data acquisition system 3 saiscm 1501/udp sas-3
satellite-data acquisition system 3 shivadiscovery 1502/tcp
shiva shivadiscovery 1502/udp
shiva imtc-mcs 1503/tcp
databeam imtc-mcs 1503/udp
databeam evb-elm 1504/tcp
evb software engineering license manager evb-elm 1504/udp
evb software engineering license manager funkproxy 1505/tcp
funk software, inc. funkproxy 1505/udp
funk software, inc. utcd 1506/tcp
universal time daemon (utcd) utcd 1506/udp
universal time daemon (utcd) symplex 1507/tcp
symplex symplex 1507/udp
symplex diagmond 1508/tcp
diagmond diagmond 1508/udp
diagmond robcad-lm 1509/tcp
robcad, ltd. license manager robcad-lm 1509/udp
robcad, ltd. license manager mvx-lm 1510/tcp
midland valley exploration ltd. lic. man. mvx-lm 1510/udp
midland valley exploration ltd. lic. man. 3l-l1 1511/tcp
3l-l1 3l-l1 1511/udp
3l-l1 wins 1512/tcp
microsoft's windows internet name service wins 1512/udp
microsoft's windows internet name service fujitsu-dtc 1513/tcp
fujitsu systems business of america, inc fujitsu-dtc 1513/udp
fujitsu systems business of america, inc fujitsu-dtcns 1514/tcp
fujitsu systems business of america, inc fujitsu-dtcns 1514/udp
fujitsu systems business of america, inc ifor-protocol 1515/tcp
ifor-protocol ifor-protocol 1515/udp
ifor-protocol vpad 1516/tcp
virtual places audio data vpad 1516/udp
virtual places audio data vpac 1517/tcp
virtual places audio control vpac 1517/udp
virtual places audio control vpvd 1518/tcp
virtual places video data vpvd 1518/udp
virtual places video data vpvc 1519/tcp
virtual places video control vpvc 1519/udp
virtual places video control atm-zip-office 1520/tcp
atm zip office atm-zip-office 1520/udp
atm zip office ncube-lm 1521/tcp oracle
ncube license manager, oracle database ncube-lm 1521/udp
ncube license manager ricardo-lm 1522/tcp rna-lm
ricardo north america license manager ricardo-lm 1522/udp rna-lm
ricardo north america license manager cichild-lm 1523/tcp
cichild cichild-lm 1523/udp
cichild ingreslock 1524/tcp
ingres ingreslock 1524/udp
ingres orasrv 1525/tcp prospero-np
oracle, prospero non-privileged, prospero directory service non-priv, oracle or prospero directory service non-priv orasrv 1525/udp prospero-np
oracle, prospero directory service non-priv pdap-np 1526/tcp
prospero data access prot non-priv pdap-np 1526/udp
prospero data access prot non-priv tlisrv 1527/tcp
oracle tlisrv 1527/udp
oracle mciautoreg 1528/tcp
micautoreg mciautoreg 1528/udp
micautoreg coauthor 1529/tcp support prmsd gnatsd
oracle, cygnus bug tracker, prmsd gnatsd
cygnus bug tracker coauthor 1529/udp
oracle rap-service 1530/tcp
rap-service rap-service 1530/udp
rap-service rap-listen 1531/tcp
rap-listen rap-listen 1531/udp
rap-listen miroconnect 1532/tcp
miroconnect miroconnect 1532/udp
miroconnect virtual-places 1533/tcp
virtual places software virtual-places 1533/udp
virtual places software micromuse-lm 1534/tcp
micromuse-lm micromuse-lm 1534/udp
micromuse-lm ampr-info 1535/tcp
ampr-info ampr-info 1535/udp
ampr-info ampr-inter 1536/tcp
ampr-inter ampr-inter 1536/udp
ampr-inter sdsc-lm 1537/tcp
isi-lm sdsc-lm 1537/udp
isi-lm 3ds-lm 1538/tcp
3ds-lm 3ds-lm 1538/udp
3ds-lm intellistor-lm 1539/tcp
intellistor license manager intellistor-lm 1539/udp
intellistor license manager rds 1540/tcp
rds rds 1540/udp
rds rds2 1541/tcp
rds2 rds2 1541/udp
rds2 gridgen-elmd 1542/tcp
gridgen-elmd gridgen-elmd 1542/udp
gridgen-elmd simba-cs 1543/tcp
simba-cs simba-cs 1543/udp
simba-cs aspeclmd 1544/tcp
aspeclmd aspeclmd 1544/udp
aspeclmd vistium-share 1545/tcp
vistium-share vistium-share 1545/udp
vistium-share abbaccuray 1546/tcp
abbaccuray abbaccuray 1546/udp
abbaccuray laplink 1547/tcp
laplink laplink 1547/udp
laplink axon-lm 1548/tcp
axon license manager axon-lm 1548/udp
axon license manager shivahose 1549/tcp
shiva hose shivasound 1549/udp
shiva sound 3m-image-lm 1550/tcp
image storage license manager 3m company 3m-image-lm 1550/udp
image storage license manager 3m company hecmtl-db 1551/tcp
hecmtl-db hecmtl-db 1551/udp
hecmtl-db pciarray 1552/tcp
pciarray pciarray 1552/udp
pciarray sna-cs 1553/tcp
sna-cs sna-cs 1553/udp
sna-cs caci-lm 1554/tcp
caci products company license manager caci-lm 1554/udp
caci products company license manager livelan 1555/tcp
livelan livelan 1555/udp
livelan ashwin 1556/tcp
ashwin ci tecnologies ashwin 1556/udp
ashwin ci tecnologies arbortext-lm 1557/tcp
arbortext license manager arbortext-lm 1557/udp
arbortext license manager xingmpeg 1558/tcp
xingmpeg xingmpeg 1558/udp
xingmpeg web2host 1559/tcp
web2host web2host 1559/udp
web2host asci-val 1560/tcp
asci-val, asci-remoteshadow asci-val 1560/udp
asci-val, asci-remoteshadow facilityview 1561/tcp
facilityview facilityview 1561/udp
facilityview pconnectmgr 1562/tcp
pconnectmgr pconnectmgr 1562/udp
pconnectmgr cadabra-lm 1563/tcp
cadabra license manager cadabra-lm 1563/udp
cadabra license manager pay-per-view 1564/tcp
pay-per-view pay-per-view 1564/udp
pay-per-view winddlb 1565/tcp
windd winddlb 1565/udp
windd corelvideo 1566/tcp
corelvideo corelvideo 1566/udp
corelvideo jlicelmd 1567/tcp
jlicelmd jlicelmd 1567/udp
jlicelmd tsspmap 1568/tcp
tsspmap tsspmap 1568/udp
tsspmap ets 1569/tcp
ets ets 1569/udp
ets orbixd 1570/tcp
orbixd orbixd 1570/udp
orbixd rdb-dbs-disp 1571/tcp
oracle remote data base rdb-dbs-disp 1571/udp
oracle remote data base chip-lm 1572/tcp
chipcom license manager chip-lm 1572/udp
chipcom license manager itscomm-ns 1573/tcp
itscomm-ns itscomm-ns 1573/udp
itscomm-ns mvel-lm 1574/tcp
mvel-lm mvel-lm 1574/udp
mvel-lm oraclenames 1575/tcp
oraclenames oraclenames 1575/udp
oraclenames moldflow-lm 1576/tcp
moldflow-lm moldflow-lm 1576/udp
moldflow-lm hypercube-lm 1577/tcp
hypercube-lm hypercube-lm 1577/udp
hypercube-lm jacobus-lm 1578/tcp
jacobus license manager jacobus-lm 1578/udp
jacobus license manager ioc-sea-lm 1579/tcp
ioc-sea-lm ioc-sea-lm 1579/udp
ioc-sea-lm tn-tl-r1 1580/tcp
tn-tl-r1 tn-tl-r2 1580/udp
tn-tl-r2 mil-2045-47001 1581/tcp
mil-2045-47001 mil-2045-47001 1581/udp
mil-2045-47001 msims 1582/tcp
msims msims 1582/udp
msims simbaexpress 1583/tcp
simbaexpress simbaexpress 1583/udp
simbaexpress tn-tl-fd2 1584/tcp
tn-tl-fd2 tn-tl-fd2 1584/udp
tn-tl-fd2 intv 1585/tcp
intv intv 1585/udp
intv ibm-abtact 1586/tcp
ibm-abtact ibm-abtact 1586/udp
ibm-abtact pra_elmd 1587/tcp
pra_elmd pra_elmd 1587/udp
pra_elmd triquest-lm 1588/tcp
triquest-lm triquest-lm 1588/udp
triquest-lm vqp 1589/tcp
vqp vqp 1589/udp
vqp gemini-lm 1590/tcp
gemini-lm gemini-lm 1590/udp
gemini-lm ncpm-pm 1591/tcp
ncpm-pm ncpm-pm 1591/udp
ncpm-pm commonspace 1592/tcp
commonspace commonspace 1592/udp
commonspace mainsoft-lm 1593/tcp
mainsoft-lm mainsoft-lm 1593/udp
mainsoft-lm sixtrak 1594/tcp
sixtrak sixtrak 1594/udp
sixtrak radio 1595/tcp
radio radio 1595/udp
radio radio-sm 1596/tcp
radio-sm radio-bc 1596/udp
radio-bc orbplus-iiop 1597/tcp
orbplus-iiop orbplus-iiop 1597/udp
orbplus-iiop picknfs 1598/tcp
picknfs picknfs 1598/udp
picknfs simbaservices 1599/tcp
simbaservices simbaservices 1599/udp
simbaservices issd 1600/tcp issd 1600/udp aas 1601/tcp
aas aas 1601/udp
aas inspect 1602/tcp
inspect inspect 1602/udp
inspect picodbc 1603/tcp
pickodbc picodbc 1603/udp
pickodbc icabrowser 1604/tcp
icabrowser icabrowser 1604/udp
icabrowser slp 1605/tcp
salutation manager (salutation protocol) slp 1605/udp
salutation manager (salutation protocol) slm-api 1606/tcp
salutation manager (slm-api) slm-api 1606/udp
salutation manager (slm-api) stt 1607/tcp
stt stt 1607/udp
stt smart-lm 1608/tcp
smart corp. license manager smart-lm 1608/udp
smart corp. license manager isysg-lm 1609/tcp
isysg-lm isysg-lm 1609/udp
isysg-lm taurus-wh 1610/tcp
taurus-wh taurus-wh 1610/udp
taurus-wh ill 1611/tcp
inter library loan ill 1611/udp
inter library loan netbill-trans 1612/tcp
netbill transaction server netbill-trans 1612/udp
netbill transaction server netbill-keyrep 1613/tcp
netbill key repository netbill-keyrep 1613/udp
netbill key repository netbill-cred 1614/tcp
netbill credential server netbill-cred 1614/udp
netbill credential server netbill-auth 1615/tcp
netbill authorization server netbill-auth 1615/udp
netbill authorization server netbill-prod 1616/tcp
netbill product server netbill-prod 1616/udp
netbill product server nimrod-agent 1617/tcp
nimrod inter-agent communication nimrod-agent 1617/udp
nimrod inter-agent communication skytelnet 1618/tcp
skytelnet skytelnet 1618/udp
skytelnet xs-openstorage 1619/tcp
xs-openstorage xs-openstorage 1619/udp
xs-openstorage faxportwinport 1620/tcp
faxportwinport faxportwinport 1620/udp
faxportwinport softdataphone 1621/tcp
softdataphone softdataphone 1621/udp
softdataphone ontime 1622/tcp
ontime ontime 1622/udp
ontime jaleosnd 1623/tcp
jaleosnd jaleosnd 1623/udp
jaleosnd udp-sr-port 1624/tcp
udp-sr-port udp-sr-port 1624/udp
udp-sr-port svs-omagent 1625/tcp
svs-omagent svs-omagent 1625/udp
svs-omagent shockwave 1626/tcp
shockwave shockwave 1626/udp
shockwave t128-gateway 1627/tcp
t.128 gateway t128-gateway 1627/udp
t.128 gateway lontalk-norm 1628/tcp longtalk-norm
lontalk normal, longtalk normal lontalk-norm 1628/udp longtalk-norm
lontalk normal, longtalk normal lontalk-urgnt 1629/tcp longtalk-urgnt
longtalk urgent, lontalk urgent lontalk-urgnt 1629/udp longtalk-urgnt
longtalk urgent, lontalk urgent oraclenet8cman 1630/tcp
oracle net8 cman oraclenet8cman 1630/udp
oracle net8 cman visitview 1631/tcp
visit view visitview 1631/udp
visit view pammratc 1632/tcp
pammratc pammratc 1632/udp
pammratc pammrpc 1633/tcp
pammrpc pammrpc 1633/udp
pammrpc loaprobe 1634/tcp
log on america probe loaprobe 1634/udp
log on america probe edb-server1 1635/tcp
edb server 1 edb-server1 1635/udp
edb server 1 cncp 1636/tcp
cablenet control protocol cncp 1636/udp
cablenet control protocol cnap 1637/tcp
cablenet admin protocol cnap 1637/udp
cablenet admin protocol cnip 1638/tcp
cablenet info protocol cnip 1638/udp
cablenet info protocol cert-initiator 1639/tcp
cert-initiator cert-initiator 1639/udp
cert-initiator cert-responder 1640/tcp
cert-responder cert-responder 1640/udp
cert-responder invision 1641/tcp
invision invision 1641/udp
invision isis-am 1642/tcp
isis-am isis-am 1642/udp
isis-am isis-ambc 1643/tcp
isis-ambc isis-ambc 1643/udp
isis-ambc saiseh 1644/tcp
satellite-data acquisition system 4 sightline 1645/tcp datametrics
sightline, datametrics sightline 1645/udp radius datametrics
radius authentication, sightline, datametrics sa-msg-port 1646/tcp
sa-msg-port sa-msg-port 1646/udp radacct
sa-msg-port, radius accounting rsap 1647/tcp
rsap rsap 1647/udp
rsap concurrent-lm 1648/tcp
concurrent-lm concurrent-lm 1648/udp
concurrent-lm kermit 1649/tcp
kermit kermit 1649/udp
kermit nkd 1650/tcp
nkdn, nkd nkd 1650/udp
nkd shiva_confsrvr 1651/tcp
shiva_confsrvr shiva_confsrvr 1651/udp
shiva_confsrvr xnmp 1652/tcp
xnmp xnmp 1652/udp
xnmp alphatech-lm 1653/tcp
alphatech-lm alphatech-lm 1653/udp
alphatech-lm stargatealerts 1654/tcp
stargatealerts stargatealerts 1654/udp
stargatealerts dec-mbadmin 1655/tcp
dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin 1655/udp
dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin-h 1656/tcp
dec-mbadmin-h dec-mbadmin-h 1656/udp
dec-mbadmin-h fujitsu-mmpdc 1657/tcp
fujitsu-mmpdc fujitsu-mmpdc 1657/udp
fujitsu-mmpdc sixnetudr 1658/tcp
sixnetudr sixnetudr 1658/udp
sixnetudr sg-lm 1659/tcp
silicon grail license manager sg-lm 1659/udp
silicon grail license manager skip-mc-gikreq 1660/tcp
skip-mc-gikreq skip-mc-gikreq 1660/udp
skip-mc-gikreq netview-aix-1 1661/tcp
netview-aix-1 netview-aix-1 1661/udp
netview-aix-1 netview-aix-2 1662/tcp
netview-aix-2 netview-aix-2 1662/udp
netview-aix-2 netview-aix-3 1663/tcp
netview-aix-3 netview-aix-3 1663/udp
netview-aix-3 netview-aix-4 1664/tcp
netview-aix-4 netview-aix-4 1664/udp
netview-aix-4 netview-aix-5 1665/tcp
netview-aix-5 netview-aix-5 1665/udp
netview-aix-5 netview-aix-6 1666/tcp
netview-aix-6 netview-aix-6 1666/udp
netview-aix-6 netview-aix-7 1667/tcp
netview-aix-7 netview-aix-7 1667/udp
netview-aix-7 netview-aix-8 1668/tcp
netview-aix-8 netview-aix-8 1668/udp
netview-aix-8 netview-aix-9 1669/tcp
netview-aix-9 netview-aix-9 1669/udp
netview-aix-9 netview-aix-10 1670/tcp
netview-aix-10 netview-aix-10 1670/udp
netview-aix-10 netview-aix-11 1671/tcp
netview-aix-11 netview-aix-11 1671/udp
netview-aix-11 netview-aix-12 1672/tcp
netview-aix-12 netview-aix-12 1672/udp
netview-aix-12 proshare-mc-1 1673/tcp
intel proshare multicast proshare-mc-1 1673/udp
intel proshare multicast proshare-mc-2 1674/tcp
intel proshare multicast proshare-mc-2 1674/udp
intel proshare multicast pdp 1675/tcp
pacific data products pdp 1675/udp
pacific data products netcomm1 1676/tcp
netcomm1 netcomm2 1676/udp
netcomm2 groupwise 1677/tcp
groupwise groupwise 1677/udp
groupwise prolink 1678/tcp
prolink prolink 1678/udp
prolink darcorp-lm 1679/tcp
darcorp-lm darcorp-lm 1679/udp
darcorp-lm microcom-sbp 1680/tcp CarbonCopy
microcom-sbp microcom-sbp 1680/udp
microcom-sbp sd-elmd 1681/tcp
sd-elmd sd-elmd 1681/udp
sd-elmd lanyon-lantern 1682/tcp
lanyon-lantern lanyon-lantern 1682/udp
lanyon-lantern ncpm-hip 1683/tcp
ncpm-hip ncpm-hip 1683/udp
ncpm-hip snaresecure 1684/tcp
snaresecure snaresecure 1684/udp
snaresecure n2nremote 1685/tcp
n2nremote n2nremote 1685/udp
n2nremote cvmon 1686/tcp
cvmon cvmon 1686/udp
cvmon nsjtp-ctrl 1687/tcp
nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-ctrl 1687/udp
nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-data 1688/tcp
nsjtp-data nsjtp-data 1688/udp
nsjtp-data firefox 1689/tcp
firefox firefox 1689/udp
firefox ng-umds 1690/tcp
ng-umds ng-umds 1690/udp
ng-umds empire-empuma 1691/tcp
empire-empuma empire-empuma 1691/udp
empire-empuma sstsys-lm 1692/tcp
sstsys-lm sstsys-lm 1692/udp
sstsys-lm rrirtr 1693/tcp
rrirtr rrirtr 1693/udp
rrirtr rrimwm 1694/tcp
rrimwm rrimwm 1694/udp
rrimwm rrilwm 1695/tcp
rrilwm rrilwm 1695/udp
rrilwm rrifmm 1696/tcp
rrifmm rrifmm 1696/udp
rrifmm rrisat 1697/tcp
rrisat rrisat 1697/udp
rrisat rsvp-encap-1 1698/tcp
rsvp-encapsulation-1 rsvp-encap-1 1698/udp
rsvp-encapsulation-1 rsvp-encap-2 1699/tcp
rsvp-encapsulation-2 rsvp-encap-2 1699/udp
rsvp-encapsulation-2 mps-raft 1700/tcp
mps-raft mps-raft 1700/udp
mps-raft l2f 1701/tcp l2tp
l2tp, layer 2 tunnelling protocol, l2f l2f 1701/udp l2tp L2TP
l2tp, layer 2 tunnelling protocol, l2f deskshare 1702/tcp
deskshare deskshare 1702/udp
deskshare hb-engine 1703/tcp
hb-engine hb-engine 1703/udp
hb-engine bcs-broker 1704/tcp
bcs-broker bcs-broker 1704/udp
bcs-broker slingshot 1705/tcp
slingshot slingshot 1705/udp
slingshot jetform 1706/tcp
jetform jetform 1706/udp
jetform vdmplay 1707/tcp
vdmplay vdmplay 1707/udp
vdmplay gat-lmd 1708/tcp
gat-lmd gat-lmd 1708/udp
gat-lmd centra 1709/tcp
centra centra 1709/udp
centra impera 1710/tcp
impera impera 1710/udp
impera pptconference 1711/tcp
pptconference pptconference 1711/udp
pptconference registrar 1712/tcp
resource monitoring service registrar 1712/udp
resource monitoring service conferencetalk 1713/tcp
conferencetalk conferencetalk 1713/udp
conferencetalk sesi-lm 1714/tcp
sesi-lm sesi-lm 1714/udp
sesi-lm houdini-lm 1715/tcp
houdini-lm houdini-lm 1715/udp
houdini-lm xmsg 1716/tcp
xmsg xmsg 1716/udp
xmsg fj-hdnet 1717/tcp
fj-hdnet fj-hdnet 1717/udp
fj-hdnet h323gatedisc 1718/tcp
h323gatedisc h323gatedisc 1718/udp
h323gatedisc h323gatestat 1719/tcp
h323gatestat h323gatestat 1719/udp
h323gatestat h323hostcall 1720/tcp H.323/Q.931
h323hostcall, interactive media h323hostcall 1720/udp
h323hostcall caicci 1721/tcp
caicci caicci 1721/udp
caicci hks-lm 1722/tcp
hks license manager hks-lm 1722/udp
hks license manager pptp 1723/tcp
point-to-point tunnelling protocol, pptp, point-to-point tunneling protocol pptp 1723/udp
pptp, point-to-point tunneling protocol csbphonemaster 1724/tcp
csbphonemaster csbphonemaster 1724/udp
csbphonemaster iden-ralp 1725/tcp
iden-ralp iden-ralp 1725/udp
iden-ralp iberiagames 1726/tcp
iberiagames iberiagames 1726/udp
iberiagames winddx 1727/tcp
winddx winddx 1727/udp
winddx telindus 1728/tcp
telindus telindus 1728/udp
telindus citynl 1729/tcp
citynl license management citynl 1729/udp
citynl license management roketz 1730/tcp
roketz roketz 1730/udp
roketz msiccp 1731/tcp
msiccp msiccp 1731/udp
msiccp proxim 1732/tcp
proxim proxim 1732/udp
proxim siipat 1733/tcp
sims - siipat protocol for alarm transmission siipat 1733/udp
sims - siipat protocol for alarm transmission cambertx-lm 1734/tcp
camber corporation license management cambertx-lm 1734/udp
camber corporation license management privatechat 1735/tcp
privatechat privatechat 1735/udp
privatechat street-stream 1736/tcp
street-stream street-stream 1736/udp
street-stream ultimad 1737/tcp
ultimad ultimad 1737/udp
ultimad gamegen1 1738/tcp
gamegen1 gamegen1 1738/udp
gamegen1 webaccess 1739/tcp
webaccess webaccess 1739/udp
webaccess encore 1740/tcp
encore encore 1740/udp
encore cisco-net-mgmt 1741/tcp
cisco-net-mgmt cisco-net-mgmt 1741/udp
cisco-net-mgmt 3Com-nsd 1742/tcp
3com-nsd 3Com-nsd 1742/udp
3com-nsd cinegrfx-lm 1743/tcp
cinema graphics license manager cinegrfx-lm 1743/udp
cinema graphics license manager ncpm-ft 1744/tcp
ncpm-ft ncpm-ft 1744/udp
ncpm-ft remote-winsock 1745/tcp
remote-winsock remote-winsock 1745/udp
remote-winsock ftrapid-1 1746/tcp
ftrapid-1 ftrapid-1 1746/udp
ftrapid-1 ftrapid-2 1747/tcp
ftrapid-2 ftrapid-2 1747/udp
ftrapid-2 oracle-em1 1748/tcp
oracle-em1 oracle-em1 1748/udp
oracle-em1 aspen-services 1749/tcp
aspen-services aspen-services 1749/udp
aspen-services sslp 1750/tcp
simple socket library's portmaster sslp 1750/udp
simple socket library's portmaster swiftnet 1751/tcp
swiftnet swiftnet 1751/udp
swiftnet lofr-lm 1752/tcp
leap of faith research license manager lofr-lm 1752/udp
leap of faith research license manager translogic-lm 1753/tcp
translogic license manager translogic-lm 1753/udp
translogic license manager oracle-em2 1754/tcp
oracle-em2 oracle-em2 1754/udp
oracle-em2 ms-streaming 1755/tcp wms
ms-streaming, windows media service ms-streaming 1755/udp
ms-streaming capfast-lmd 1756/tcp
capfast-lmd capfast-lmd 1756/udp
capfast-lmd cnhrp 1757/tcp
cnhrp cnhrp 1757/udp
cnhrp tftp-mcast 1758/tcp
tftp-mcast tftp-mcast 1758/udp
tftp-mcast spss-lm 1759/tcp
spss license manager spss-lm 1759/udp
spss license manager www-ldap-gw 1760/tcp
www-ldap-gw www-ldap-gw 1760/udp
www-ldap-gw cft-0 1761/tcp
cft-0 cft-0 1761/udp
cft-0 cft-1 1762/tcp
cft-1 cft-1 1762/udp
cft-1 cft-2 1763/tcp
cft-2 cft-2 1763/udp
cft-2 cft-3 1764/tcp
cft-3 cft-3 1764/udp
cft-3 cft-4 1765/tcp
cft-4 cft-4 1765/udp
cft-4 cft-5 1766/tcp
cft-5 cft-5 1766/udp
cft-5 cft-6 1767/tcp
cft-6 cft-6 1767/udp
cft-6 cft-7 1768/tcp
cft-7 cft-7 1768/udp
cft-7 bmc-net-adm 1769/tcp
bmc-net-adm bmc-net-adm 1769/udp
bmc-net-adm bmc-net-svc 1770/tcp
bmc-net-svc bmc-net-svc 1770/udp
bmc-net-svc vaultbase 1771/tcp
vaultbase vaultbase 1771/udp
vaultbase essweb-gw 1772/tcp
essweb gateway essweb-gw 1772/udp
essweb gateway kmscontrol 1773/tcp
kmscontrol kmscontrol 1773/udp
kmscontrol global-dtserv 1774/tcp
global-dtserv global-dtserv 1774/udp
global-dtserv femis 1776/tcp
federal emergency management information system femis 1776/udp
federal emergency management information system powerguardian 1777/tcp
powerguardian powerguardian 1777/udp
powerguardian prodigy-intrnet 1778/tcp
prodigy-internet prodigy-intrnet 1778/udp
prodigy-internet pharmasoft 1779/tcp
pharmasoft pharmasoft 1779/udp
pharmasoft dpkeyserv 1780/tcp
dpkeyserv dpkeyserv 1780/udp
dpkeyserv answersoft-lm 1781/tcp
answersoft-lm answersoft-lm 1781/udp
answersoft-lm hp-hcip 1782/tcp
hp-hcip hp-hcip 1782/udp
hp-hcip fjris 1783/tcp
fujitsu remote install service fjris 1783/udp
fujitsu remote install service finle-lm 1784/tcp
finle license manager finle-lm 1784/udp
finle license manager windlm 1785/tcp
wind river systems license manager windlm 1785/udp
wind river systems license manager funk-logger 1786/tcp
funk-logger funk-logger 1786/udp
funk-logger funk-license 1787/tcp
funk-license funk-license 1787/udp
funk-license psmond 1788/tcp
psmond psmond 1788/udp
psmond hello 1789/tcp
hello hello 1789/udp
hello nmsp 1790/tcp
narrative media streaming protocol nmsp 1790/udp
narrative media streaming protocol ea1 1791/tcp
ea1 ea1 1791/udp
ea1 ibm-dt-2 1792/tcp
ibm-dt-2 ibm-dt-2 1792/udp
ibm-dt-2 rsc-robot 1793/tcp
rsc-robot rsc-robot 1793/udp
rsc-robot cera-bcm 1794/tcp
cera-bcm cera-bcm 1794/udp
cera-bcm dpi-proxy 1795/tcp
dpi-proxy dpi-proxy 1795/udp
dpi-proxy vocaltec-admin 1796/tcp
vocaltec server administration vocaltec-admin 1796/udp
vocaltec server administration uma 1797/tcp
uma uma 1797/udp
uma etp 1798/tcp
event transfer protocol etp 1798/udp
event transfer protocol netrisk 1799/tcp
netrisk netrisk 1799/udp
netrisk ansys-lm 1800/tcp
ansys-license manager ansys-lm 1800/udp
ansys-license manager msmq 1801/tcp
microsoft message que msmq 1801/udp
microsoft message que concomp1 1802/tcp
concomp1 concomp1 1802/udp
concomp1 hp-hcip-gwy 1803/tcp
hp-hcip-gwy hp-hcip-gwy 1803/udp
hp-hcip-gwy enl 1804/tcp
enl enl 1804/udp
enl enl-name 1805/tcp
enl-name enl-name 1805/udp
enl-name musiconline 1806/tcp
musiconline musiconline 1806/udp
musiconline fhsp 1807/tcp
fujitsu hot standby protocol fhsp 1807/udp
fujitsu hot standby protocol oracle-vp2 1808/tcp
oracle-vp2 oracle-vp2 1808/udp
oracle-vp2 oracle-vp1 1809/tcp
oracle-vp1 oracle-vp1 1809/udp
oracle-vp1 jerand-lm 1810/tcp
jerand license manager jerand-lm 1810/udp
jerand license manager scientia-sdb 1811/tcp
scientia-sdb scientia-sdb 1811/udp
scientia-sdb radius 1812/tcp
radius radius 1812/udp
radius authentication, radius authentication protocol (rfc 2138), radius authentication protocol (iana sanctioned), radius radius-acct 1813/tcp radacct
radius accounting radius-acct 1813/udp radacct
radius accounting protocol (iana sanctioned), radius accounting protocol (rfc 2139), radius accounting tdp-suite 1814/tcp
tdp suite tdp-suite 1814/udp
tdp suite mmpft 1815/tcp
mmpft mmpft 1815/udp
mmpft harp 1816/tcp
harp harp 1816/udp
harp rkb-oscs 1817/tcp
rkb-oscs rkb-oscs 1817/udp
rkb-oscs etftp 1818/tcp
enhanced trivial file transfer protocol etftp 1818/udp
enhanced trivial file transfer protocol plato-lm 1819/tcp
plato license manager plato-lm 1819/udp
plato license manager mcagent 1820/tcp
mcagent mcagent 1820/udp
mcagent donnyworld 1821/tcp
donnyworld donnyworld 1821/udp
donnyworld es-elmd 1822/tcp
es-elmd es-elmd 1822/udp
es-elmd unisys-lm 1823/tcp
unisys natural language license manager unisys-lm 1823/udp
unisys natural language license manager metrics-pas 1824/tcp
metrics-pas metrics-pas 1824/udp
metrics-pas direcpc-video 1825/tcp
direcpc video direcpc-video 1825/udp
direcpc video ardt 1826/tcp
ardt ardt 1826/udp
ardt asi 1827/tcp pcm
asi, pcm agent (autosecure policy compliance manager asi 1827/udp
asi itm-mcell-u 1828/tcp
itm-mcell-u itm-mcell-u 1828/udp
itm-mcell-u optika-emedia 1829/tcp
optika emedia optika-emedia 1829/udp
optika emedia net8-cman 1830/tcp
oracle net8 cman admin net8-cman 1830/udp
oracle net8 cman admin myrtle 1831/tcp
myrtle myrtle 1831/udp
myrtle tht-treasure 1832/tcp
thoughttreasure tht-treasure 1832/udp
thoughttreasure udpradio 1833/tcp
udpradio udpradio 1833/udp
udpradio ardusuni 1834/tcp
ardus unicast ardusuni 1834/udp
ardus unicast ardusmul 1835/tcp
ardus multicast ardusmul 1835/udp
ardus multicast ste-smsc 1836/tcp
ste-smsc ste-smsc 1836/udp
ste-smsc csoft1 1837/tcp
csoft1 csoft1 1837/udp
csoft1 talnet 1838/tcp
talnet talnet 1838/udp
talnet netopia-vo1 1839/tcp
netopia-vo1 netopia-vo1 1839/udp
netopia-vo1 netopia-vo2 1840/tcp
netopia-vo2 netopia-vo2 1840/udp
netopia-vo2 netopia-vo3 1841/tcp
netopia-vo3 netopia-vo3 1841/udp
netopia-vo3 netopia-vo4 1842/tcp
netopia-vo4 netopia-vo4 1842/udp
netopia-vo4 netopia-vo5 1843/tcp
netopia-vo5 netopia-vo5 1843/udp
netopia-vo5 direcpc-dll 1844/tcp
direcpc-dll direcpc-dll 1844/udp
direcpc-dll altalink 1845/tcp
altalink altalink 1845/udp
altalink tunstall-pnc 1846/tcp
tunstall pnc tunstall-pnc 1846/udp
tunstall pnc slp-notify 1847/tcp
slp notification slp-notify 1847/udp
slp notification fjdocdist 1848/tcp
fjdocdist fjdocdist 1848/udp
fjdocdist alpha-sms 1849/tcp
alpha-sms alpha-sms 1849/udp
alpha-sms gsi 1850/tcp
gsi gsi 1850/udp
gsi ctcd 1851/tcp
ctcd ctcd 1851/udp
ctcd virtual-time 1852/tcp
virtual time virtual-time 1852/udp
virtual time vids-avtp 1853/tcp
vids-avtp vids-avtp 1853/udp
vids-avtp buddy-draw 1854/tcp
buddy draw buddy-draw 1854/udp
buddy draw fiorano-rtrsvc 1855/tcp
fiorano rtrsvc fiorano-rtrsvc 1855/udp
fiorano rtrsvc fiorano-msgsvc 1856/tcp
fiorano msgsvc fiorano-msgsvc 1856/udp
fiorano msgsvc datacaptor 1857/tcp
datacaptor datacaptor 1857/udp
datacaptor privateark 1858/tcp
privateark privateark 1858/udp
privateark gammafetchsvr 1859/tcp
gamma fetcher server gammafetchsvr 1859/udp
gamma fetcher server sunscalar-svc 1860/tcp
sunscalar services sunscalar-svc 1860/udp
sunscalar services lecroy-vicp 1861/tcp
lecroy vicp lecroy-vicp 1861/udp
lecroy vicp techra-server 1862/tcp
techra-server techra-server 1862/udp
techra-server msnp 1863/tcp
msnp msnp 1863/udp
msnp paradym-31port 1864/tcp
paradym 31 port paradym-31port 1864/udp
paradym 31 port entp 1865/tcp
entp entp 1865/udp
entp swrmi 1866/tcp
swrmi swrmi 1866/udp
swrmi udrive 1867/tcp
udrive udrive 1867/udp
udrive viziblebrowser 1868/tcp
viziblebrowser viziblebrowser 1868/udp
viziblebrowser yestrader 1869/tcp
yestrader yestrader 1869/udp
yestrader sunscalar-dns 1870/tcp
sunscalar dns service sunscalar-dns 1870/udp
sunscalar dns service canocentral0 1871/tcp
cano central 0 canocentral0 1871/udp
cano central 0 canocentral1 1872/tcp
cano central 1 canocentral1 1872/udp
cano central 1 fjmpjps 1873/tcp
fjmpjps fjmpjps 1873/udp
fjmpjps fjswapsnp 1874/tcp
fjswapsnp fjswapsnp 1874/udp
fjswapsnp westell-stats 1875/tcp
westell stats westell-stats 1875/udp
westell stats ewcappsrv 1876/tcp
ewcappsrv ewcappsrv 1876/udp
ewcappsrv hp-webqosdb 1877/tcp
hp-webqosdb hp-webqosdb 1877/udp
hp-webqosdb drmsmc 1878/tcp
drmsmc drmsmc 1878/udp
drmsmc nettgain-nms 1879/tcp
nettgain nms nettgain-nms 1879/udp
nettgain nms vsat-control 1880/tcp
gilat vsat control vsat-control 1880/udp
gilat vsat control ibm-mqseries2 1881/tcp
ibm mqseries, ibm websphere mq ibm-mqseries2 1881/udp
ibm mqseries, ibm websphere mq ecsqdmn 1882/tcp
ecsqdmn ecsqdmn 1882/udp
ecsqdmn ibm-mqisdp 1883/tcp
ibm mqseries scada ibm-mqisdp 1883/udp
ibm mqseries scada idmaps 1884/tcp
internet distance map svc idmaps 1884/udp
internet distance map svc vrtstrapserver 1885/tcp
veritas trap server vrtstrapserver 1885/udp
veritas trap server leoip 1886/tcp
leonardo over ip leoip 1886/udp
leonardo over ip filex-lport 1887/tcp
filex listening port filex-lport 1887/udp
filex listening port ncconfig 1888/tcp
nc config port ncconfig 1888/udp
nc config port unify-adapter 1889/tcp
unify web adapter service unify-adapter 1889/udp
unify web adapter service wilkenlistener 1890/tcp
wilkenlistener wilkenlistener 1890/udp
wilkenlistener childkey-notif 1891/tcp
childkey notification childkey-notif 1891/udp
childkey notification childkey-ctrl 1892/tcp
childkey control childkey-ctrl 1892/udp
childkey control elad 1893/tcp
elad protocol elad 1893/udp
elad protocol o2server-port 1894/tcp
o2server port o2server-port 1894/udp
o2server port vista-4gl 1895/tcp
vista 4gl vista-4gl 1895/udp
vista 4gl b-novative-ls 1896/tcp
b-novative license server b-novative-ls 1896/udp
b-novative license server metaagent 1897/tcp
metaagent metaagent 1897/udp
metaagent cymtec-port 1898/tcp
cymtec secure management cymtec-port 1898/udp
cymtec secure management mc2studios 1899/tcp
mc2studios mc2studios 1899/udp
mc2studios ssdp 1900/tcp UPnP
universal pnp, ssdp ssdp 1900/udp UPnP
universal pnp, ssdp fjicl-tep-a 1901/tcp
fujitsu icl terminal emulator program a fjicl-tep-a 1901/udp
fujitsu icl terminal emulator program a fjicl-tep-b 1902/tcp
fujitsu icl terminal emulator program b fjicl-tep-b 1902/udp
fujitsu icl terminal emulator program b linkname 1903/tcp
local link name resolution linkname 1903/udp
local link name resolution fjicl-tep-c 1904/tcp
fujitsu icl terminal emulator program c fjicl-tep-c 1904/udp
fujitsu icl terminal emulator program c sugp 1905/tcp
secure up.link gateway protocol sugp 1905/udp
secure up.link gateway protocol tpmd 1906/tcp
tportmapperreq tpmd 1906/udp
tportmapperreq intrastar 1907/tcp
intrastar intrastar 1907/udp
intrastar dawn 1908/tcp
dawn dawn 1908/udp
dawn global-wlink 1909/tcp
global world link global-wlink 1909/udp
global world link ultrabac 1910/tcp
ultrabac, ultrabac software communications port ultrabac 1910/udp
ultrabac, ultrabac software communications port mtp 1911/tcp
starlight networks multimedia transport protocol mtp 1911/udp
starlight networks multimedia transport protocol rhp-iibp 1912/tcp
rhp-iibp rhp-iibp 1912/udp
rhp-iibp armadp 1913/tcp
armadp armadp 1913/udp
armadp elm-momentum 1914/tcp
elm-momentum elm-momentum 1914/udp
elm-momentum facelink 1915/tcp
facelink facelink 1915/udp
facelink persona 1916/tcp
persoft persona persona 1916/udp
persoft persona noagent 1917/tcp
noagent noagent 1917/udp
noagent can-nds 1918/tcp
candle directory service - nds can-nds 1918/udp
candle directory service - nds can-dch 1919/tcp
candle directory service - dch can-dch 1919/udp
candle directory service - dch can-ferret 1920/tcp
candle directory service - ferret can-ferret 1920/udp
candle directory service - ferret noadmin 1921/tcp
noadmin noadmin 1921/udp
noadmin tapestry 1922/tcp
tapestry tapestry 1922/udp
tapestry spice 1923/tcp
spice spice 1923/udp
spice xiip 1924/tcp
xiip xiip 1924/udp
xiip discovery-port 1925/tcp
surrogate discovery port discovery-port 1925/udp
surrogate discovery port egs 1926/tcp
evolution game server egs 1926/udp
evolution game server videte-cipc 1927/tcp
videte cipc port videte-cipc 1927/udp
videte cipc port emsd-port 1928/tcp
expnd maui srvr dscovr emsd-port 1928/udp
expnd maui srvr dscovr bandwiz-system 1929/tcp
bandwiz system - server bandwiz-system 1929/udp
bandwiz system - server driveappserver 1930/tcp
drive appserver driveappserver 1930/udp
drive appserver amdsched 1931/tcp
amd sched amdsched 1931/udp
amd sched ctt-broker 1932/tcp
ctt broker ctt-broker 1932/udp
ctt broker xmapi 1933/tcp
ibm lm mt agent xmapi 1933/udp
ibm lm mt agent xaapi 1934/tcp
ibm lm appl agent xaapi 1934/udp
ibm lm appl agent macromedia-fcs 1935/tcp
macromedia flash communications server mx macromedia-fcs 1935/udp
macromedia flash communications server mx jetcmeserver 1936/tcp
jetcmeserver server port jetcmeserver 1936/udp
jetcmeserver server port jwserver 1937/tcp
jetvway server port jwserver 1937/udp
jetvway server port jwclient 1938/tcp
jetvway client port jwclient 1938/udp
jetvway client port jvserver 1939/tcp
jetvision server port jvserver 1939/udp
jetvision server port jvclient 1940/tcp
jetvision client port jvclient 1940/udp
jetvision client port dic-aida 1941/tcp
dic-aida dic-aida 1941/udp
dic-aida res 1942/tcp
real enterprise service res 1942/udp
real enterprise service beeyond-media 1943/tcp
beeyond media beeyond-media 1943/udp
beeyond media close-combat 1944/tcp
close-combat close-combat 1944/udp
close-combat dialogic-elmd 1945/tcp
dialogic-elmd dialogic-elmd 1945/udp
dialogic-elmd tekpls 1946/tcp
tekpls tekpls 1946/udp
tekpls hlserver 1947/tcp
hlserver hlserver 1947/udp
hlserver eye2eye 1948/tcp
eye2eye eye2eye 1948/udp
eye2eye ismaeasdaqlive 1949/tcp
isma easdaq live ismaeasdaqlive 1949/udp
isma easdaq live ismaeasdaqtest 1950/tcp
isma easdaq test ismaeasdaqtest 1950/udp
isma easdaq test bcs-lmserver 1951/tcp
bcs-lmserver bcs-lmserver 1951/udp
bcs-lmserver mpnjsc 1952/tcp
mpnjsc mpnjsc 1952/udp
mpnjsc rapidbase 1953/tcp
rapid base rapidbase 1953/udp
rapid base abr-basic 1954/tcp
abr-basic data abr-basic 1954/udp
abr-basic data abr-secure 1955/tcp
abr-secure data abr-secure 1955/udp
abr-secure data vrtl-vmf-ds 1956/tcp
vertel vmf ds vrtl-vmf-ds 1956/udp
vertel vmf ds unix-status 1957/tcp
unix-status unix-status 1957/udp
unix-status dxadmind 1958/tcp
ca administration daemon dxadmind 1958/udp
ca administration daemon simp-all 1959/tcp
simp channel simp-all 1959/udp
simp channel nasmanager 1960/tcp
merit dac nasmanager nasmanager 1960/udp
merit dac nasmanager bts-appserver 1961/tcp
bts appserver bts-appserver 1961/udp
bts appserver biap-mp 1962/tcp
biap-mp biap-mp 1962/udp
biap-mp webmachine 1963/tcp
webmachine webmachine 1963/udp
webmachine solid-e-engine 1964/tcp
solid e engine solid-e-engine 1964/udp
solid e engine tivoli-npm 1965/tcp
tivoli npm tivoli-npm 1965/udp
tivoli npm slush 1966/tcp
slush slush 1966/udp
slush sns-quote 1967/tcp
sns quote sns-quote 1967/udp
sns quote lipsinc 1968/tcp
lipsinc lipsinc 1968/udp
lipsinc lipsinc1 1969/tcp
lipsinc 1 lipsinc1 1969/udp
lipsinc 1 netop-rc 1970/tcp
netop remote control netop-rc 1970/udp
netop remote control netop-school 1971/tcp
netop school netop-school 1971/udp
netop school intersys-cache 1972/tcp
cache intersys-cache 1972/udp
cache dlsrap 1973/tcp
data link switching remote access protocol dlsrap 1973/udp
data link switching remote access protocol drp 1974/tcp
drp drp 1974/udp
drp tcoflashagent 1975/tcp
tco flash agent tcoflashagent 1975/udp
tco flash agent tcoregagent 1976/tcp
tco reg agent tcoregagent 1976/udp
tco reg agent tcoaddressbook 1977/tcp
tco address book tcoaddressbook 1977/udp
tco address book unisql 1978/tcp
unisql unisql 1978/udp
unisql unisql-java 1979/tcp
unisql java unisql-java 1979/udp
unisql java pearldoc-xact 1980/tcp
pearldoc xact pearldoc-xact 1980/udp
pearldoc xact p2pq 1981/tcp
p2pq p2pq 1981/udp
p2pq estamp 1982/tcp
evidentiary timestamp estamp 1982/udp
evidentiary timestamp lhtp 1983/tcp
loophole test protocol lhtp 1983/udp
loophole test protocol bb 1984/tcp bigbrother
bb, big brother monitoring server - www.bb4.com bb 1984/udp
bb hsrp 1985/tcp
hot standby router protocol hsrp 1985/udp
hot standby router protocol licensedaemon 1986/tcp
cisco license management licensedaemon 1986/udp
cisco license management tr-rsrb-p1 1987/tcp
cisco rsrb priority 1 port tr-rsrb-p1 1987/udp
cisco rsrb priority 1 port tr-rsrb-p2 1988/tcp
cisco rsrb priority 2 port tr-rsrb-p2 1988/udp
cisco rsrb priority 2 port tr-rsrb-p3 1989/tcp mshnet
mhsnet system, cisco rsrb priority 3 port tr-rsrb-p3 1989/udp mshnet
mhsnet system, cisco rsrb priority 3 port stun-p1 1990/tcp
cisco stun priority 1 port stun-p1 1990/udp
cisco stun priority 1 port stun-p2 1991/tcp
cisco stun priority 2 port stun-p2 1991/udp
cisco stun priority 2 port stun-p3 1992/tcp ipsendmsg
ipsendmsg, cisco stun priority 3 port stun-p3 1992/udp ipsendmsg
ipsendmsg, cisco stun priority 3 port snmp-tcp-port 1993/tcp
cisco snmp tcp port snmp-tcp-port 1993/udp
cisco snmp tcp port stun-port 1994/tcp
cisco serial tunnel port stun-port 1994/udp
cisco serial tunnel port perf-port 1995/tcp
cisco perf port perf-port 1995/udp
cisco perf port tr-rsrb-port 1996/tcp
cisco remote srb port tr-rsrb-port 1996/udp
cisco remote srb port gdp-port 1997/tcp
cisco gateway discovery protocol gdp-port 1997/udp
cisco gateway discovery protocol x25-svc-port 1998/tcp
cisco x.25 service (xot) x25-svc-port 1998/udp
cisco x.25 service (xot) tcp-id-port 1999/tcp
cisco identification port tcp-id-port 1999/udp
cisco identification port callbook 2000/tcp
callbook callbook 2000/udp
callbook dc 2001/tcp
or nfr20 web queries wizard 2001/udp
curry globe 2002/tcp globe 2002/udp cfingerd 2003/tcp
gnu finger mailbox 2004/tcp emce 2004/udp
ccws mm conf berknet 2005/tcp deslogin
encrypted symmetric telnet/login oracle 2005/udp invokator 2006/tcp raid-cc 2006/udp
raid dectalk 2007/tcp netscrawl
a networked "whiteboard" application raid-am 2007/udp conf 2008/tcp terminaldb 2008/udp news 2009/tcp whosockami 2009/udp search 2010/tcp
or nfr411 pipe_server 2010/udp
also used by nfr raid-cc 2011/tcp
raid servserv 2011/udp ttyinfo 2012/tcp raid-ac 2012/udp raid-am 2013/tcp raid-cd 2013/udp troff 2014/tcp raid-sf 2014/udp cypress 2015/tcp raid-cs 2015/udp bootserver 2016/tcp bootserver 2016/udp cypress-stat 2017/tcp bootclient 2017/udp terminaldb 2018/tcp rellpack 2018/udp whosockami 2019/tcp about 2019/udp xinupageserver 2020/tcp xinupageserver 2020/udp servexec 2021/tcp xinuexpansion1 2021/udp down 2022/tcp xinuexpansion2 2022/udp xinuexpansion3 2023/tcp xinuexpansion3 2023/udp xinuexpansion4 2024/tcp xinuexpansion4 2024/udp ellpack 2025/tcp xribs 2025/udp scrabble 2026/tcp scrabble 2026/udp shadowserver 2027/tcp shadowserver 2027/udp submitserver 2028/tcp submitserver 2028/udp device2 2030/tcp device2 2030/udp blackboard 2032/tcp blackboard 2032/udp glogger 2033/tcp glogger 2033/udp scoremgr 2034/tcp scoremgr 2034/udp imsldoc 2035/tcp imsldoc 2035/udp p2plus 2037/tcp
p2plus application server p2plus 2037/udp
p2plus application server objectmanager 2038/tcp objectmanager 2038/udp lam 2040/tcp lam 2040/udp interbase 2041/tcp interbase 2041/udp isis 2042/tcp
isis isis 2042/udp
isis isis-bcast 2043/tcp
isis-bcast isis-bcast 2043/udp
isis-bcast rimsl 2044/tcp rimsl 2044/udp cdfunc 2045/tcp cdfunc 2045/udp sdfunc 2046/tcp sdfunc 2046/udp dls 2047/tcp dls 2047/udp dls-monitor 2048/tcp dls-monitor 2048/udp shilp 2049/tcp nfsd nfs
nfs server, networked file system, nfs server daemon (cots), network file system - sun microsystems, nfs server daemon, sun nfs shilp 2049/udp nfsd nfs
nfs server, networked file system, network file system - sun microsystems, nfs server daemon, nfs server daemon (clts), sun nfs av-emb-config 2050/tcp
avaya emb config port av-emb-config 2050/udp
avaya emb config port epnsdp 2051/tcp
epnsdp epnsdp 2051/udp
epnsdp clearvisn 2052/tcp
clearvisn services port clearvisn 2052/udp
clearvisn services port lot105-ds-upd 2053/tcp knetd
lot105 dsuper updates lot105-ds-upd 2053/udp
lot105 dsuper updates weblogin 2054/tcp
weblogin port weblogin 2054/udp
weblogin port iop 2055/tcp
iliad-odyssey protocol iop 2055/udp
iliad-odyssey protocol omnisky 2056/tcp
omnisky port omnisky 2056/udp
omnisky port rich-cp 2057/tcp
rich content protocol rich-cp 2057/udp
rich content protocol newwavesearch 2058/tcp
newwavesearchables rmi newwavesearch 2058/udp
newwavesearchables rmi bmc-messaging 2059/tcp
bmc messaging service bmc-messaging 2059/udp
bmc messaging service teleniumdaemon 2060/tcp
telenium daemon if teleniumdaemon 2060/udp
telenium daemon if netmount 2061/tcp
netmount netmount 2061/udp
netmount icg-swp 2062/tcp
icg swp port icg-swp 2062/udp
icg swp port icg-bridge 2063/tcp
icg bridge port icg-bridge 2063/udp
icg bridge port icg-iprelay 2064/tcp dnet-keyproxy distrib-netassholes
a closed-source client for solving the rsa cryptographic challenge. this is the keyblock proxy port., icg ip relay port, a group of lamers working on a silly closed-source client for solving the rsa cryptographic challenge. this is the keyblock proxy port. icg-iprelay 2064/udp
icg ip relay port dlsrpn 2065/tcp
data link switch read port number dlsrpn 2065/udp
data link switch read port number dlswpn 2067/tcp
data link switch write port number dlswpn 2067/udp
data link switch write port number avauthsrvprtcl 2068/tcp advocentkvm
advocent kvm server, avocent authsrv protocol avauthsrvprtcl 2068/udp
avocent authsrv protocol event-port 2069/tcp
http event port event-port 2069/udp
http event port ah-esp-encap 2070/tcp
ah and esp encapsulated in udp packet ah-esp-encap 2070/udp
ah and esp encapsulated in udp packet acp-port 2071/tcp
axon control protocol acp-port 2071/udp
axon control protocol msync 2072/tcp
globecast msync msync 2072/udp
globecast msync gxs-data-port 2073/tcp
datareel database socket gxs-data-port 2073/udp
datareel database socket vrtl-vmf-sa 2074/tcp
vertel vmf sa vrtl-vmf-sa 2074/udp
vertel vmf sa newlixengine 2075/tcp
newlix serverware engine newlixengine 2075/udp
newlix serverware engine newlixconfig 2076/tcp
newlix jspconfig newlixconfig 2076/udp
newlix jspconfig trellisagt 2077/tcp
trellisoft agent trellisagt 2077/udp
trellisoft agent trellissvr 2078/tcp
trellisoft server trellissvr 2078/udp
trellisoft server idware-router 2079/tcp
idware router port idware-router 2079/udp
idware router port autodesk-nlm 2080/tcp
autodesk nlm (flexlm) autodesk-nlm 2080/udp
autodesk nlm (flexlm) kme-trap-port 2081/tcp
kme printer trap port kme-trap-port 2081/udp
kme printer trap port infowave 2082/tcp
infowave mobility server infowave 2082/udp
infowave mobiltiy server gnunet 2086/tcp
gnunet gnunet 2086/udp
gnunet eli 2087/tcp
eli - event logging integration eli 2087/udp
eli - event logging integration sep 2089/tcp
security encapsulation protocol - sep sep 2089/udp
security encapsulation protocol - sep lrp 2090/tcp
load report protocol lrp 2090/udp
load report protocol prp 2091/tcp
prp prp 2091/udp
prp descent3 2092/tcp
descent 3 descent3 2092/udp
descent 3 nbx-cc 2093/tcp
nbx cc nbx-cc 2093/udp
nbx cc nbx-au 2094/tcp
nbx au nbx-au 2094/udp
nbx au nbx-ser 2095/tcp
nbx ser nbx-ser 2095/udp
nbx ser nbx-dir 2096/tcp
nbx dir nbx-dir 2096/udp
nbx dir jetformpreview 2097/tcp
jet form preview jetformpreview 2097/udp
jet form preview dialog-port 2098/tcp
dialog port dialog-port 2098/udp
dialog port h2250-annex-g 2099/tcp
h.225.0 annex g h2250-annex-g 2099/udp
h.225.0 annex g amiganetfs 2100/tcp
amiganetfs, amiga network filesystem amiganetfs 2100/udp
amiganetfs, amiga network filesystem rtcm-sc104 2101/tcp
rtcm-sc104 rtcm-sc104 2101/udp
rtcm-sc104 zephyr-srv 2102/tcp
zephyr server zephyr-srv 2102/udp
zephyr server zephyr-clt 2103/tcp
zephyr serv-hm connection zephyr-clt 2103/udp
zephyr serv-hm connection zephyr-hm 2104/tcp
zephyr hostmanager zephyr-hm 2104/udp
zephyr hostmanager minipay 2105/tcp eklogin
kerberos encrypted rlogin, kerberos (v4) encrypted rlogin, kerberos encrypted `rlogin', minipay minipay 2105/udp eklogin
kerberos (v4) encrypted rlogin, minipay mzap 2106/tcp ekshell2 ekshell
mzap, encrypted kshell - ucolorado, boulder, what u of colorado @ boulder uses?, kerberos (v4) encrypted rshell mzap 2106/udp ekshell
mzap, kerberos (v4) encrypted rshell bintec-admin 2107/tcp
bintec admin bintec-admin 2107/udp
bintec admin comcam 2108/tcp rkinit
comcam, kerberos remote kinit, kerberos (v4) remote initialization comcam 2108/udp rkinit
comcam, kerberos (v4) remote initialization ergolight 2109/tcp
ergolight ergolight 2109/udp
ergolight umsp 2110/tcp kf
forward credentials, umsp umsp 2110/udp
umsp dsatp 2111/tcp kx
x over kerberos, dsatp dsatp 2111/udp
dsatp idonix-metanet 2112/tcp kip
ip over kerberos, idonix metanet idonix-metanet 2112/udp
idonix metanet hsl-storm 2113/tcp
hsl storm hsl-storm 2113/udp
hsl storm newheights 2114/tcp
newheights newheights 2114/udp
newheights kdm 2115/tcp
key distribution manager kdm 2115/udp
key distribution manager ccowcmr 2116/tcp
ccowcmr ccowcmr 2116/udp
ccowcmr mentaclient 2117/tcp
mentaclient mentaclient 2117/udp
mentaclient mentaserver 2118/tcp
mentaserver mentaserver 2118/udp
mentaserver gsigatekeeper 2119/tcp
gsigatekeeper gsigatekeeper 2119/udp
gsigatekeeper qencp 2120/tcp kauth
quick eagle networks cp, remote kauth qencp 2120/udp
quick eagle networks cp scientia-ssdb 2121/tcp iprop
kerberos incremental propagation, scientia-ssdb scientia-ssdb 2121/udp
scientia-ssdb caupc-remote 2122/tcp
caupc remote control caupc-remote 2122/udp
caupc remote control gtp-control 2123/tcp
gtp-control plane (3gpp) gtp-control 2123/udp
gtp-control plane (3gpp) elatelink 2124/tcp
elatelink elatelink 2124/udp
elatelink lockstep 2125/tcp
lockstep lockstep 2125/udp
lockstep pktcable-cops 2126/tcp
pktcable-cops pktcable-cops 2126/udp
pktcable-cops index-pc-wb 2127/tcp
index-pc-wb index-pc-wb 2127/udp
index-pc-wb net-steward 2128/tcp
net steward control net-steward 2128/udp
net steward control cs-live 2129/tcp
cs-live.com cs-live 2129/udp
cs-live.com swc-xds 2130/tcp
swc-xds swc-xds 2130/udp
swc-xds avantageb2b 2131/tcp
avantageb2b avantageb2b 2131/udp
avantageb2b avail-epmap 2132/tcp
avail-epmap avail-epmap 2132/udp
avail-epmap zymed-zpp 2133/tcp
zymed-zpp zymed-zpp 2133/udp
zymed-zpp avenue 2134/tcp
avenue avenue 2134/udp
avenue gris 2135/tcp
grid resource information server gris 2135/udp
grid resource information server appworxsrv 2136/tcp
appworxsrv appworxsrv 2136/udp
appworxsrv connect 2137/tcp
connect connect 2137/udp
connect unbind-cluster 2138/tcp
unbind-cluster unbind-cluster 2138/udp
unbind-cluster ias-auth 2139/tcp
ias-auth ias-auth 2139/udp
ias-auth ias-reg 2140/tcp
ias-reg ias-reg 2140/udp
ias-reg ias-admind 2141/tcp
ias-admind ias-admind 2141/udp
ias-admind tdm-over-ip 2142/tcp
tdm-over-ip tdm-over-ip 2142/udp
tdm-over-ip lv-jc 2143/tcp
live vault job control lv-jc 2143/udp
live vault job control lv-ffx 2144/tcp
live vault fast object transfer lv-ffx 2144/udp
live vault fast object transfer lv-pici 2145/tcp
live vault remote diagnostic console support lv-pici 2145/udp
live vault remote diagnostic console support lv-not 2146/tcp
live vault admin event notification lv-not 2146/udp
live vault admin event notification lv-auth 2147/tcp
live vault authentication lv-auth 2147/udp
live vault authentication veritas-ucl 2148/tcp
veritas universal communication layer veritas-ucl 2148/udp
veritas universal communication layer acptsys 2149/tcp
acptsys acptsys 2149/udp
acptsys dynamic3d 2150/tcp
dynamic3d dynamic3d 2150/udp
dynamic3d docent 2151/tcp
docent docent 2151/udp
docent gtp-user 2152/tcp
gtp-user plane (3gpp) gtp-user 2152/udp
gtp-user plane (3gpp) gdbremote 2159/tcp
gdb remote debug port gdbremote 2159/udp
gdb remote debug port apc-2160 2160/tcp
apc 2160 apc-2160 2160/udp
apc 2160 apc-2161 2161/tcp
apc 2161 apc-2161 2161/udp
apc 2161 navisphere 2162/tcp
navisphere navisphere 2162/udp
navisphere navisphere-sec 2163/tcp
navisphere secure navisphere-sec 2163/udp
navisphere secure ddns-v3 2164/tcp
dynamic dns version 3 ddns-v3 2164/udp
dynamic dns version 3 x-bone-api 2165/tcp
x-bone api x-bone-api 2165/udp
x-bone api iwserver 2166/tcp
iwserver iwserver 2166/udp
iwserver raw-serial 2167/tcp
raw async serial link raw-serial 2167/udp
raw async serial link mc-gt-srv 2180/tcp
millicent vendor gateway server mc-gt-srv 2180/udp
millicent vendor gateway server eforward 2181/tcp
eforward eforward 2181/udp
eforward tivoconnect 2190/tcp
tivoconnect beacon tivoconnect 2190/udp
tivoconnect beacon tvbus 2191/tcp
tvbus messaging tvbus 2191/udp
tvbus messaging ici 2200/tcp
ici ici 2200/udp
ici ats 2201/tcp
advanced training system program ats 2201/udp
advanced training system program imtc-map 2202/tcp
int. multimedia teleconferencing cosortium imtc-map 2202/udp
int. multimedia teleconferencing cosortium kali 2213/tcp
kali kali 2213/udp
kali netiq 2220/tcp ganymede
ganymede, netiq end2end netiq 2220/udp ganymede
ganymede, netiq end2end rockwell-csp1 2221/tcp unreg-ab1
rockwell csp1, allen-bradley unregistered port rockwell-csp1 2221/udp unreg-ab1
rockwell csp1, allen-bradley unregistered port rockwell-csp2 2222/tcp unreg-ab2
allen-bradley unregistered port, rockwell csp2 rockwell-csp2 2222/udp unreg-ab2
allen-bradley unregistered port, rockwell csp2 rockwell-csp3 2223/tcp inreg-ab3
allen-bradley unregistered port, rockwell csp3 rockwell-csp3 2223/udp inreg-ab3
allen-bradley unregistered port, rockwell csp3 ivs-video 2232/tcp
ivs video default ivs-video 2232/udp
ivs video default infocrypt 2233/tcp
infocrypt infocrypt 2233/udp
infocrypt directplay 2234/tcp
directplay directplay 2234/udp
directplay sercomm-wlink 2235/tcp
sercomm-wlink sercomm-wlink 2235/udp
sercomm-wlink nani 2236/tcp
nani nani 2236/udp
nani optech-port1-lm 2237/tcp
optech port1 license manager optech-port1-lm 2237/udp
optech port1 license manager aviva-sna 2238/tcp
aviva sna server aviva-sna 2238/udp
aviva sna server imagequery 2239/tcp
image query imagequery 2239/udp
image query recipe 2240/tcp
recipe recipe 2240/udp
recipe ivsd 2241/tcp
ivs daemon ivsd 2241/udp
ivs daemon foliocorp 2242/tcp
folio remote server foliocorp 2242/udp
folio remote server magicom 2243/tcp
magicom protocol magicom 2243/udp
magicom protocol nmsserver 2244/tcp
nms server nmsserver 2244/udp
nms server hao 2245/tcp
hao hao 2245/udp
hao pc-mta-addrmap 2246/tcp
packetcable mta addr map pc-mta-addrmap 2246/udp
packetcable mta addr map ums 2248/tcp
user management service ums 2248/udp
user management service rfmp 2249/tcp
riso file manager protocol rfmp 2249/udp
riso file manager protocol remote-collab 2250/tcp
remote-collab remote-collab 2250/udp
remote-collab dif-port 2251/tcp
distributed framework port dif-port 2251/udp
distributed framework port njenet-ssl 2252/tcp
njenet using ssl njenet-ssl 2252/udp
njenet using ssl dtv-chan-req 2253/tcp
dtv channel request dtv-chan-req 2253/udp
dtv channel request seispoc 2254/tcp
seismic p.o.c. port seispoc 2254/udp
seismic p.o.c. port vrtp 2255/tcp
vrtp - virtue transfer protocol vrtp 2255/udp
vrtp - virtue transfer protocol apc-2260 2260/tcp
apc 2260 apc-2260 2260/udp
apc 2260 xmquery 2279/tcp
xmquery xmquery 2279/udp
xmquery lnvpoller 2280/tcp
lnvpoller lnvpoller 2280/udp
lnvpoller lnvconsole 2281/tcp
lnvconsole lnvconsole 2281/udp
lnvconsole lnvalarm 2282/tcp
lnvalarm lnvalarm 2282/udp
lnvalarm lnvstatus 2283/tcp
lnvstatus lnvstatus 2283/udp
lnvstatus lnvmaps 2284/tcp
lnvmaps lnvmaps 2284/udp
lnvmaps lnvmailmon 2285/tcp
lnvmailmon lnvmailmon 2285/udp
lnvmailmon nas-metering 2286/tcp
nas-metering nas-metering 2286/udp
nas-metering dna 2287/tcp
dna dna 2287/udp
dna netml 2288/tcp
netml netml 2288/udp
netml konshus-lm 2294/tcp
konshus license manager (flex) konshus-lm 2294/udp
konshus license manager (flex) advant-lm 2295/tcp
advant license manager advant-lm 2295/udp
advant license manager theta-lm 2296/tcp
theta license manager (rainbow) theta-lm 2296/udp
theta license manager (rainbow) d2k-datamover1 2297/tcp
d2k datamover 1 d2k-datamover1 2297/udp
d2k datamover 1 d2k-datamover2 2298/tcp
d2k datamover 2 d2k-datamover2 2298/udp
d2k datamover 2 pc-telecommute 2299/tcp
pc telecommute pc-telecommute 2299/udp
pc telecommute cvmmon 2300/tcp
cvmmon cvmmon 2300/udp
cvmmon cpq-wbem 2301/tcp compaqdiag
compaq http, compaq remote diagnostic/management cpq-wbem 2301/udp
compaq http binderysupport 2302/tcp
bindery support binderysupport 2302/udp
bindery support proxy-gateway 2303/tcp
proxy gateway proxy-gateway 2303/udp
proxy gateway attachmate-uts 2304/tcp
attachmate uts attachmate-uts 2304/udp
attachmate uts mt-scaleserver 2305/tcp
mt scaleserver mt-scaleserver 2305/udp
mt scaleserver tappi-boxnet 2306/tcp
tappi boxnet tappi-boxnet 2306/udp
tappi boxnet pehelp 2307/tcp
pehelp pehelp 2307/udp
pehelp sdhelp 2308/tcp
sdhelp sdhelp 2308/udp
sdhelp sdserver 2309/tcp
sd server sdserver 2309/udp
sd server sdclient 2310/tcp
sd client sdclient 2310/udp
sd client messageservice 2311/tcp
message service messageservice 2311/udp
message service iapp 2313/tcp
iapp (inter access point protocol) iapp 2313/udp
iapp (inter access point protocol) cr-websystems 2314/tcp
cr websystems cr-websystems 2314/udp
cr websystems precise-sft 2315/tcp
precise sft. precise-sft 2315/udp
precise sft. sent-lm 2316/tcp
sent license manager sent-lm 2316/udp
sent license manager attachmate-g32 2317/tcp
attachmate g32 attachmate-g32 2317/udp
attachmate g32 cadencecontrol 2318/tcp
cadence control cadencecontrol 2318/udp
cadence control infolibria 2319/tcp
infolibria infolibria 2319/udp
infolibria siebel-ns 2320/tcp
siebel ns siebel-ns 2320/udp
siebel ns rdlap 2321/tcp
rdlap, rdlap over udp rdlap 2321/udp
rdlap ofsd 2322/tcp
ofsd ofsd 2322/udp
ofsd 3d-nfsd 2323/tcp
3d-nfsd 3d-nfsd 2323/udp
3d-nfsd cosmocall 2324/tcp
cosmocall cosmocall 2324/udp
cosmocall designspace-lm 2325/tcp
design space license management designspace-lm 2325/udp
design space license management idcp 2326/tcp
idcp idcp 2326/udp
idcp xingcsm 2327/tcp
xingcsm xingcsm 2327/udp
xingcsm netrix-sftm 2328/tcp
netrix sftm netrix-sftm 2328/udp
netrix sftm nvd 2329/tcp
nvd nvd 2329/udp
nvd tscchat 2330/tcp
tscchat tscchat 2330/udp
tscchat agentview 2331/tcp
agentview agentview 2331/udp
agentview rcc-host 2332/tcp
rcc host rcc-host 2332/udp
rcc host snapp 2333/tcp
snapp snapp 2333/udp
snapp ace-client 2334/tcp
ace client auth ace-client 2334/udp
ace client auth ace-proxy 2335/tcp
ace proxy ace-proxy 2335/udp
ace proxy appleugcontrol 2336/tcp
apple ug control appleugcontrol 2336/udp
apple ug control ideesrv 2337/tcp
ideesrv ideesrv 2337/udp
ideesrv norton-lambert 2338/tcp
norton lambert norton-lambert 2338/udp
norton lambert 3com-webview 2339/tcp
3com webview 3com-webview 2339/udp
3com webview wrs_registry 2340/tcp
wrs registry wrs_registry 2340/udp
wrs registry xiostatus 2341/tcp
xio status xiostatus 2341/udp
xio status manage-exec 2342/tcp
seagate manage exec manage-exec 2342/udp
seagate manage exec nati-logos 2343/tcp
nati logos nati-logos 2343/udp
nati logos fcmsys 2344/tcp
fcmsys fcmsys 2344/udp
fcmsys dbm 2345/tcp
dbm dbm 2345/udp
dbm redstorm_join 2346/tcp
game connection port redstorm_join 2346/udp
game connection port redstorm_find 2347/tcp
game announcement and location redstorm_find 2347/udp
game announcement and location redstorm_info 2348/tcp
information to query for game status redstorm_info 2348/udp
information to query for game status redstorm_diag 2349/tcp
diagnostics port redstorm_diag 2349/udp
disgnostics port, diagnostics port psbserver 2350/tcp
psbserver psbserver 2350/udp
psbserver psrserver 2351/tcp
psrserver psrserver 2351/udp
psrserver pslserver 2352/tcp
pslserver pslserver 2352/udp
pslserver pspserver 2353/tcp
pspserver pspserver 2353/udp
pspserver psprserver 2354/tcp
psprserver psprserver 2354/udp
psprserver psdbserver 2355/tcp
psdbserver psdbserver 2355/udp
psdbserver gxtelmd 2356/tcp
gxt license managemant gxtelmd 2356/udp
gxt license managemant unihub-server 2357/tcp
unihub server unihub-server 2357/udp
unihub server futrix 2358/tcp
futrix futrix 2358/udp
futrix flukeserver 2359/tcp
flukeserver flukeserver 2359/udp
flukeserver nexstorindltd 2360/tcp
nexstorindltd nexstorindltd 2360/udp
nexstorindltd tl1 2361/tcp
tl1 tl1 2361/udp
tl1 digiman 2362/tcp
digiman digiman 2362/udp
digiman mediacntrlnfsd 2363/tcp
media central nfsd mediacntrlnfsd 2363/udp
media central nfsd oi-2000 2364/tcp
oi-2000 oi-2000 2364/udp
oi-2000 dbref 2365/tcp
dbref dbref 2365/udp
dbref qip-login 2366/tcp
qip-login qip-login 2366/udp
qip-login service-ctrl 2367/tcp
service control service-ctrl 2367/udp
service control opentable 2368/tcp
opentable opentable 2368/udp
opentable acs2000-dsp 2369/tcp
acs2000 dsp acs2000-dsp 2369/udp
acs2000 dsp l3-hbmon 2370/tcp
l3-hbmon l3-hbmon 2370/udp
l3-hbmon worldwire 2371/tcp
compaq worldwire port worldwire 2371/udp
compaq worldwire port compaq-https 2381/tcp
compaq https compaq-https 2381/udp
compaq https ms-olap3 2382/tcp
microsoft olap ms-olap3 2382/udp
microsoft olap ms-olap4 2383/tcp
microsoft olap ms-olap4 2383/udp
microsoft olap sd-request 2384/tcp
sd-request sd-capacity 2384/udp
sd-capacity sd-data 2385/tcp
sd-data sd-data 2385/udp
sd-data virtualtape 2386/tcp
virtual tape virtualtape 2386/udp
virtual tape vsamredirector 2387/tcp
vsam redirector vsamredirector 2387/udp
vsam redirector mynahautostart 2388/tcp
mynah autostart mynahautostart 2388/udp
mynah autostart ovsessionmgr 2389/tcp
openview session mgr ovsessionmgr 2389/udp
openview session mgr rsmtp 2390/tcp
rsmtp rsmtp 2390/udp
rsmtp 3com-net-mgmt 2391/tcp
3com net management 3com-net-mgmt 2391/udp
3com net management tacticalauth 2392/tcp
tactical auth tacticalauth 2392/udp
tactical auth ms-olap1 2393/tcp
ms olap 1 ms-olap1 2393/udp
ms olap 1 ms-olap2 2394/tcp
ms olap 2 ms-olap2 2394/udp
ma olap 2, ms olap 2 lan900_remote 2395/tcp
lan900 remote lan900_remote 2395/udp
lan900 remote wusage 2396/tcp
wusage wusage 2396/udp
wusage ncl 2397/tcp
ncl ncl 2397/udp
ncl orbiter 2398/tcp
orbiter orbiter 2398/udp
orbiter fmpro-fdal 2399/tcp
filemaker, inc. - data access layer fmpro-fdal 2399/udp
filemaker, inc. - data access layer opequus-server 2400/tcp
opequus server opequus-server 2400/udp
opequus server cvspserver 2401/tcp
cvs network server, cvs pserver, cvspserver cvspserver 2401/udp
cvs network server, cvspserver taskmaster2000 2402/tcp
taskmaster 2000 server taskmaster2000 2402/udp
taskmaster 2000 server taskmaster2000 2403/tcp
taskmaster 2000 web taskmaster2000 2403/udp
taskmaster 2000 web iec-104 2404/tcp iec870-5-104
iec870-5-104, iec 60870-5-104 process control over ip iec-104 2404/udp iec870-5-104
iec870-5-104, iec 60870-5-104 process control over ip trc-netpoll 2405/tcp
trc netpoll trc-netpoll 2405/udp
trc netpoll jediserver 2406/tcp
jediserver jediserver 2406/udp
jediserver orion 2407/tcp
orion orion 2407/udp
orion optimanet 2408/tcp
optimanet optimanet 2408/udp
optimanet sns-protocol 2409/tcp
sns protocol sns-protocol 2409/udp
sns protocol vrts-registry 2410/tcp
vrts registry vrts-registry 2410/udp
vrts registry netwave-ap-mgmt 2411/tcp
netwave ap management netwave-ap-mgmt 2411/udp
netwave ap management cdn 2412/tcp
cdn cdn 2412/udp
cdn orion-rmi-reg 2413/tcp
orion-rmi-reg orion-rmi-reg 2413/udp
orion-rmi-reg beeyond 2414/tcp interlingua
interlingua, beeyond beeyond 2414/udp interlingua
interlingua, beeyond codima-rtp 2415/tcp comtest
comtest, codima remote transaction protocol codima-rtp 2415/udp comtest
comtest, codima remote transaction protocol rmtserver 2416/tcp
rmt server rmtserver 2416/udp
rmt server composit-server 2417/tcp
composit server composit-server 2417/udp
composit server cas 2418/tcp
cas cas 2418/udp
cas attachmate-s2s 2419/tcp
attachmate s2s attachmate-s2s 2419/udp
attachmate s2s dslremote-mgmt 2420/tcp
dsl remote management dslremote-mgmt 2420/udp
dsl remote management g-talk 2421/tcp
g-talk g-talk 2421/udp
g-talk crmsbits 2422/tcp
crmsbits crmsbits 2422/udp
crmsbits rnrp 2423/tcp
rnrp rnrp 2423/udp
rnrp kofax-svr 2424/tcp
kofax-svr kofax-svr 2424/udp
kofax-svr fjitsuappmgr 2425/tcp
fujitsu app manager fjitsuappmgr 2425/udp
fujitsu app manager applianttcp 2426/tcp
appliant tcp appliantudp 2426/udp
appliant udp mgcp-gateway 2427/tcp stgcp
simple telephony gateway control protocol, media gateway control protocol gateway mgcp-gateway 2427/udp stgcp
simple telephony gateway control protocol, media gateway control protocol gateway ott 2428/tcp
one way trip time ott 2428/udp
one way trip time ft-role 2429/tcp
ft-role ft-role 2429/udp
ft-role venus 2430/tcp
codacon port, venus venus 2430/udp
venus, venus callback/wbc interface venus-se 2431/tcp
tcp side effects, venus-se venus-se 2431/udp
udp sftp side effect, venus-se codasrv 2432/tcp
codasrv, not used codasrv 2432/udp
codasrv, server port codasrv-se 2433/tcp
codasrv-se, tcp side effects codasrv-se 2433/udp
udp sftp side effect, codasrv-se pxc-epmap 2434/tcp
pxc-epmap pxc-epmap 2434/udp
pxc-epmap optilogic 2435/tcp
optilogic optilogic 2435/udp
optilogic topx 2436/tcp
top/x topx 2436/udp
top/x unicontrol 2437/tcp
unicontrol unicontrol 2437/udp
unicontrol msp 2438/tcp
msp msp 2438/udp
msp sybasedbsynch 2439/tcp
sybasedbsynch sybasedbsynch 2439/udp
sybasedbsynch spearway 2440/tcp
spearway lockers spearway 2440/udp
spearway lockser, spearway lockers pvsw-inet 2441/tcp
pvsw-inet, pervasive i*net data server pvsw-inet 2441/udp
pvsw-inet, pervasive i*net data server netangel 2442/tcp
netangel netangel 2442/udp
netangel powerclientcsf 2443/tcp
powerclient central storage facility powerclientcsf 2443/udp
powerclient central storage facility btpp2sectrans 2444/tcp
bt pp2 sectrans btpp2sectrans 2444/udp
bt pp2 sectrans dtn1 2445/tcp
dtn1 dtn1 2445/udp
dtn1 bues_service 2446/tcp
bues_service bues_service 2446/udp
bues_service ovwdb 2447/tcp
openview nnm daemon ovwdb 2447/udp
openview nnm daemon hpppssvr 2448/tcp
hpppsvr hpppssvr 2448/udp
hpppsvr ratl 2449/tcp
ratl ratl 2449/udp
ratl netadmin 2450/tcp
netadmin netadmin 2450/udp
netadmin netchat 2451/tcp
netchat netchat 2451/udp
netchat snifferclient 2452/tcp
snifferclient snifferclient 2452/udp
snifferclient madge-om 2453/tcp
madge-om madge-om 2453/udp
madge-om indx-dds 2454/tcp
indx-dds indx-dds 2454/udp
indx-dds wago-io-system 2455/tcp
wago-io-system wago-io-system 2455/udp
wago-io-system altav-remmgt 2456/tcp
altav-remmgt altav-remmgt 2456/udp
altav-remmgt rapido-ip 2457/tcp
rapido_ip rapido-ip 2457/udp
rapido_ip griffin 2458/tcp
griffin griffin 2458/udp
griffin community 2459/tcp
community community 2459/udp
community ms-theater 2460/tcp
ms-theater ms-theater 2460/udp
ms-theater qadmifoper 2461/tcp
qadmifoper qadmifoper 2461/udp
qadmifoper qadmifevent 2462/tcp
qadmifevent qadmifevent 2462/udp
qadmifevent symbios-raid 2463/tcp
symbios raid symbios-raid 2463/udp
symbios raid direcpc-si 2464/tcp
direcpc si direcpc-si 2464/udp
direcpc si lbm 2465/tcp
load balance management lbm 2465/udp
load balance management lbf 2466/tcp
load balance forwarding lbf 2466/udp
load balance forwarding high-criteria 2467/tcp
high criteria high-criteria 2467/udp
high criteria qip-msgd 2468/tcp qip_msgd
qip_msgd qip-msgd 2468/udp qip_msgd
qip_msgd mti-tcs-comm 2469/tcp
mti-tcs-comm mti-tcs-comm 2469/udp
mti-tcs-comm taskman-port 2470/tcp taskman_port
taskman port taskman-port 2470/udp taskman_port
taskman port seaodbc 2471/tcp
seaodbc seaodbc 2471/udp
seaodbc c3 2472/tcp
c3 c3 2472/udp
c3 aker-cdp 2473/tcp
aker-cdp aker-cdp 2473/udp
aker-cdp vitalanalysis 2474/tcp
vital analysis vitalanalysis 2474/udp
vital analysis ace-server 2475/tcp
ace server ace-server 2475/udp
ace server ace-svr-prop 2476/tcp
ace server propagation ace-svr-prop 2476/udp
ace server propagation ssm-cvs 2477/tcp
secursight certificate valifation service ssm-cvs 2477/udp
secursight certificate valifation service ssm-cssps 2478/tcp
secursight authentication server (ssl), secursight authentication server (sll) ssm-cssps 2478/udp
secursight authentication server (ssl) ssm-els 2479/tcp
secursight event logging server (ssl) ssm-els 2479/udp
secursight event logging server (ssl) lingwood 2480/tcp
lingwood's detail lingwood 2480/udp
lingwood's detail giop 2481/tcp
oracle giop giop 2481/udp
oracle giop giop-ssl 2482/tcp
oracle giop ssl giop-ssl 2482/udp
oracle giop ssl ttc 2483/tcp
oracle ttc ttc 2483/udp
oracle ttc, oracel ttc ttc-ssl 2484/tcp
oracle ttc ssl ttc-ssl 2484/udp
oracle ttc ssl netobjects1 2485/tcp
net objects1 netobjects1 2485/udp
net objects1 netobjects2 2486/tcp
net objects2 netobjects2 2486/udp
net objects2 pns 2487/tcp
policy notice service pns 2487/udp
policy notice service moy-corp 2488/tcp
moy corporation moy-corp 2488/udp
moy corporation tsilb 2489/tcp
tsilb tsilb 2489/udp
tsilb qip-qdhcp 2490/tcp qip_qdhcp
qip_qdhcp qip-qdhcp 2490/udp qip_qdhcp
qip_qdhcp conclave-cpp 2491/tcp
conclave cpp conclave-cpp 2491/udp
conclave cpp groove 2492/tcp
groove groove 2492/udp
groove talarian-mqs 2493/tcp
talarian mqs talarian-mqs 2493/udp
talarian mqs bmc-ar 2494/tcp
bmc ar bmc-ar 2494/udp
bmc ar fast-rem-serv 2495/tcp
fast remote services fast-rem-serv 2495/udp
fast remote services dirgis 2496/tcp
dirgis dirgis 2496/udp
dirgis quaddb 2497/tcp
quad db quaddb 2497/udp
quad db odn-castraq 2498/tcp
odn-castraq odn-castraq 2498/udp
odn-castraq unicontrol 2499/tcp
unicontrol unicontrol 2499/udp
unicontrol rtsserv 2500/tcp
resource tracking system server rtsserv 2500/udp
resource tracking system server rtsclient 2501/tcp
resource tracking system client rtsclient 2501/udp
resource tracking system client kentrox-prot 2502/tcp
kentrox protocol kentrox-prot 2502/udp
kentrox protocol nms-dpnss 2503/tcp
nms-dpnss nms-dpnss 2503/udp
nms-dpnss wlbs 2504/tcp
wlbs wlbs 2504/udp
wlbs torque-traffic 2505/tcp
torque-traffic torque-traffic 2505/udp
torque-traffic jbroker 2506/tcp
jbroker jbroker 2506/udp
jbroker spock 2507/tcp
spock spock 2507/udp
spock jdatastore 2508/tcp datastore
jdatastore, datastore jdatastore 2508/udp datastore
jdatastore, datastore fjmpss 2509/tcp
fjmpss fjmpss 2509/udp
fjmpss fjappmgrbulk 2510/tcp
fjappmgrbulk fjappmgrbulk 2510/udp
fjappmgrbulk metastorm 2511/tcp
metastorm metastorm 2511/udp
metastorm citrixima 2512/tcp
citrix ima citrixima 2512/udp
citrix ima citrixadmin 2513/tcp
citrix admin citrixadmin 2513/udp
citrix admin facsys-ntp 2514/tcp
facsys ntp facsys-ntp 2514/udp
facsys ntp facsys-router 2515/tcp
facsys router facsys-router 2515/udp
facsys router maincontrol 2516/tcp
main control maincontrol 2516/udp
main control call-sig-trans 2517/tcp
call signalling transport, h.323 annex e call signaling transport call-sig-trans 2517/udp
call signalling transport, h.323 annex e call signaling transport willy 2518/tcp
willy willy 2518/udp
willy globmsgsvc 2519/tcp
globmsgsvc globmsgsvc 2519/udp
globmsgsvc pvsw 2520/tcp
pvsw, pervasive listener pvsw 2520/udp
pvsw, pervasive listener adaptecmgr 2521/tcp
adaptec manager adaptecmgr 2521/udp
adaptec manager windb 2522/tcp
windb windb 2522/udp
windb qke-llc-v3 2523/tcp
qke llc v.3 qke-llc-v3 2523/udp
qke llc v.3 optiwave-lm 2524/tcp
optiwave license management optiwave-lm 2524/udp
optiwave license management ms-v-worlds 2525/tcp
ms v-worlds ms-v-worlds 2525/udp
ms v-worlds ema-sent-lm 2526/tcp
ema license manager ema-sent-lm 2526/udp
ema license manager iqserver 2527/tcp
iq server iqserver 2527/udp
iq server ncr_ccl 2528/tcp
ncr ccl ncr_ccl 2528/udp
ncr ccl utsftp 2529/tcp
uts ftp utsftp 2529/udp
uts ftp vrcommerce 2530/tcp
vr commerce vrcommerce 2530/udp
vr commerce ito-e-gui 2531/tcp
ito-e gui ito-e-gui 2531/udp
ito-e gui ovtopmd 2532/tcp
ovtopmd ovtopmd 2532/udp
ovtopmd snifferserver 2533/tcp
snifferserver snifferserver 2533/udp
snifferserver combox-web-acc 2534/tcp
combox web access combox-web-acc 2534/udp
combox web access madcap 2535/tcp mdhcp
madcap, mdhcp madcap 2535/udp mdhcp
madcap, mdhcp btpp2audctr1 2536/tcp
btpp2audctr1 btpp2audctr1 2536/udp
btpp2audctr1 upgrade 2537/tcp
upgrade protocol upgrade 2537/udp
upgrade protocol vnwk-prapi 2538/tcp
vnwk-prapi vnwk-prapi 2538/udp
vnwk-prapi vsiadmin 2539/tcp
vsi admin vsiadmin 2539/udp
vsi admin lonworks 2540/tcp
lonworks lonworks 2540/udp
lonworks lonworks2 2541/tcp
lonworks2 lonworks2 2541/udp
lonworks2 davinci 2542/tcp
davinci, davinci presenter davinci 2542/udp
davinci, davinci presenter reftek 2543/tcp
reftek reftek 2543/udp
reftek novell-zen 2544/tcp
novell zen novell-zen 2544/udp
novell zen sis-emt 2545/tcp
sis-emt sis-emt 2545/udp
sis-emt vytalvaultbrtp 2546/tcp
vytalvaultbrtp vytalvaultbrtp 2546/udp
vytalvaultbrtp vytalvaultvsmp 2547/tcp
vytalvaultvsmp vytalvaultvsmp 2547/udp
vytalvaultvsmp vytalvaultpipe 2548/tcp
vytalvaultpipe vytalvaultpipe 2548/udp
vytalvaultpipe ipass 2549/tcp
ipass ipass 2549/udp
ipass ads 2550/tcp
ads ads 2550/udp
ads isg-uda-server 2551/tcp
isg uda server isg-uda-server 2551/udp
isg uda server call-logging 2552/tcp
call logging call-logging 2552/udp
call logging efidiningport 2553/tcp
efidiningport efidiningport 2553/udp
efidiningport vcnet-link-v10 2554/tcp
vcnet-link v10 vcnet-link-v10 2554/udp
vcnet-link v10 compaq-wcp 2555/tcp
compaq wcp compaq-wcp 2555/udp
compaq wcp nicetec-nmsvc 2556/tcp
nicetec-nmsvc nicetec-nmsvc 2556/udp
nicetec-nmsvc nicetec-mgmt 2557/tcp
nicetec-mgmt nicetec-mgmt 2557/udp
nicetec-mgmt pclemultimedia 2558/tcp
pcle multi media pclemultimedia 2558/udp
pcle multi media lstp 2559/tcp
lstp lstp 2559/udp
lstp labrat 2560/tcp
labrat labrat 2560/udp
labrat mosaixcc 2561/tcp
mosaixcc mosaixcc 2561/udp
mosaixcc delibo 2562/tcp
delibo delibo 2562/udp
delibo cti-redwood 2563/tcp
cti redwood cti-redwood 2563/udp
cti redwood hp-3000-telnet 2564/tcp
hp 3000 ns/vt block mode telnet coord-svr 2565/tcp
coordinator server coord-svr 2565/udp
coordinator server pcs-pcw 2566/tcp
pcs-pcw pcs-pcw 2566/udp
pcs-pcw clp 2567/tcp
cisco line protocol clp 2567/udp
cisco line protocol spamtrap 2568/tcp
spam trap spamtrap 2568/udp
spam trap sonuscallsig 2569/tcp
sonus call signal sonuscallsig 2569/udp
sonus call signal hs-port 2570/tcp
hs port hs-port 2570/udp
hs port cecsvc 2571/tcp
cecsvc cecsvc 2571/udp
cecsvc ibp 2572/tcp
ibp ibp 2572/udp
ibp trustestablish 2573/tcp
trust establish trustestablish 2573/udp
trust establish blockade-bpsp 2574/tcp
blockade bpsp blockade-bpsp 2574/udp
blockade bpsp hl7 2575/tcp
hl7 hl7 2575/udp
hl7 tclprodebugger 2576/tcp
tcl pro debugger tclprodebugger 2576/udp
tcl pro debugger scipticslsrvr 2577/tcp
scriptics lsrvr scipticslsrvr 2577/udp
scriptics lsrvr rvs-isdn-dcp 2578/tcp
rvs isdn dcp rvs-isdn-dcp 2578/udp
rvs isdn dcp mpfoncl 2579/tcp
mpfoncl mpfoncl 2579/udp
mpfoncl tributary 2580/tcp
tributay, tributary tributary 2580/udp
tributary argis-te 2581/tcp
argis te argis-te 2581/udp
argis te argis-ds 2582/tcp
argis ds argis-ds 2582/udp
argis ds mon 2583/tcp
mon mon 2583/udp
mon cyaserv 2584/tcp
cyaserv cyaserv 2584/udp
cyaserv netx-server 2585/tcp
netx server netx-server 2585/udp
netx server netx-agent 2586/tcp
netx agent netx-agent 2586/udp
netx agent masc 2587/tcp
masc masc 2587/udp
masc privilege 2588/tcp
privilege privilege 2588/udp
privilege quartus-tcl 2589/tcp
quartus tcl quartus-tcl 2589/udp
quartus tcl idotdist 2590/tcp
idotdist idotdist 2590/udp
idotdist maytagshuffle 2591/tcp
maytag shuffle maytagshuffle 2591/udp
maytag shuffle netrek 2592/tcp
netrek netrek 2592/udp
netrek mns-mail 2593/tcp
mns mail notice service mns-mail 2593/udp
mns mail notice service dts 2594/tcp
data base server dts 2594/udp
data base server worldfusion1 2595/tcp
world fusion 1 worldfusion1 2595/udp
world fusion 1 worldfusion2 2596/tcp
world fusion 2 worldfusion2 2596/udp
world fusion 2 homesteadglory 2597/tcp
homestead glory homesteadglory 2597/udp
homestead glory citriximaclient 2598/tcp
citrix ma client citriximaclient 2598/udp
citrix ma client snapd 2599/tcp
snap discovery snapd 2599/udp
snap discovery hpstgmgr 2600/tcp zebrasrv
hpstgmgr, zebra service hpstgmgr 2600/udp
hpstgmgr discp-client 2601/tcp zebra
zebra vty, discp client discp-client 2601/udp
discp client discp-server 2602/tcp ripd
discp server, ripd vty discp-server 2602/udp
discp server servicemeter 2603/tcp ripngd
ripngd vty, service meter servicemeter 2603/udp
service meter nsc-ccs 2604/tcp ospfd
nsc ccs, ospfd vty nsc-ccs 2604/udp
nsc ccs nsc-posa 2605/tcp bgpd
bgpd vty, nsc posa nsc-posa 2605/udp
nsc posa netmon 2606/tcp ospf6d
ospf6d vty, dell netmon netmon 2606/udp
dell netmon connection 2607/tcp
dell connection connection 2607/udp
dell connection wag-service 2608/tcp
wag service wag-service 2608/udp
wag service system-monitor 2609/tcp
system monitor system-monitor 2609/udp
system monitor versa-tek 2610/tcp
versatek versa-tek 2610/udp
versatek lionhead 2611/tcp
lionhead lionhead 2611/udp
lionhead qpasa-agent 2612/tcp
qpasa agent qpasa-agent 2612/udp
qpasa agent smntubootstrap 2613/tcp
smntubootstrap smntubootstrap 2613/udp
smntubootstrap neveroffline 2614/tcp
never offline neveroffline 2614/udp
never offline firepower 2615/tcp
firepower firepower 2615/udp
firepower appswitch-emp 2616/tcp
appswitch-emp appswitch-emp 2616/udp
appswitch-emp cmadmin 2617/tcp
clinical context managers cmadmin 2617/udp
clinical context managers priority-e-com 2618/tcp
priority e-com priority-e-com 2618/udp
priority e-com bruce 2619/tcp
bruce bruce 2619/udp
bruce lpsrecommender 2620/tcp
lpsrecommender lpsrecommender 2620/udp
lpsrecommender miles-apart 2621/tcp
miles apart jukebox server miles-apart 2621/udp
miles apart jukebox server metricadbc 2622/tcp
metricadbc metricadbc 2622/udp
metricadbc lmdp 2623/tcp
lmdp lmdp 2623/udp
lmdp aria 2624/tcp
aria aria 2624/udp
aria blwnkl-port 2625/tcp
blwnkl port blwnkl-port 2625/udp
blwnkl port gbjd816 2626/tcp
gbjd816 gbjd816 2626/udp
gbjd816 moshebeeri 2627/tcp webster
network dictionary, moshe beeri moshebeeri 2627/udp webster
moshe beeri dict 2628/tcp
rfc 2229, dict dict 2628/udp
rfc 2229, dict sitaraserver 2629/tcp
sitara server sitaraserver 2629/udp
sitara server sitaramgmt 2630/tcp
sitara management sitaramgmt 2630/udp
sitara management sitaradir 2631/tcp
sitara dir sitaradir 2631/udp
sitara dir irdg-post 2632/tcp
irdg post irdg-post 2632/udp
irdg post interintelli 2633/tcp
interintelli interintelli 2633/udp
interintelli pk-electronics 2634/tcp
pk electronics pk-electronics 2634/udp
pk electronics backburner 2635/tcp
back burner backburner 2635/udp
back burner solve 2636/tcp
solve solve 2636/udp
solve imdocsvc 2637/tcp
import document service imdocsvc 2637/udp
import document service sybaseanywhere 2638/tcp sybase
sybase database, sybase anywhere sybaseanywhere 2638/udp
sybase anywhere aminet 2639/tcp
aminet aminet 2639/udp
aminet sai_sentlm 2640/tcp
sabbagh associates licence manager sai_sentlm 2640/udp
sabbagh associates licence manager hdl-srv 2641/tcp
hdl server hdl-srv 2641/udp
hdl server tragic 2642/tcp
tragic tragic 2642/udp
tragic gte-samp 2643/tcp
gte-samp gte-samp 2643/udp
gte-samp travsoft-ipx-t 2644/tcp
travsoft ipx tunnel travsoft-ipx-t 2644/udp
travsoft ipx tunnel novell-ipx-cmd 2645/tcp
novell ipx cmd novell-ipx-cmd 2645/udp
novell ipx cmd and-lm 2646/tcp
and licence manager, and license manager and-lm 2646/udp
and license manager syncserver 2647/tcp
syncserver syncserver 2647/udp
syncserver upsnotifyprot 2648/tcp
upsnotifyprot upsnotifyprot 2648/udp
upsnotifyprot vpsipport 2649/tcp
vpsipport vpsipport 2649/udp
vpsipport eristwoguns 2650/tcp
eristwoguns eristwoguns 2650/udp
eristwoguns ebinsite 2651/tcp
ebinsite ebinsite 2651/udp
ebinsite interpathpanel 2652/tcp
interpathpanel interpathpanel 2652/udp
interpathpanel sonus 2653/tcp
sonus sonus 2653/udp
sonus corel_vncadmin 2654/tcp
corel vnc admin corel_vncadmin 2654/udp
corel vnc admin unglue 2655/tcp
unix nt glue unglue 2655/udp
unix nt glue kana 2656/tcp
kana kana 2656/udp
kana sns-dispatcher 2657/tcp
sns dispatcher sns-dispatcher 2657/udp
sns dispatcher sns-admin 2658/tcp
sns admin sns-admin 2658/udp
sns admin sns-query 2659/tcp
sns query sns-query 2659/udp
sns query gcmonitor 2660/tcp
gc monitor gcmonitor 2660/udp
gc monitor olhost 2661/tcp
olhost olhost 2661/udp
olhost bintec-capi 2662/tcp
bintec-capi bintec-capi 2662/udp
bintec-capi bintec-tapi 2663/tcp
bintec-tapi bintec-tapi 2663/udp
bintec-tapi patrol-mq-gm 2664/tcp command-mq-gm
patrol for mq gm, command mq gm patrol-mq-gm 2664/udp command-mq-gm
patrol for mq gm, command mq gm patrol-mq-nm 2665/tcp command-mq-pm
command mq pm, patrol for mq nm patrol-mq-nm 2665/udp command-mq-pm
command mq pm, patrol for mq nm extensis 2666/tcp
extensis extensis 2666/udp
extensis alarm-clock-s 2667/tcp
alarm clock server alarm-clock-s 2667/udp
alarm clock server alarm-clock-c 2668/tcp
alarm clock client alarm-clock-c 2668/udp
alarm clock client toad 2669/tcp
toad toad 2669/udp
toad tve-announce 2670/tcp
tve announce tve-announce 2670/udp
tve announce newlixreg 2671/tcp
newlixreg newlixreg 2671/udp
newlixreg nhserver 2672/tcp
nhserver nhserver 2672/udp
nhserver firstcall42 2673/tcp
first call 42 firstcall42 2673/udp
first call 42 ewnn 2674/tcp
ewnn ewnn 2674/udp
ewnn ttc-etap 2675/tcp
ttc etap ttc-etap 2675/udp
ttc etap simslink 2676/tcp
simslink simslink 2676/udp
simslink gadgetgate1way 2677/tcp
gadget gate 1 way gadgetgate1way 2677/udp
gadget gate 1 way gadgetgate2way 2678/tcp
gadget gate 2 way gadgetgate2way 2678/udp
gadget gate 2 way syncserverssl 2679/tcp
sync server ssl syncserverssl 2679/udp
sync server ssl pxc-sapxom 2680/tcp
pxc-sapxom pxc-sapxom 2680/udp
pxc-sapxom mpnjsomb 2681/tcp
mpnjsomb mpnjsomb 2681/udp
mpnjsomb srsp 2682/tcp
srsp srsp 2682/udp
srsp ncdloadbalance 2683/tcp
ncdloadbalance ncdloadbalance 2683/udp
ncdloadbalance mpnjsosv 2684/tcp
mpnjsosv mpnjsosv 2684/udp
mpnjsosv mpnjsocl 2685/tcp
mpnjsocl mpnjsocl 2685/udp
mpnjsocl mpnjsomg 2686/tcp
mpnjsomg mpnjsomg 2686/udp
mpnjsomg pq-lic-mgmt 2687/tcp
pq-lic-mgmt pq-lic-mgmt 2687/udp
pq-lic-mgmt md-cg-http 2688/tcp
md-cf-http md-cg-http 2688/udp
md-cf-http fastlynx 2689/tcp
fastlynx fastlynx 2689/udp
fastlynx hp-nnm-data 2690/tcp
hp nnm embedded database hp-nnm-data 2690/udp
hp nnm embedded database itinternet 2691/tcp
itinternet ism server itinternet 2691/udp
itinternet ism server admins-lms 2692/tcp
admins lms admins-lms 2692/udp
admins lms belarc-http 2693/tcp
belarc-http belarc-http 2693/udp
belarc-http pwrsevent 2694/tcp
pwrsevent pwrsevent 2694/udp
pwrsevent vspread 2695/tcp
vspread vspread 2695/udp
vspread unifyadmin 2696/tcp
unify admin unifyadmin 2696/udp
unify admin oce-snmp-trap 2697/tcp
oce snmp trap port oce-snmp-trap 2697/udp
oce snmp trap port mck-ivpip 2698/tcp
mck-ivpip mck-ivpip 2698/udp
mck-ivpip csoft-plusclnt 2699/tcp
csoft plus client csoft-plusclnt 2699/udp
csoft plus client tqdata 2700/tcp
tqdata tqdata 2700/udp
tqdata sms-rcinfo 2701/tcp
sms rcinfo sms-rcinfo 2701/udp
sms rcinfo sms-xfer 2702/tcp
sms xfer sms-xfer 2702/udp
sms xfer sms-chat 2703/tcp
sms chat sms-chat 2703/udp
sms chat sms-remctrl 2704/tcp
sms remctrl sms-remctrl 2704/udp
sms remctrl sds-admin 2705/tcp
sds admin sds-admin 2705/udp
sds admin ncdmirroring 2706/tcp
ncd mirroring ncdmirroring 2706/udp
ncd mirroring emcsymapiport 2707/tcp
emcsymapiport emcsymapiport 2707/udp
emcsymapiport banyan-net 2708/tcp
banyan-net banyan-net 2708/udp
banyan-net supermon 2709/tcp
supermon supermon 2709/udp
supermon sso-service 2710/tcp
sso service sso-service 2710/udp
sso service sso-control 2711/tcp
sso control sso-control 2711/udp
sso control aocp 2712/tcp
axapta object communication protocol aocp 2712/udp
axapta object communication protocol raven1 2713/tcp
raven1 raven1 2713/udp
raven1 raven2 2714/tcp
raven2 raven2 2714/udp
raven2 hpstgmgr2 2715/tcp
hpstgmgr2 hpstgmgr2 2715/udp
hpstgmgr2 inova-ip-disco 2716/tcp
inova ip disco inova-ip-disco 2716/udp
inova ip disco pn-requester 2717/tcp
pn requester pn-requester 2717/udp
pn requester pn-requester2 2718/tcp
pn requester 2 pn-requester2 2718/udp
pn requester 2 scan-change 2719/tcp
scan & change scan-change 2719/udp
scan & change wkars 2720/tcp
wkars wkars 2720/udp
wkars smart-diagnose 2721/tcp
smart diagnose smart-diagnose 2721/udp
smart diagnose proactivesrvr 2722/tcp
proactive server proactivesrvr 2722/udp
proactive server watchdognt 2723/tcp
watchdog nt watchdognt 2723/udp
watchdog nt qotps 2724/tcp
qotps qotps 2724/udp
qotps msolap-ptp2 2725/tcp
msolap ptp2 msolap-ptp2 2725/udp
msolap ptp2 tams 2726/tcp
tams tams 2726/udp
tams mgcp-callagent 2727/tcp
media gateway control protocol call agent mgcp-callagent 2727/udp
media gateway control protocol call agent sqdr 2728/tcp
sqdr sqdr 2728/udp
sqdr tcim-control 2729/tcp
tcim control tcim-control 2729/udp
tcim control nec-raidplus 2730/tcp
nec raidplus nec-raidplus 2730/udp
nec raidplus fyre-messanger 2731/tcp
fyre messanger fyre-messanger 2731/udp
fyre messagner g5m 2732/tcp
g5m g5m 2732/udp
g5m signet-ctf 2733/tcp
signet ctf signet-ctf 2733/udp
signet ctf ccs-software 2734/tcp
ccs software ccs-software 2734/udp
ccs software netiq-mc 2735/tcp
netiq monitor console netiq-mc 2735/udp
netiq monitor console radwiz-nms-srv 2736/tcp
radwiz nms srv radwiz-nms-srv 2736/udp
radwiz nms srv srp-feedback 2737/tcp
srp feedback srp-feedback 2737/udp
srp feedback ndl-tcp-ois-gw 2738/tcp
ndl tcp-osi gateway ndl-tcp-ois-gw 2738/udp
ndl tcp-osi gateway tn-timing 2739/tcp
tn timing tn-timing 2739/udp
tn timing alarm 2740/tcp
alarm alarm 2740/udp
alarm tsb 2741/tcp
tsb tsb 2741/udp
tsb tsb2 2742/tcp
tsb2 tsb2 2742/udp
tsb2 murx 2743/tcp
murx murx 2743/udp
murx honyaku 2744/tcp
honyaku honyaku 2744/udp
honyaku urbisnet 2745/tcp
urbisnet urbisnet 2745/udp
urbisnet cpudpencap 2746/tcp
cpudpencap cpudpencap 2746/udp
cpudpencap fjippol-swrly 2747/tcp fjippol-swrly 2747/udp fjippol-polsvr 2748/tcp fjippol-polsvr 2748/udp fjippol-cnsl 2749/tcp fjippol-cnsl 2749/udp fjippol-port1 2750/tcp fjippol-port1 2750/udp fjippol-port2 2751/tcp fjippol-port2 2751/udp rsisysaccess 2752/tcp
rsisys access rsisysaccess 2752/udp
rsisys access de-spot 2753/tcp
de-spot de-spot 2753/udp
de-spot apollo-cc 2754/tcp
apollo cc apollo-cc 2754/udp
apollo cc expresspay 2755/tcp
express pay expresspay 2755/udp
express pay simplement-tie 2756/tcp
simplement-tie simplement-tie 2756/udp
simplement-tie cnrp 2757/tcp
cnrp cnrp 2757/udp
cnrp apollo-status 2758/tcp
apollo status apollo-status 2758/udp
apollo status apollo-gms 2759/tcp
apollo gms apollo-gms 2759/udp
apollo gms sabams 2760/tcp
saba ms sabams 2760/udp
saba ms dicom-iscl 2761/tcp
dicom iscl dicom-iscl 2761/udp
dicom iscl dicom-tls 2762/tcp
dicom tls dicom-tls 2762/udp
dicom tls desktop-dna 2763/tcp
desktop dna desktop-dna 2763/udp
desktop dna data-insurance 2764/tcp
data insurance data-insurance 2764/udp
data insurance qip-audup 2765/tcp
qip-audup qip-audup 2765/udp
qip-audup compaq-scp 2766/tcp listen
compaq scp, system v listener port compaq-scp 2766/udp
compaq scp uadtc 2767/tcp
uadtc uadtc 2767/udp
uadtc uacs 2768/tcp
uacs uacs 2768/udp
uacs exce 2769/tcp
exce exce 2769/udp
exce veronica 2770/tcp
veronica veronica 2770/udp
veronica vergencecm 2771/tcp
vergence cm vergencecm 2771/udp
vergence cm auris 2772/tcp
auris auris 2772/udp
auris rbakcup1 2773/tcp
rbackup remote backup rbakcup1 2773/udp
rbackup remote backup rbakcup2 2774/tcp
rbackup remote backup rbakcup2 2774/udp
rbackup remote backup smpp 2775/tcp
smpp smpp 2775/udp
smpp ridgeway1 2776/tcp
ridgeway systems & software ridgeway1 2776/udp
ridgeway systems & software ridgeway2 2777/tcp
ridgeway systems & software ridgeway2 2777/udp
ridgeway systems & software gwen-sonya 2778/tcp
gwen-sonya gwen-sonya 2778/udp
gwen-sonya lbc-sync 2779/tcp
lbc sync lbc-sync 2779/udp
lbc sync lbc-control 2780/tcp
lbc control lbc-control 2780/udp
lbc control whosells 2781/tcp
whosells whosells 2781/udp
whosells everydayrc 2782/tcp
everydayrc everydayrc 2782/udp
everydayrc aises 2783/tcp
aises aises 2783/udp
aises www-dev 2784/tcp
world wide web - development www-dev 2784/udp
world wide web - development aic-np 2785/tcp
aic-np aic-np 2785/udp
aic-np aic-oncrpc 2786/tcp
aic-oncrpc - destiny mcd database aic-oncrpc 2786/udp
aic-oncrpc - destiny mcd database piccolo 2787/tcp
piccolo - cornerstone software piccolo 2787/udp
piccolo - cornerstone software fryeserv 2788/tcp
netware loadable module - seagate software fryeserv 2788/udp
netware loadable module - seagate software media-agent 2789/tcp
media agent media-agent 2789/udp
media agent plgproxy 2790/tcp
plg proxy plgproxy 2790/udp
plg proxy mtport-regist 2791/tcp
mt port registrator mtport-regist 2791/udp
mt port registrator f5-globalsite 2792/tcp
f5-globalsite f5-globalsite 2792/udp
f5-globalsite initlsmsad 2793/tcp
initlsmsad initlsmsad 2793/udp
initlsmsad aaftp 2794/tcp
aaftp aaftp 2794/udp
aaftp livestats 2795/tcp
livestats livestats 2795/udp
livestats ac-tech 2796/tcp
ac-tech ac-tech 2796/udp
ac-tech esp-encap 2797/tcp
esp-encap esp-encap 2797/udp
esp-encap tmesis-upshot 2798/tcp
tmesis-upshot tmesis-upshot 2798/udp
tmesis-upshot icon-discover 2799/tcp
icon discover icon-discover 2799/udp
icon discover acc-raid 2800/tcp
acc raid acc-raid 2800/udp
acc raid igcp 2801/tcp
igcp igcp 2801/udp
igcp veritas-tcp1 2802/tcp
veritas tcp1 veritas-udp1 2802/udp
veritas udp1 btprjctrl 2803/tcp
btprjctrl btprjctrl 2803/udp
btprjctrl telexis-vtu 2804/tcp
telexis vtu telexis-vtu 2804/udp
telexis vtu wta-wsp-s 2805/tcp
wta wsp-s wta-wsp-s 2805/udp
wta wsp-s cspuni 2806/tcp
cspuni cspuni 2806/udp
cspuni cspmulti 2807/tcp
cspmulti cspmulti 2807/udp
cspmulti j-lan-p 2808/tcp
j-lan-p j-lan-p 2808/udp
j-lan-p corbaloc 2809/tcp
corba loc corbaloc 2809/udp
corba loc netsteward 2810/tcp
active net steward netsteward 2810/udp
active net steward gsiftp 2811/tcp
gsi ftp gsiftp 2811/udp
gsi ftp atmtcp 2812/tcp
atmtcp atmtcp 2812/udp
atmtcp llm-pass 2813/tcp
llm-pass llm-pass 2813/udp
llm-pass llm-csv 2814/tcp
llm-csv llm-csv 2814/udp
llm-csv lbc-measure 2815/tcp
lbc measurement lbc-measure 2815/udp
lbc measurement lbc-watchdog 2816/tcp
lbc watchdog lbc-watchdog 2816/udp
lbc watchdog nmsigport 2817/tcp
nmsig port nmsigport 2817/udp
nmsig port rmlnk 2818/tcp
rmlnk rmlnk 2818/udp
rmlnk fc-faultnotify 2819/tcp
fc fault notification fc-faultnotify 2819/udp
fc fault notification univision 2820/tcp
univision univision 2820/udp
univision vrts-at-port 2821/tcp
veritas authentication service vrts-at-port 2821/udp
veritas authentication service ka0wuc 2822/tcp
ka0wuc ka0wuc 2822/udp
ka0wuc cqg-netlan 2823/tcp
cqg net/lan cqg-netlan 2823/udp
cqg net/lan cqg-netlan-1 2824/tcp
cqg net/lan 1 cqg-netlan-1 2824/udp
cqg net/lan 1 slc-systemlog 2826/tcp
slc systemlog slc-systemlog 2826/udp
slc systemlog slc-ctrlrloops 2827/tcp
slc ctrlrloops slc-ctrlrloops 2827/udp
slc ctrlrloops itm-lm 2828/tcp
itm license manager itm-lm 2828/udp
itm license manager silkp1 2829/tcp
silkp1 silkp1 2829/udp
silkp1 silkp2 2830/tcp
silkp2 silkp2 2830/udp
silkp2 silkp3 2831/tcp
silkp3 silkp3 2831/udp
silkp3 silkp4 2832/tcp
silkp4 silkp4 2832/udp
silkp4 glishd 2833/tcp
glishd glishd 2833/udp
glishd evtp 2834/tcp
evtp evtp 2834/udp
evtp evtp-data 2835/tcp
evtp-data evtp-data 2835/udp
evtp-data catalyst 2836/tcp
catalyst catalyst 2836/udp
catalyst repliweb 2837/tcp
repliweb repliweb 2837/udp
repliweb starbot 2838/tcp
starbot starbot 2838/udp
starbot nmsigport 2839/tcp
nmsigport nmsigport 2839/udp
nmsigport l3-exprt 2840/tcp
l3-exprt l3-exprt 2840/udp
l3-exprt l3-ranger 2841/tcp
l3-ranger l3-ranger 2841/udp
l3-ranger l3-hawk 2842/tcp
l3-hawk l3-hawk 2842/udp
l3-hawk pdnet 2843/tcp
pdnet pdnet 2843/udp
pdnet bpcp-poll 2844/tcp
bpcp poll bpcp-poll 2844/udp
bpcp poll bpcp-trap 2845/tcp
bpcp trap bpcp-trap 2845/udp
bpcp trap aimpp-hello 2846/tcp
aimpp hello aimpp-hello 2846/udp
aimpp hello aimpp-port-req 2847/tcp
aimpp port req aimpp-port-req 2847/udp
aimpp port req amt-blc-port 2848/tcp
amt-blc-port amt-blc-port 2848/udp
amt-blc-port fxp 2849/tcp
fxp fxp 2849/udp
fxp metaconsole 2850/tcp
metaconsole metaconsole 2850/udp
metaconsole webemshttp 2851/tcp
webemshttp webemshttp 2851/udp
webemshttp bears-01 2852/tcp
bears-01 bears-01 2852/udp
bears-01 ispipes 2853/tcp
ispipes ispipes 2853/udp
ispipes infomover 2854/tcp
infomover infomover 2854/udp
infomover cesdinv 2856/tcp
cesdinv cesdinv 2856/udp
cesdinv simctlp 2857/tcp
simctip simctlp 2857/udp
simctip ecnp 2858/tcp
ecnp ecnp 2858/udp
ecnp activememory 2859/tcp
active memory activememory 2859/udp
active memory dialpad-voice1 2860/tcp
dialpad voice 1 dialpad-voice1 2860/udp
dialpad voice 1 dialpad-voice2 2861/tcp
dialpad voice 2 dialpad-voice2 2861/udp
dialpad voice 2 ttg-protocol 2862/tcp
ttg protocol ttg-protocol 2862/udp
ttg protocol sonardata 2863/tcp
sonar data sonardata 2863/udp
sonar data astromed-main 2864/tcp
main 5001 cmd astromed-main 2864/udp
main 5001 cmd pit-vpn 2865/tcp
pit-vpn pit-vpn 2865/udp
pit-vpn iwlistener 2866/tcp
iwlistener iwlistener 2866/udp
iwlistener esps-portal 2867/tcp
esps-portal esps-portal 2867/udp
esps-portal npep-messaging 2868/tcp
npep messaging npep-messaging 2868/udp
npep messaging icslap 2869/tcp
icslap icslap 2869/udp
icslap daishi 2870/tcp
daishi daishi 2870/udp
daishi msi-selectplay 2871/tcp
msi select play msi-selectplay 2871/udp
msi select play radix 2872/tcp
radix radix 2872/udp
radix dxmessagebase1 2874/tcp
dxmessagebase1 dxmessagebase1 2874/udp
dxmessagebase1 dxmessagebase2 2875/tcp
dxmessagebase2 dxmessagebase2 2875/udp
dxmessagebase2 sps-tunnel 2876/tcp
sps tunnel sps-tunnel 2876/udp
sps tunnel bluelance 2877/tcp
bluelance bluelance 2877/udp
bluelance aap 2878/tcp
aap aap 2878/udp
aap ucentric-ds 2879/tcp
ucentric-ds ucentric-ds 2879/udp
ucentric-ds synapse 2880/tcp
synapse transport synapse 2880/udp
synapse transport ndsp 2881/tcp
ndsp ndsp 2881/udp
ndsp ndtp 2882/tcp
ndtp ndtp 2882/udp
ndtp ndnp 2883/tcp
ndnp ndnp 2883/udp
ndnp flashmsg 2884/tcp
flash msg flashmsg 2884/udp
flash msg topflow 2885/tcp
topflow topflow 2885/udp
topflow responselogic 2886/tcp
responselogic responselogic 2886/udp
responselogic aironetddp 2887/tcp
aironet aironetddp 2887/udp
aironet spcsdlobby 2888/tcp
spcsdlobby spcsdlobby 2888/udp
spcsdlobby rsom 2889/tcp
rsom rsom 2889/udp
rsom cspclmulti 2890/tcp
cspclmulti cspclmulti 2890/udp
cspclmulti cinegrfx-elmd 2891/tcp
cinegrfx-elmd license manager cinegrfx-elmd 2891/udp
cinegrfx-elmd license manager snifferdata 2892/tcp
snifferdata snifferdata 2892/udp
snifferdata vseconnector 2893/tcp
vseconnector vseconnector 2893/udp
vseconnector abacus-remote 2894/tcp
abacus-remote abacus-remote 2894/udp
abacus-remote natuslink 2895/tcp
natus link natuslink 2895/udp
natus link ecovisiong6-1 2896/tcp
ecovisiong6-1 ecovisiong6-1 2896/udp
ecovisiong6-1 citrix-rtmp 2897/tcp
citrix rtmp citrix-rtmp 2897/udp
citrix rtmp appliance-cfg 2898/tcp
appliance-cfg appliance-cfg 2898/udp
appliance-cfg powergemplus 2899/tcp
powergemplus powergemplus 2899/udp
powergemplus quicksuite 2900/tcp
quicksuite quicksuite 2900/udp
quicksuite allstorcns 2901/tcp
allstorcns allstorcns 2901/udp
allstorcns netaspi 2902/tcp
net aspi netaspi 2902/udp
net aspi suitcase 2903/tcp extensisportfolio
portfolio server by extensis product group, suitcase suitcase 2903/udp
suitcase m2ua 2904/sctp
m2ua m2ua 2904/tcp
m2ua m2ua 2904/udp
m2ua m3ua 2905/sctp
m3ua m3ua 2905/tcp
m3ua m3ua 2905/udp
de-registered (2001 june 07) caller9 2906/tcp
caller9 caller9 2906/udp
caller9 webmethods-b2b 2907/tcp
webmethods b2b webmethods-b2b 2907/udp
webmethods b2b mao 2908/tcp
mao mao 2908/udp
mao funk-dialout 2909/tcp
funk dialout funk-dialout 2909/udp
funk dialout tdaccess 2910/tcp
tdaccess tdaccess 2910/udp
tdaccess blockade 2911/tcp
blockade blockade 2911/udp
blockade epicon 2912/tcp
epicon epicon 2912/udp
epicon boosterware 2913/tcp
booster ware boosterware 2913/udp
booster ware gamelobby 2914/tcp
game lobby gamelobby 2914/udp
game lobby tksocket 2915/tcp
tk socket tksocket 2915/udp
tk socket elvin_server 2916/tcp
elvin server elvin_server 2916/ucp
elvin server elvin_server 2916/udp
elvin server elvin_client 2917/tcp
elvin client elvin_client 2917/udp
elvin client kastenchasepad 2918/tcp
kasten chase pad kastenchasepad 2918/udp
kasten chase pad roboer 2919/tcp
roboer roboer 2919/udp
roboer roboeda 2920/tcp
roboeda roboeda 2920/udp
roboeda cesdcdman 2921/tcp
cesd contents delivery management cesdcdman 2921/udp
cesd contents delivery management cesdcdtrn 2922/tcp
cesd contents delivery data transfer cesdcdtrn 2922/udp
cesd contents delivery data transfer wta-wsp-wtp-s 2923/tcp
wta-wsp-wtp-s wta-wsp-wtp-s 2923/udp
wta-wsp-wtp-s precise-vip 2924/tcp
precise-vip precise-vip 2924/udp
precise-vip mobile-file-dl 2926/tcp
mobile-file-dl mobile-file-dl 2926/udp
mobile-file-dl unimobilectrl 2927/tcp
unimobilectrl unimobilectrl 2927/udp
unimobilectrl redstone-cpss 2928/tcp
redstone-cpss redstone-cpss 2928/udp
redstone-cpss amx-webadmin 2929/tcp
amx-webadmin amx-webadmin 2929/udp
amx-webadmin amx-weblinx 2930/tcp
amx-weblinx amx-weblinx 2930/udp
amx-weblinx circle-x 2931/tcp
circle-x circle-x 2931/udp
circle-x incp 2932/tcp
incp incp 2932/udp
incp 4-tieropmgw 2933/tcp
4-tier opm gw 4-tieropmgw 2933/udp
4-tier opm gw 4-tieropmcli 2934/tcp
4-tier opm cli 4-tieropmcli 2934/udp
4-tier opm cli qtp 2935/tcp
qtp qtp 2935/udp
qtp otpatch 2936/tcp
otpatch otpatch 2936/udp
otpatch pnaconsult-lm 2937/tcp
pnaconsult-lm pnaconsult-lm 2937/udp
pnaconsult-lm sm-pas-1 2938/tcp
sm-pas-1 sm-pas-1 2938/udp
sm-pas-1 sm-pas-2 2939/tcp
sm-pas-2 sm-pas-2 2939/udp
sm-pas-2 sm-pas-3 2940/tcp
sm-pas-3 sm-pas-3 2940/udp
sm-pas-3 sm-pas-4 2941/tcp
sm-pas-4 sm-pas-4 2941/udp
sm-pas-4 sm-pas-5 2942/tcp
sm-pas-5 sm-pas-5 2942/udp
sm-pas-5 ttnrepository 2943/tcp
ttnrepository ttnrepository 2943/udp
ttnrepository megaco-h248 2944/tcp
megaco h-248 megaco-h248 2944/udp
megaco h-248 h248-binary 2945/tcp
h248 binary h248-binary 2945/udp
h248 binary fjsvmpor 2946/tcp
fjsvmpor fjsvmpor 2946/udp
fjsvmpor gpsd 2947/tcp
gpsd gpsd 2947/udp
gpsd wap-push 2948/tcp
wap push wap-push 2948/udp
wap push wap-pushsecure 2949/tcp
wap push secure wap-pushsecure 2949/udp
wap push secure esip 2950/tcp
esip esip 2950/udp
esip ottp 2951/tcp
ottp ottp 2951/udp
ottp mpfwsas 2952/tcp
mpfwsas mpfwsas 2952/udp
mpfwsas ovalarmsrv 2953/tcp
ovalarmsrv ovalarmsrv 2953/udp
ovalarmsrv ovalarmsrv-cmd 2954/tcp
ovalarmsrv-cmd ovalarmsrv-cmd 2954/udp
ovalarmsrv-cmd csnotify 2955/tcp
csnotify csnotify 2955/udp
csnotify ovrimosdbman 2956/tcp
ovrimosdbman ovrimosdbman 2956/udp
ovrimosdbman jmact5 2957/tcp
jamct5 jmact5 2957/udp
jamct5 jmact6 2958/tcp
jamct6 jmact6 2958/udp
jamct6 rmopagt 2959/tcp
rmopagt rmopagt 2959/udp
rmopagt dfoxserver 2960/tcp
dfoxserver dfoxserver 2960/udp
dfoxserver boldsoft-lm 2961/tcp
boldsoft-lm boldsoft-lm 2961/udp
boldsoft-lm iph-policy-cli 2962/tcp
iph-policy-cli iph-policy-cli 2962/udp
iph-policy-cli iph-policy-adm 2963/tcp
iph-policy-adm iph-policy-adm 2963/udp
iph-policy-adm bullant-srap 2964/tcp
bullant srap bullant-srap 2964/udp
bullant srap bullant-rap 2965/tcp
bullant rap bullant-rap 2965/udp
bullant rap idp-infotrieve 2966/tcp
idp-infotrieve idp-infotrieve 2966/udp
idp-infotrieve ssc-agent 2967/tcp
ssc-agent ssc-agent 2967/udp
ssc-agent enpp 2968/tcp
enpp enpp 2968/udp
enpp essp 2969/tcp
essp essp 2969/udp
essp index-net 2970/tcp
index-net index-net 2970/udp
index-net netclip 2971/tcp
net clip, netclip clipboard daemon netclip 2971/udp
net clip, netclip clipboard daemon pmsm-webrctl 2972/tcp
pmsm webrctl pmsm-webrctl 2972/udp
pmsm webrctl svnetworks 2973/tcp
sv networks svnetworks 2973/udp
sv networks signal 2974/tcp
signal signal 2974/udp
signal fjmpcm 2975/tcp
fujitsu configuration management service fjmpcm 2975/udp
fujitsu configuration management service cns-srv-port 2976/tcp
cns server port cns-srv-port 2976/udp
cns server port ttc-etap-ns 2977/tcp
ttcs enterprise test access protocol - ns ttc-etap-ns 2977/udp
ttcs enterprise test access protocol - ns ttc-etap-ds 2978/tcp
ttcs enterprise test access protocol - ds ttc-etap-ds 2978/udp
ttcs enterprise test access protocol - ds h263-video 2979/tcp
h.263 video streaming h263-video 2979/udp
h.263 video streaming wimd 2980/tcp
instant messaging service wimd 2980/udp
instant messaging service mylxamport 2981/tcp
mylxamport mylxamport 2981/udp
mylxamport iwb-whiteboard 2982/tcp
iwb-whiteboard iwb-whiteboard 2982/udp
iwb-whiteboard netplan 2983/tcp
netplan netplan 2983/udp
netplan hpidsadmin 2984/tcp
hpidsadmin hpidsadmin 2984/udp
hpidsadmin hpidsagent 2985/tcp
hpidsagent hpidsagent 2985/udp
hpidsagent stonefalls 2986/tcp
stonefalls stonefalls 2986/udp
stonefalls identify 2987/tcp
identify identify 2987/udp
identify hippad 2988/tcp
hippa reporting protocol hippad 2988/udp
hippa reporting protocol zarkov 2989/tcp
zarkov intelligent agent communication zarkov 2989/udp
zarkov intelligent agent communication boscap 2990/tcp
boscap boscap 2990/udp
boscap wkstn-mon 2991/tcp
wkstn-mon wkstn-mon 2991/udp
wkstn-mon itb301 2992/tcp
itb301 itb301 2992/udp
itb301 veritas-vis1 2993/tcp
veritas vis1 veritas-vis1 2993/udp
veritas vis1 veritas-vis2 2994/tcp
veritas vis2 veritas-vis2 2994/udp
veritas vis2 idrs 2995/tcp
idrs idrs 2995/udp
idrs vsixml 2996/tcp
vsixml vsixml 2996/udp
vsixml rebol 2997/tcp
rebol rebol 2997/udp
rebol realsecure 2998/tcp iss-realsec
real secure, iss realsecure ids remote console admin port realsecure 2998/udp
real secure remoteware-un 2999/tcp
remoteware unassigned remoteware-un 2999/udp
remoteware unassigned hbci 3000/tcp ppp remoteware-cl
user-level ppp daemon, hbci, user-level ppp daemon, or chili!soft asp, remoteware client hbci 3000/udp remoteware-cl
hbci, remoteware client redwood-broker 3001/tcp nessusd
nessus security scan ner (www.nessus.org) daemon or chili!soft asp, redwood broker, nessus security scanner (www.nessus.org) daemon redwood-broker 3001/udp
redwood broker exlm-agent 3002/tcp remoteware-srv
remoteware server, exlm agent exlm-agent 3002/udp remoteware-srv
remoteware server, exlm agent cgms 3003/tcp
cgms cgms 3003/udp
cgms csoftragent 3004/tcp
csoft agent csoftragent 3004/udp
csoft agent geniuslm 3005/tcp deslogin
encrypted symmetric telnet/login, genius license manager geniuslm 3005/udp
genius license manager ii-admin 3006/tcp deslogind
instant internet admin ii-admin 3006/udp
instant internet admin lotusmtap 3007/tcp
lotus mail tracking agent protocol lotusmtap 3007/udp
lotus mail tracking agent protocol midnight-tech 3008/tcp
midnight technologies midnight-tech 3008/udp
midnight technologies pxc-ntfy 3009/tcp
pxc-ntfy pxc-ntfy 3009/udp
pxc-ntfy gw 3010/tcp
telerate workstation ping-pong 3010/udp
telerate workstation trusted-web 3011/tcp
trusted web trusted-web 3011/udp
trusted web twsdss 3012/tcp
trusted web client twsdss 3012/udp
trusted web client gilatskysurfer 3013/tcp
gilat sky surfer gilatskysurfer 3013/udp
gilat sky surfer broker_service 3014/tcp
broker service broker_service 3014/udp
broker service nati-dstp 3015/tcp
nati dstp nati-dstp 3015/udp
nati dstp notify_srvr 3016/tcp
notify server notify_srvr 3016/udp
notify server event_listener 3017/tcp
event listener event_listener 3017/udp
event listener srvc_registry 3018/tcp
service registry srvc_registry 3018/udp
service registry resource_mgr 3019/tcp
resource manager resource_mgr 3019/udp
resource manager cifs 3020/tcp
cifs cifs 3020/udp
cifs agriserver 3021/tcp
agri server agriserver 3021/udp
agri server csregagent 3022/tcp
csregagent csregagent 3022/udp
csregagent magicnotes 3023/tcp
magicnotes magicnotes 3023/udp
magicnotes nds_sso 3024/tcp
nds_sso nds_sso 3024/udp
nds_sso arepa-raft 3025/tcp
arepa raft arepa-raft 3025/udp
arepa raft agri-gateway 3026/tcp
agri gateway agri-gateway 3026/udp
agri gateway LiebDevMgmt_C 3027/tcp
liebdevmgmt_c LiebDevMgmt_C 3027/udp
liebdevmgmt_c LiebDevMgmt_DM 3028/tcp
liebdevmgmt_dm LiebDevMgmt_DM 3028/udp
liebdevmgmt_dm LiebDevMgmt_A 3029/tcp
liebdevmgmt_a LiebDevMgmt_A 3029/udp
liebdevmgmt_a arepa-cas 3030/tcp
arepa cas arepa-cas 3030/udp
arepa cas eppc 3031/tcp
remote appleevents/ppc toolbox eppc 3031/udp
remote appleevents/ppc toolbox redwood-chat 3032/tcp
redwood chat redwood-chat 3032/udp
redwood chat pdb 3033/tcp
pdb pdb 3033/udp
pdb osmosis-aeea 3034/tcp
osmosis / helix (r) aeea port osmosis-aeea 3034/udp
osmosis / helix (r) aeea port fjsv-gssagt 3035/tcp
fjsv gssagt fjsv-gssagt 3035/udp
fjsv gssagt hagel-dump 3036/tcp
hagel dump hagel-dump 3036/udp
hagel dump hp-san-mgmt 3037/tcp
hp san mgmt hp-san-mgmt 3037/udp
hp san mgmt santak-ups 3038/tcp
santak ups santak-ups 3038/udp
santak ups cogitate 3039/tcp
cogitate, inc. cogitate 3039/udp
cogitate, inc. tomato-springs 3040/tcp
tomato springs tomato-springs 3040/udp
tomato springs di-traceware 3041/tcp
di-traceware di-traceware 3041/udp
di-traceware journee 3042/tcp
journee journee 3042/udp
journee brp 3043/tcp
brp brp 3043/udp
brp epp 3044/tcp
endpoint protocol epp 3044/udp
endpoint protocol responsenet 3045/tcp
responsenet responsenet 3045/udp
responsenet di-ase 3046/tcp
di-ase di-ase 3046/udp
di-ase hlserver 3047/tcp
fast security hl server hlserver 3047/udp
fast security hl server pctrader 3048/tcp
sierra net pc trader pctrader 3048/udp
sierra net pc trader nsws 3049/tcp cfs NSWS
cryptographic file system (nfs) (proposed), nsws nsws 3049/udp cfs NSWS
nsws, cryptographic file system (nfs) gds_db 3050/tcp
gds_db gds_db 3050/udp
gds_db galaxy-server 3051/tcp
galaxy server galaxy-server 3051/udp
galaxy server apc-3052 3052/tcp PowerChute
apc 3052 apc-3052 3052/udp
apc 3052 dsom-server 3053/tcp
dsom-server dsom-server 3053/udp
dsom-server amt-cnf-prot 3054/tcp
amt cnf prot amt-cnf-prot 3054/udp
amt cnf prot policyserver 3055/tcp
policy server policyserver 3055/udp
policy server cdl-server 3056/tcp
cdl server cdl-server 3056/udp
cdl server goahead-fldup 3057/tcp
goahead fldup goahead-fldup 3057/udp
goahead fldup videobeans 3058/tcp
videobeans videobeans 3058/udp
videobeans qsoft 3059/tcp
qsoft qsoft 3059/udp
qsoft interserver 3060/tcp
interserver interserver 3060/udp
interserver cautcpd 3061/tcp
cautcpd cautcpd 3061/udp
cautcpd ncacn-ip-tcp 3062/tcp
ncacn-ip-tcp ncacn-ip-tcp 3062/udp
ncacn-ip-tcp ncadg-ip-udp 3063/tcp
ncadg-ip-udp ncadg-ip-udp 3063/udp
ncadg-ip-udp rprt 3064/tcp distrib-net-proxy dnet-tstproxy
stupid closed source distributed.net project proxy port, remote port redirector, distributed.net (a closed source crypto-cracking project) proxy test port rprt 3064/udp
remote port redirector slinterbase 3065/tcp
slinterbase slinterbase 3065/udp
slinterbase netattachsdmp 3066/tcp
netattachsdmp netattachsdmp 3066/udp
netattachsdmp fjhpjp 3067/tcp
fjhpjp fjhpjp 3067/udp
fjhpjp ls3bcast 3068/tcp
ls3 broadcast ls3bcast 3068/udp
ls3 broadcast ls3 3069/tcp
ls3 ls3 3069/udp
ls3 mgxswitch 3070/tcp
mgxswitch mgxswitch 3070/udp
mgxswitch csd-mgmt-port 3071/tcp
continustor manager port csd-mgmt-port 3071/udp
continustor manager port csd-monitor 3072/tcp
continustor monitor port csd-monitor 3072/udp
continustor monitor port vcrp 3073/tcp
very simple chatroom prot vcrp 3073/udp
very simple chatroom prot xbox 3074/tcp
xbox game port xbox 3074/udp
xbox game port orbix-locator 3075/tcp
orbix 2000 locator orbix-locator 3075/udp
orbix 2000 locator orbix-config 3076/tcp
orbix 2000 config orbix-config 3076/udp
orbix 2000 config orbix-loc-ssl 3077/tcp
orbix 2000 locator ssl orbix-loc-ssl 3077/udp
orbix 2000 locator ssl orbix-cfg-ssl 3078/tcp
orbix 2000 locator ssl orbix-cfg-ssl 3078/udp
orbix 2000 locator ssl lv-frontpanel 3079/tcp
lv front panel lv-frontpanel 3079/udp
lv front panel stm_pproc 3080/tcp
stm_pproc stm_pproc 3080/udp
stm_pproc tl1-lv 3081/tcp
tl1-lv tl1-lv 3081/udp
tl1-lv tl1-raw 3082/tcp
tl1-raw tl1-raw 3082/udp
tl1-raw tl1-telnet 3083/tcp
tl1-telnet tl1-telnet 3083/udp
tl1-telnet itm-mccs 3084/tcp
itm-mccs itm-mccs 3084/udp
itm-mccs pcihreq 3085/tcp
pcihreq pcihreq 3085/udp
pcihreq jdl-dbkitchen 3086/tcp sj3
sj3 (kanji input), jdl-dbkitchen jdl-dbkitchen 3086/udp
jdl-dbkitchen asoki-sma 3087/tcp
asoki sma asoki-sma 3087/udp
asoki sma xdtp 3088/tcp
extensible data transfer protocol xdtp 3088/udp
extensible data transfer protocol ptk-alink 3089/tcp
paratek agent linking ptk-alink 3089/udp
paratek agent linking rtss 3090/tcp
rappore session services rtss 3090/udp
rappore session services 1ci-smcs 3091/tcp
1ci server management 1ci-smcs 3091/udp
1ci server management njfss 3092/tcp
netware sync services njfss 3092/udp
netware sync services rapidmq-center 3093/tcp
jiiva rapidmq center rapidmq-center 3093/udp
jiiva rapidmq center rapidmq-reg 3094/tcp
jiiva rapidmq registry rapidmq-reg 3094/udp
jiiva rapidmq registry panasas 3095/tcp
panasas rendevous port panasas 3095/udp
panasas rendevous port ndl-aps 3096/tcp
active print server port ndl-aps 3096/udp
active print server port itu-bicc-stc 3097/sctp
itu-t q.1902.1/q.2150.3 umm-port 3098/tcp
universal message manager umm-port 3098/udp
universal message manager chmd 3099/tcp
chipsy machine daemon chmd 3099/udp
chipsy machine daemon opcon-xps 3100/tcp
opcon/xps opcon-xps 3100/udp
opcon/xps hp-pxpib 3101/tcp
hp policyxpert pib server hp-pxpib 3101/udp
hp policyxpert pib server slslavemon 3102/tcp
softlink slave mon port slslavemon 3102/udp
softlink slave mon port autocuesmi 3103/tcp
autocue smi protocol autocuesmi 3103/udp
autocue smi protocol autocuelog 3104/tcp
autocue logger protocol autocuetime 3104/udp
autocue time service cardbox 3105/tcp
cardbox cardbox 3105/udp
cardbox cardbox-http 3106/tcp
cardbox http cardbox-http 3106/udp
cardbox http business 3107/tcp
business protocol business 3107/udp
business protocol geolocate 3108/tcp
geolocate protocol geolocate 3108/udp
geolocate protocol personnel 3109/tcp
personnel protocol personnel 3109/udp
personnel protocol sim-control 3110/tcp
simulator control port sim-control 3110/udp
simulator control port wsynch 3111/tcp
web synchronous services wsynch 3111/udp
web synchronous services ksysguard 3112/tcp
kde system guard ksysguard 3112/udp
kde system guard cs-auth-svr 3113/tcp
cs-authenticate svr port cs-auth-svr 3113/udp
cs-authenticate svr port ccmad 3114/tcp
ccm autodiscover ccmad 3114/udp
ccm autodiscover mctet-master 3115/tcp
mctet master mctet-master 3115/udp
mctet master mctet-gateway 3116/tcp
mctet gateway mctet-gateway 3116/udp
mctet gateway mctet-jserv 3117/tcp
mctet jserv mctet-jserv 3117/udp
mctet jserv pkagent 3118/tcp
pkagent pkagent 3118/udp
pkagent d2000kernel 3119/tcp
d2000 kernel port d2000kernel 3119/udp
d2000 kernel port d2000webserver 3120/tcp
d2000 webserver port d2000webserver 3120/udp
d2000 webserver port epp-temp 3121/tcp
extensible provisioning protocol epp-temp 3121/udp
extensible provisioning protocol vtr-emulator 3122/tcp
mti vtr emulator port vtr-emulator 3122/udp
mti vtr emulator port edix 3123/tcp
edi translation protocol edix 3123/udp
edi translation protocol beacon-port 3124/tcp
beacon port beacon-port 3124/udp
beacon port a13-an 3125/tcp
a13-an interface a13-an 3125/udp
a13-an interface ms-dotnetster 3126/tcp
microsoft .netster port ms-dotnetster 3126/udp
microsoft .netster port ctx-bridge 3127/tcp
ctx bridge port ctx-bridge 3127/udp
ctx bridge port ndl-aas 3128/tcp squid-http
active api server port ndl-aas 3128/udp
active api server port netport-id 3129/tcp
netport discovery port netport-id 3129/udp
netport discovery port icpv2 3130/tcp
icpv2 icpv2 3130/udp squid-ipc
icpv2 netbookmark 3131/tcp
net book mark netbookmark 3131/udp
net book mark ms-rule-engine 3132/tcp
microsoft business rule engine update service ms-rule-engine 3132/udp
microsoft business rule engine update service prism-deploy 3133/tcp
prism deploy user port prism-deploy 3133/udp
prism deploy user port ecp 3134/tcp
extensible code protocol ecp 3134/udp
extensible code protocol peerbook-port 3135/tcp
peerbook port peerbook-port 3135/udp
peerbook port grubd 3136/tcp
grub server port grubd 3136/udp
grub server port rtnt-1 3137/tcp
rtnt-1 data packets rtnt-1 3137/udp
rtnt-1 data packets rtnt-2 3138/tcp
rtnt-2 data packets rtnt-2 3138/udp
rtnt-2 data packets incognitorv 3139/tcp
incognito rendez-vous incognitorv 3139/udp
incognito rendez-vous ariliamulti 3140/tcp
arilia multiplexor ariliamulti 3140/udp
arilia multiplexor vmodem 3141/tcp
vmodem vmodem 3141/udp
vmodem rdc-wh-eos 3142/tcp
rdc wh eos rdc-wh-eos 3142/udp
rdc wh eos seaview 3143/tcp
sea view seaview 3143/udp
sea view tarantella 3144/tcp
tarantella tarantella 3144/udp
tarantella csi-lfap 3145/tcp
csi-lfap csi-lfap 3145/udp
csi-lfap bears-02 3146/tcp
bears-02 bears-02 3146/udp
bears-02 rfio 3147/tcp
rfio rfio 3147/udp
rfio nm-game-admin 3148/tcp
netmike game administrator nm-game-admin 3148/udp
netmike game administrator nm-game-server 3149/tcp
netmike game server nm-game-server 3149/udp
netmike game server nm-asses-admin 3150/tcp
netmike assessor administrator nm-asses-admin 3150/udp
netmike assessor administrator nm-assessor 3151/tcp
netmike assessor nm-assessor 3151/udp
netmike assessor feitianrockey 3152/tcp
feitian port feitianrockey 3152/udp
feitian port s8-client-port 3153/tcp
s8cargo client port s8-client-port 3153/udp
s8cargo client port ccmrmi 3154/tcp
on rmi registry ccmrmi 3154/udp
on rmi registry jpegmpeg 3155/tcp
jpegmpeg port jpegmpeg 3155/udp
jpegmpeg port indura 3156/tcp
indura collector indura 3156/udp
indura collector e3consultants 3157/tcp
ccc listener port e3consultants 3157/udp
ccc listener port stvp 3158/tcp
smashtv protocol stvp 3158/udp
smashtv protocol navegaweb-port 3159/tcp
navegaweb tarification navegaweb-port 3159/udp
navegaweb tarification tip-app-server 3160/tcp
tip application server tip-app-server 3160/udp
tip application server doc1lm 3161/tcp
doc1 license manager doc1lm 3161/udp
doc1 license manager sflm 3162/tcp
sflm sflm 3162/udp
sflm res-sap 3163/tcp
res-sap res-sap 3163/udp
res-sap imprs 3164/tcp
imprs imprs 3164/udp
imprs newgenpay 3165/tcp
newgenpay engine service newgenpay 3165/udp
newgenpay engine service qrepos 3166/tcp
quest repository qrepos 3166/udp
quest repository poweroncontact 3167/tcp
poweroncontact poweroncontact 3167/udp
poweroncontact poweronnud 3168/tcp
poweronnud poweronnud 3168/udp
poweronnud serverview-as 3169/tcp
serverview-as serverview-as 3169/udp
serverview-as serverview-asn 3170/tcp
serverview-asn serverview-asn 3170/udp
serverview-asn serverview-gf 3171/tcp
serverview-gf serverview-gf 3171/udp
serverview-gf serverview-rm 3172/tcp
serverview-rm serverview-rm 3172/udp
serverview-rm serverview-icc 3173/tcp
serverview-icc serverview-icc 3173/udp
serverview-icc armi-server 3174/tcp
armi server armi-server 3174/udp
armi server t1-e1-over-ip 3175/tcp
t1_e1_over_ip t1-e1-over-ip 3175/udp
t1_e1_over_ip ars-master 3176/tcp
ars master ars-master 3176/udp
ars master phonex-port 3177/tcp
phonex protocol phonex-port 3177/udp
phonex protocol radclientport 3178/tcp
radiance ultraedge port radclientport 3178/udp
radiance ultraedge port h2gf-w-2m 3179/tcp
h2gf w.2m handover prot. h2gf-w-2m 3179/udp
h2gf w.2m handover prot. mc-brk-srv 3180/tcp
millicent broker server mc-brk-srv 3180/udp
millicent broker server bmcpatrolagent 3181/tcp
bmc patrol agent bmcpatrolagent 3181/udp
bmc patrol agent bmcpatrolrnvu 3182/tcp
bmc patrol rendezvous bmcpatrolrnvu 3182/udp
bmc patrol rendezvous cops-tls 3183/tcp
cops/tls cops-tls 3183/udp
cops/tls apogeex-port 3184/tcp
apogeex port apogeex-port 3184/udp
apogeex port smpppd 3185/tcp
suse meta pppd smpppd 3185/udp
suse meta pppd iiw-port 3186/tcp
iiw monitor user port iiw-port 3186/udp
iiw monitor user port odi-port 3187/tcp
open design listen port odi-port 3187/udp
open design listen port brcm-comm-port 3188/tcp
broadcom port brcm-comm-port 3188/udp
broadcom port pcle-infex 3189/tcp
pinnacle sys infex port pcle-infex 3189/udp
pinnacle sys infex port csvr-proxy 3190/tcp
conservr proxy csvr-proxy 3190/udp
conservr proxy csvr-sslproxy 3191/tcp
conservr ssl proxy csvr-sslproxy 3191/udp
conservr ssl proxy firemonrcc 3192/tcp
firemon revision control firemonrcc 3192/udp
firemon revision control cordataport 3193/tcp
cordaxis data port cordataport 3193/udp
cordaxis data port magbind 3194/tcp
rockstorm mag protocol magbind 3194/udp
rockstorm mag protocol ncu-1 3195/tcp
network control unit ncu-1 3195/udp
network control unit ncu-2 3196/tcp
network control unit ncu-2 3196/udp
network control unit embrace-dp-s 3197/tcp
embrace device protocol server embrace-dp-s 3197/udp
embrace device protocol server embrace-dp-c 3198/tcp
embrace device protocol client embrace-dp-c 3198/udp
embrace device protocol client dmod-workspace 3199/tcp
dmod workspace dmod-workspace 3199/udp
dmod workspace tick-port 3200/tcp
press-sense tick port tick-port 3200/udp
press-sense tick port cpq-tasksmart 3201/tcp
cpq-tasksmart cpq-tasksmart 3201/udp
cpq-tasksmart intraintra 3202/tcp
intraintra intraintra 3202/udp
intraintra netwatcher-mon 3203/tcp
network watcher monitor netwatcher-mon 3203/udp
network watcher monitor netwatcher-db 3204/tcp
network watcher db access netwatcher-db 3204/udp
network watcher db access isns 3205/tcp
isns server port isns 3205/udp
isns server port ironmail 3206/tcp
ironmail pop proxy ironmail 3206/udp
ironmail pop proxy vx-auth-port 3207/tcp
veritas authentication port vx-auth-port 3207/udp
veritas authentication port pfu-prcallback 3208/tcp
pfu pr callback pfu-prcallback 3208/udp
pfu pr callback netwkpathengine 3209/tcp
hp openview network path engine server netwkpathengine 3209/udp
hp openview network path engine server flamenco-proxy 3210/tcp
flamenco networks proxy flamenco-proxy 3210/udp
flamenco networks proxy avsecuremgmt 3211/tcp
avocent secure management avsecuremgmt 3211/udp
avocent secure management surveyinst 3212/tcp
survey instrument surveyinst 3212/udp
survey instrument neon24x7 3213/tcp
neon 24x7 mission control neon24x7 3213/udp
neon 24x7 mission control jmq-daemon-1 3214/tcp
jmq daemon port 1 jmq-daemon-1 3214/udp
jmq daemon port 1 jmq-daemon-2 3215/tcp
jmq daemon port 2 jmq-daemon-2 3215/udp
jmq daemon port 2 ferrari-foam 3216/tcp
ferrari electronic foam ferrari-foam 3216/udp
ferrari electronic foam unite 3217/tcp
unified ip & telecomm env unite 3217/udp
unified ip & telecomm env smartpackets 3218/tcp
emc smartpackets smartpackets 3218/udp
emc smartpackets wms-messenger 3219/tcp
wms messenger wms-messenger 3219/udp
wms messenger xnm-ssl 3220/tcp
xml nm over ssl xnm-ssl 3220/udp
xml nm over ssl xnm-clear-text 3221/tcp
xml nm over tcp xnm-clear-text 3221/udp
xml nm over tcp glbp 3222/tcp
gateway load balancing pr glbp 3222/udp
gateway load balancing pr digivote 3223/tcp
digivote (r) vote-server digivote 3223/udp
digivote (r) vote-server aes-discovery 3224/tcp
aes discovery port aes-discovery 3224/udp
aes discovery port fcip-port 3225/tcp
fcip fcip-port 3225/udp
fcip isi-irp 3226/tcp
isi industry software irp isi-irp 3226/udp
isi industry software irp dwnmshttp 3227/tcp
diamondwave nms server dwnmshttp 3227/udp
diamondwave nms server dwmsgserver 3228/tcp
diamondwave msg server dwmsgserver 3228/udp
diamondwave msg server global-cd-port 3229/tcp
global cd port global-cd-port 3229/udp
global cd port sftdst-port 3230/tcp
software distributor port sftdst-port 3230/udp
software distributor port dsnl 3231/tcp
delta solutions direct dsnl 3231/udp
delta solutions direct mdtp 3232/tcp
mdt port mdtp 3232/udp
mdt port whisker 3233/tcp
whiskercontrol main port whisker 3233/udp
whiskercontrol main port alchemy 3234/tcp
alchemy server alchemy 3234/udp
alchemy server mdap-port 3235/tcp
mdap port mdap-port 3235/udp
mdap port apparenet-ts 3236/tcp
apparenet test server apparenet-ts 3236/udp
apparenet test server apparenet-tps 3237/tcp
apparenet test packet sequencer apparenet-tps 3237/udp
apparenet test packet sequencer apparenet-as 3238/tcp
apparenet analysis server apparenet-as 3238/udp
apparenet analysis server apparenet-ui 3239/tcp
apparenet user interface apparenet-ui 3239/udp
apparenet user interface triomotion 3240/tcp
trio motion control port triomotion 3240/udp
trio motion control port sysorb 3241/tcp
sysorb monitoring server sysorb 3241/udp
sysorb monitoring server sdp-id-port 3242/tcp
session description id sdp-id-port 3242/udp
session description id timelot 3243/tcp
timelot port timelot 3243/udp
timelot port onesaf 3244/tcp
onesaf onesaf 3244/udp
onesaf vieo-fe 3245/tcp
vieo fabric executive vieo-fe 3245/udp
vieo fabric executive dvt-system 3246/tcp
dvt system port dvt-system 3246/udp
dvt system port dvt-data 3247/tcp
dvt data link dvt-data 3247/udp
dvt data link procos-lm 3248/tcp
procos lm procos-lm 3248/udp
procos lm ssp 3249/tcp
state sync protocol ssp 3249/udp
state sync protocol hicp 3250/tcp
hms hicp port hicp 3250/udp
hms hicp port sysscanner 3251/tcp
sys scanner sysscanner 3251/udp
sys scanner dhe 3252/tcp
dhe port dhe 3252/udp
dhe port pda-data 3253/tcp
pda data pda-data 3253/udp
pda data pda-sys 3254/tcp
pda system pda-sys 3254/udp
pda system semaphore 3255/tcp
semaphore connection port semaphore 3255/udp
semaphore connection port cpqrpm-agent 3256/tcp
compaq rpm agent port cpqrpm-agent 3256/udp
compaq rpm agent port cpqrpm-server 3257/tcp
compaq rpm server port cpqrpm-server 3257/udp
compaq rpm server port ivecon-port 3258/tcp
ivecon server port ivecon-port 3258/udp
ivecon server port epncdp2 3259/tcp
epson network common devi epncdp2 3259/udp
epson network common devi iscsi-target 3260/tcp iscsi
iscsi port iscsi-target 3260/udp
iscsi port winshadow 3261/tcp
winshadow winshadow 3261/udp
winshadow necp 3262/tcp
necp necp 3262/udp
necp ecolor-imager 3263/tcp
e-color enterprise imager ecolor-imager 3263/udp
e-color enterprise imager ccmail 3264/tcp
cc:mail/lotus ccmail 3264/udp
cc:mail/lotus altav-tunnel 3265/tcp
altav tunnel altav-tunnel 3265/udp
altav tunnel ns-cfg-server 3266/tcp
ns cfg server ns-cfg-server 3266/udp
ns cfg server ibm-dial-out 3267/tcp
ibm dial out ibm-dial-out 3267/udp
ibm dial out msft-gc 3268/tcp globalcatLDAP
microsoft global catalog, global catalog ldap msft-gc 3268/udp
microsoft global catalog msft-gc-ssl 3269/tcp globalcatLDAPssl
global catalog ldap over ssl, microsoft global catalog with ldap/ssl msft-gc-ssl 3269/udp
microsoft global catalog with ldap/ssl verismart 3270/tcp
verismart verismart 3270/udp
verismart csoft-prev 3271/tcp
csoft prev port csoft-prev 3271/udp
csoft prev port user-manager 3272/tcp
fujitsu user manager user-manager 3272/udp
fujitsu user manager sxmp 3273/tcp
simple extensible multiplexed protocol sxmp 3273/udp
simple extensible multiplexed protocol ordinox-server 3274/tcp
ordinox server ordinox-server 3274/udp
ordinox server samd 3275/tcp
samd samd 3275/udp
samd maxim-asics 3276/tcp
maxim asics maxim-asics 3276/udp
maxim asics awg-proxy 3277/tcp
awg proxy awg-proxy 3277/udp
awg proxy lkcmserver 3278/tcp
lkcm server lkcmserver 3278/udp
lkcm server admind 3279/tcp
admind admind 3279/udp
admind vs-server 3280/tcp
vs server vs-server 3280/udp
vs server sysopt 3281/tcp
sysopt sysopt 3281/udp
sysopt datusorb 3282/tcp
datusorb datusorb 3282/udp
datusorb net-assistant 3283/tcp
net assistant net-assistant 3283/udp
net assistant 4talk 3284/tcp
4talk 4talk 3284/udp
4talk plato 3285/tcp
plato plato 3285/udp
plato e-net 3286/tcp
e-net e-net 3286/udp
e-net directvdata 3287/tcp
directvdata directvdata 3287/udp
directvdata cops 3288/tcp
cops cops 3288/udp
cops enpc 3289/tcp
enpc enpc 3289/udp
enpc caps-lm 3290/tcp
caps logistics toolkit - lm caps-lm 3290/udp
caps logistics toolkit - lm sah-lm 3291/tcp
s a holditch & associates - lm sah-lm 3291/udp
s a holditch & associates - lm cart-o-rama 3292/tcp meetingmaker
meeting maker time management software, cart o rama cart-o-rama 3292/udp
cart o rama fg-fps 3293/tcp
fg-fps fg-fps 3293/udp
fg-fps fg-gip 3294/tcp
fg-gip fg-gip 3294/udp
fg-gip dyniplookup 3295/tcp
dynamic ip lookup dyniplookup 3295/udp
dynamic ip lookup rib-slm 3296/tcp
rib license manager rib-slm 3296/udp
rib license manager cytel-lm 3297/tcp
cytel license manager cytel-lm 3297/udp
cytel license manager deskview 3298/tcp transview
transview, deskview deskview 3298/udp transview
transview, deskview pdrncs 3299/tcp
pdrncs pdrncs 3299/udp
pdrncs bmcpatrolagent 3300/tcp
bmc patrol agent bmcpatrolagent 3300/udp
bmc patrol agent bmcpatrolrnvu 3301/tcp
bmc patrol rendezvous bmcpatrolrnvu 3301/udp
bmc patrol rendezvous mcs-fastmail 3302/tcp
mcs fastmail mcs-fastmail 3302/udp
mcs fastmail opsession-clnt 3303/tcp
op session client opsession-clnt 3303/udp
op session client opsession-srvr 3304/tcp
op session server opsession-srvr 3304/udp
op session server odette-ftp 3305/tcp
odette-ftp odette-ftp 3305/udp
odette-ftp mysql 3306/tcp
mysql mysql 3306/udp
mysql opsession-prxy 3307/tcp
op session proxy opsession-prxy 3307/udp
op session proxy tns-server 3308/tcp
tns server tns-server 3308/udp
tns server tns-adv 3309/tcp
tns adv tns-adv 3309/udp
tnd adv, tns adv dyna-access 3310/tcp
dyna access dyna-access 3310/udp
dyna access mcns-tel-ret 3311/tcp
mcns tel ret mcns-tel-ret 3311/udp
mcns tel ret appman-server 3312/tcp
application management server appman-server 3312/udp
application management server uorb 3313/tcp
unify object broker uorb 3313/udp
unify object broker uohost 3314/tcp
unify object host uohost 3314/udp
unify object host cdid 3315/tcp
cdid cdid 3315/udp
cdid aicc-cmi 3316/tcp
aicc/cmi aicc-cmi 3316/udp
aicc/cmi vsaiport 3317/tcp
vsai port vsaiport 3317/udp
vsai port ssrip 3318/tcp
swith to swith routing information protocol ssrip 3318/udp
swith to swith routing information protocol sdt-lmd 3319/tcp
sdt license manager sdt-lmd 3319/udp
sdt license manager officelink2000 3320/tcp
office link 2000 officelink2000 3320/udp
office link 2000 vnsstr 3321/tcp
vnsstr vnsstr 3321/udp
vnsstr active-net 3322/tcp
active networks active-net 3323/tcp
active networks active-net 3324/tcp
active networks active-net 3325/tcp
active networks sftu 3326/tcp
sftu sftu 3326/udp
sftu bbars 3327/tcp
bbars bbars 3327/udp
bbars egptlm 3328/tcp
eaglepoint license manager egptlm 3328/udp
eaglepoint license manager hp-device-disc 3329/tcp
hp device disc hp-device-disc 3329/udp
hp device disc mcs-calypsoicf 3330/tcp
mcs calypso icf mcs-calypsoicf 3330/udp
mcs calypso icf mcs-messaging 3331/tcp
mcs messaging mcs-messaging 3331/udp
mcs messaging mcs-mailsvr 3332/tcp
mcs mail server mcs-mailsvr 3332/udp
mcs mail server dec-notes 3333/tcp
dec notes dec-notes 3333/udp
dec notes directv-web 3334/tcp
direct tv webcasting directv-web 3334/udp
direct tv webcasting directv-soft 3335/tcp
direct tv software updates directv-soft 3335/udp
direct tv software updates directv-tick 3336/tcp
direct tv tickers directv-tick 3336/udp
direct tv tickers directv-catlg 3337/tcp
direct tv data catalog directv-catlg 3337/udp
direct tv data catalog anet-b 3338/tcp
omf data b anet-b 3338/udp
omf data b anet-l 3339/tcp
omf data l anet-l 3339/udp
omf data l anet-m 3340/tcp
omf data m anet-m 3340/udp
omf data m anet-h 3341/tcp
omf data h anet-h 3341/udp
omf data h webtie 3342/tcp
webtie webtie 3342/udp
webtie ms-cluster-net 3343/tcp
ms cluster net ms-cluster-net 3343/udp
ms cluster net bnt-manager 3344/tcp
bnt manager bnt-manager 3344/udp
bnt manager influence 3345/tcp
influence influence 3345/udp
influence trnsprntproxy 3346/tcp
trnsprnt proxy trnsprntproxy 3346/udp
trnsprnt proxy phoenix-rpc 3347/tcp
phoenix rpc phoenix-rpc 3347/udp
phoenix rpc pangolin-laser 3348/tcp
pangolin laser pangolin-laser 3348/udp
pangolin laser chevinservices 3349/tcp
chevin services chevinservices 3349/udp
chevin services findviatv 3350/tcp
findviatv findviatv 3350/udp
findviatv btrieve 3351/tcp
btrieve, btrieve port btrieve 3351/udp
btrieve, btrieve port ssql 3352/tcp
ssql, scalable sql ssql 3352/udp
ssql, scalable sql fatpipe 3353/tcp
fatpipe fatpipe 3353/udp
fatpipe suitjd 3354/tcp
suitjd suitjd 3354/udp
suitjd ordinox-dbase 3355/tcp
ordinox dbase ordinox-dbase 3355/udp
ordinox dbase upnotifyps 3356/tcp
upnotifyps upnotifyps 3356/udp
upnotifyps adtech-test 3357/tcp
adtech test ip adtech-test 3357/udp
adtech test ip mpsysrmsvr 3358/tcp
mp sys rmsvr mpsysrmsvr 3358/udp
mp sys rmsvr wg-netforce 3359/tcp
wg netforce wg-netforce 3359/udp
wg netforce kv-server 3360/tcp
kv server kv-server 3360/udp
kv server kv-agent 3361/tcp
kv agent kv-agent 3361/udp
kv agent dj-ilm 3362/tcp
dj ilm dj-ilm 3362/udp
dj ilm nati-vi-server 3363/tcp
nati vi server nati-vi-server 3363/udp
nati vi server creativeserver 3364/tcp
creative server creativeserver 3364/udp
creative server contentserver 3365/tcp
content server contentserver 3365/udp
content server creativepartnr 3366/tcp
creative partner creativepartnr 3366/udp
creative partner satvid-datalnk 3367/tcp
satellite video data link satvid-datalnk 3368/tcp
satellite video data link satvid-datalnk 3369/tcp
satellite video data link satvid-datalnk 3370/tcp
satellite video data link satvid-datalnk 3371/tcp
satellite video data link tip2 3372/tcp msdtc
ms distributed transaction coordinator, tip 2 tip2 3372/udp
tip 2 lavenir-lm 3373/tcp
lavenir license manager lavenir-lm 3373/udp
lavenir license manager cluster-disc 3374/tcp
cluster disc cluster-disc 3374/udp
cluster disc vsnm-agent 3375/tcp
vsnm agent vsnm-agent 3375/udp
vsnm agent cdbroker 3376/tcp cdborker
cd broker cdbroker 3376/udp
cd broker cogsys-lm 3377/tcp
cogsys network license manager cogsys-lm 3377/udp
cogsys network license manager wsicopy 3378/tcp
wsicopy wsicopy 3378/udp
wsicopy socorfs 3379/tcp
socorfs socorfs 3379/udp
socorfs sns-channels 3380/tcp
sns channels sns-channels 3380/udp
sns channels geneous 3381/tcp
geneous geneous 3381/udp
geneous fujitsu-neat 3382/tcp
fujitsu network enhanced antitheft function fujitsu-neat 3382/udp
fujitsu network enhanced antitheft function esp-lm 3383/tcp
enterprise software products license manager esp-lm 3383/udp
enterprise software products license manager hp-clic 3384/tcp
cluster management services hp-clic 3384/udp
hardware management qnxnetman 3385/tcp
qnxnetman qnxnetman 3385/udp
qnxnetman gprs-data 3386/tcp
gprs data gprs-sig 3386/udp
gprs sig backroomnet 3387/tcp
back room net backroomnet 3387/udp
back room net cbserver 3388/tcp
cb server cbserver 3388/udp
cb server ms-wbt-server 3389/tcp ms-term-serv msrdp
Microsoft remote display protocol, microsoft remote display protocol, ms wbt server ms-wbt-server 3389/udp
ms wbt server dsc 3390/tcp
distributed service coordinator dsc 3390/udp
distributed service coordinator savant 3391/tcp
savant savant 3391/udp
savant efi-lm 3392/tcp
efi license management efi-lm 3392/udp
efi license management d2k-tapestry1 3393/tcp
d2k tapestry client to server d2k-tapestry1 3393/udp
d2k tapestry client to server d2k-tapestry2 3394/tcp
d2k tapestry server to server d2k-tapestry2 3394/udp
d2k tapestry server to server dyna-lm 3395/tcp
dyna license manager (elam) dyna-lm 3395/udp
dyna license manager (elam) printer_agent 3396/tcp
printer agent printer_agent 3396/udp
printer agent cloanto-lm 3397/tcp
cloanto license manager cloanto-lm 3397/udp
cloanto license manager mercantile 3398/tcp
mercantile mercantile 3398/udp
mercantile csms 3399/tcp
csms csms 3399/udp
csms csms2 3400/tcp
csms2 csms2 3400/udp
csms2 filecast 3401/tcp
filecast filecast 3401/udp squid-snmp
filecast, squid proxy snmp port fxaengine-net 3402/tcp
fxa engine network port fxaengine-net 3402/udp
fxa engine network port copysnap 3403/tcp
copysnap server port copysnap 3403/udp
copysnap server port nokia-ann-ch1 3405/tcp
nokia announcement ch 1 nokia-ann-ch1 3405/udp
nokia announcement ch 1 nokia-ann-ch2 3406/tcp
nokia announcement ch 2 nokia-ann-ch2 3406/udp
nokia announcement ch 2 ldap-admin 3407/tcp
ldap admin server port ldap-admin 3407/udp
ldap admin server port issapi 3408/tcp
powerpack api port issapi 3408/udp
powerpack api port networklens 3409/tcp
networklens event port networklens 3409/udp
networklens event port networklenss 3410/tcp
networklens ssl event networklenss 3410/udp
networklens ssl event biolink-auth 3411/tcp
biolink authenteon server biolink-auth 3411/udp
biolink authenteon server xmlblaster 3412/tcp
xmlblaster xmlblaster 3412/udp
xmlblaster svnet 3413/tcp
specview networking svnet 3413/udp
specview networking wip-port 3414/tcp
broadcloud wip port wip-port 3414/udp
broadcloud wip port bcinameservice 3415/tcp
bci name service bcinameservice 3415/udp
bci name service commandport 3416/tcp
airmobile is command port commandport 3416/udp
airmobile is command port csvr 3417/tcp
conservr file translation csvr 3417/udp
conservr file translation rnmap 3418/tcp
remote nmap rnmap 3418/udp
remote nmap softaudit 3419/tcp
isogon softaudit softaudit 3419/udp
isogon softaudit ifcp-port 3420/tcp
ifcp user port ifcp-port 3420/udp
ifcp user port bmap 3421/tcp
bull apprise portmapper bmap 3421/udp
bull apprise portmapper rusb-sys-port 3422/tcp
remote usb system port rusb-sys-port 3422/udp
remote usb system port xtrm 3423/tcp
xtrade reliable messaging xtrm 3423/udp
xtrade reliable messaging xtrms 3424/tcp
xtrade over tls/ssl xtrms 3424/udp
xtrade over tls/ssl agps-port 3425/tcp
agps access port agps-port 3425/udp
agps access port arkivio 3426/tcp
arkivio storage protocol arkivio 3426/udp
arkivio storage protocol websphere-snmp 3427/tcp
websphere snmp websphere-snmp 3427/udp
websphere snmp twcss 3428/tcp
2wire css twcss 3428/udp
2wire css gcsp 3429/tcp
gcsp user port gcsp 3429/udp
gcsp user port ssdispatch 3430/tcp
scott studios dispatch ssdispatch 3430/udp
scott studios dispatch ndl-als 3431/tcp
active license server port ndl-als 3431/udp
active license server port osdcp 3432/tcp
secure device protocol osdcp 3432/udp
secure device protocol alta-smp 3433/tcp
altaworks service management platform alta-smp 3433/udp
altaworks service management platform opencm 3434/tcp
opencm server opencm 3434/udp
opencm server pacom 3435/tcp
pacom security user port pacom 3435/udp
pacom security user port gc-config 3436/tcp
guardcontrol exchange protocol gc-config 3436/udp
guardcontrol exchange protocol autocueds 3437/tcp
autocue directory service autocueds 3437/udp
autocue directory service spiral-admin 3438/tcp
spiralcraft admin spiral-admin 3438/udp
spiralcraft admin hri-port 3439/tcp
hri interface port hri-port 3439/udp
hri interface port ans-console 3440/tcp
net steward mgmt console ans-console 3440/udp
net steward mgmt console connect-client 3441/tcp
oc connect client connect-client 3441/udp
oc connect client connect-server 3442/tcp
oc connect server connect-server 3442/udp
oc connect server ov-nnm-websrv 3443/tcp
openview network node manager web server ov-nnm-websrv 3443/udp
openview network node manager web server denali-server 3444/tcp
denali server denali-server 3444/udp
denali server monp 3445/tcp
media object network monp 3445/udp
media object network 3comfaxrpc 3446/tcp
3com fax rpc port 3comfaxrpc 3446/udp
3com fax rpc port cddn 3447/tcp
compuduo directnet cddn 3447/udp
compuduo directnet dnc-port 3448/tcp
discovery and net config dnc-port 3448/udp
discovery and net config hotu-chat 3449/tcp
hotu chat hotu-chat 3449/udp
hotu chat castorproxy 3450/tcp
castorproxy castorproxy 3450/udp
castorproxy asam 3451/tcp
asam services asam 3451/udp
asam services sabp-signal 3452/tcp
sabp-signalling protocol sabp-signal 3452/udp
sabp-signalling protocol pscupd 3453/tcp
psc update port pscupd 3453/udp
psc update port mira 3454/tcp
apple remote access protocol prsvp 3455/tcp
rsvp port prsvp 3455/udp rsvp-encap
rsvp port, rsvp encapsulated in udp vat 3456/tcp
vat default data vat 3456/udp IISrpc-or-vat
vat default data, also vat default data vat-control 3457/tcp
vat default control vat-control 3457/udp
vat default control d3winosfi 3458/tcp
d3winosfi d3winosfi 3458/udp
dswinosfi, d3winosfi integral 3459/tcp
tip integral, integral integral 3459/udp
tip integral, integral edm-manager 3460/tcp
edm manger edm-manager 3460/udp
edm manger edm-stager 3461/tcp
edm stager edm-stager 3461/udp
edm stager edm-std-notify 3462/tcp track
edm std notify, software distribution edm-std-notify 3462/udp
edm std notify edm-adm-notify 3463/tcp
edm adm notify edm-adm-notify 3463/udp
edm adm notify edm-mgr-sync 3464/tcp
edm mgr sync edm-mgr-sync 3464/udp
edm mgr sync edm-mgr-cntrl 3465/tcp
edm mgr cntrl edm-mgr-cntrl 3465/udp
edm mgr cntrl workflow 3466/tcp
workflow workflow 3466/udp
workflow rcst 3467/tcp
rcst rcst 3467/udp
rcst ttcmremotectrl 3468/tcp
ttcm remote controll ttcmremotectrl 3468/udp
ttcm remote controll pluribus 3469/tcp
pluribus pluribus 3469/udp
pluribus jt400 3470/tcp
jt400 jt400 3470/udp
jt400 jt400-ssl 3471/tcp
jt400-ssl jt400-ssl 3471/udp
jt400-ssl jaugsremotec-1 3472/tcp
jaugs n-g remotec 1 jaugsremotec-1 3472/udp
jaugs n-g remotec 1 jaugsremotec-2 3473/tcp
jaugs n-g remotec 2 jaugsremotec-2 3473/udp
jaugs n-g remotec 2 ttntspauto 3474/tcp
tsp automation ttntspauto 3474/udp
tsp automation genisar-port 3475/tcp
genisar comm port genisar-port 3475/udp
genisar comm port nppmp 3476/tcp
nvidia mgmt protocol nppmp 3476/udp
nvidia mgmt protocol ecomm 3477/tcp
ecomm link port ecomm 3477/udp
ecomm link port nat-stun-port 3478/tcp
simple traversal of udp through nat (stun) port nat-stun-port 3478/udp
simple traversal of udp through nat (stun) port twrpc 3479/tcp
2wire rpc twrpc 3479/udp
2wire rpc plethora 3480/tcp
secure virtual workspace plethora 3480/udp
secure virtual workspace cleanerliverc 3481/tcp
cleanerlive remote ctrl cleanerliverc 3481/udp
cleanerlive remote ctrl vulture 3482/tcp
vulture monitoring system vulture 3482/udp
vulture monitoring system slim-devices 3483/tcp
slim devices protocol slim-devices 3483/udp
slim devices protocol gbs-stp 3484/tcp
gbs snaptalk protocol gbs-stp 3484/udp
gbs snaptalk protocol celatalk 3485/tcp
celatalk celatalk 3485/udp
celatalk ifsf-hb-port 3486/tcp
ifsf heartbeat port ifsf-hb-port 3486/udp
ifsf heartbeat port ltctcp 3487/tcp
lisa tcp transfer channel ltcudp 3487/udp
lisa udp transfer channel fs-rh-srv 3488/tcp
fs remote host server fs-rh-srv 3488/udp
fs remote host server dtp-dia 3489/tcp
dtp/dia dtp-dia 3489/udp
dtp/dia colubris 3490/tcp
colubris management port colubris 3490/udp
colubris management port swr-port 3491/tcp
swr port swr-port 3491/udp
swr port tvdumtray-port 3492/tcp
tvdum tray port tvdumtray-port 3492/udp
tvdum tray port nut 3493/tcp
network ups tools nut 3493/udp
network ups tools ibm3494 3494/tcp
ibm 3494 ibm3494 3494/udp
ibm 3494 seclayer-tcp 3495/tcp
securitylayer over tcp seclayer-tcp 3495/udp
securitylayer over tcp seclayer-tls 3496/tcp
securitylayer over tls seclayer-tls 3496/udp
securitylayer over tls ipether232port 3497/tcp
ipether232port ipether232port 3497/udp
ipether232port dashpas-port 3498/tcp
dashpas user port dashpas-port 3498/udp
dashpas user port sccip-media 3499/tcp
sccip media sccip-media 3499/udp
sccip media rtmp-port 3500/tcp
rtmp port rtmp-port 3500/udp
rtmp port isoft-p2p 3501/tcp
isoft-p2p isoft-p2p 3501/udp
isoft-p2p avinstalldisc 3502/tcp
avocent install discovery avinstalldisc 3502/udp
avocent install discovery lsp-ping 3503/tcp
mpls lsp-echo port lsp-ping 3503/udp
mpls lsp-echo port ironstorm 3504/tcp
ironstorm game server ironstorm 3504/udp
ironstorm game server ccmcomm 3505/tcp
ccm communications port ccmcomm 3505/udp
ccm communications port apc-3506 3506/tcp
apc 3506 apc-3506 3506/udp
apc 3506 nesh-broker 3507/tcp
nesh broker port nesh-broker 3507/udp
nesh broker port interactionweb 3508/tcp
interaction web interactionweb 3508/udp
interaction web vt-ssl 3509/tcp
virtual token ssl port vt-ssl 3509/udp
virtual token ssl port xss-port 3510/tcp
xss port xss-port 3510/udp
xss port webmail-2 3511/tcp
webmail/2 webmail-2 3511/udp
webmail/2 aztec 3512/tcp
aztec distribution port aztec 3512/udp
aztec distribution port arcpd 3513/tcp
adaptec remote protocol arcpd 3513/udp
adaptec remote protocol must-p2p 3514/tcp
must peer to peer must-p2p 3514/udp
must peer to peer must-backplane 3515/tcp
must backplane must-backplane 3515/udp
must backplane smartcard-port 3516/tcp
smartcard port smartcard-port 3516/udp
smartcard port 802-11-iapp 3517/tcp
ieee 802.11 wlans wg iapp 802-11-iapp 3517/udp
ieee 802.11 wlans wg iapp artifact-msg 3518/tcp
artifact message server artifact-msg 3518/udp
artifact message server nvmsgd 3519/tcp
netvion messenger port galileo 3519/udp
netvion galileo port galileolog 3520/tcp
netvion galileo log port galileolog 3520/udp
netvion galileo log port mc3ss 3521/tcp
telequip labs mc3ss mc3ss 3521/udp
telequip labs mc3ss nssocketport 3522/tcp
do over nssocketport nssocketport 3522/udp
do over nssocketport odeumservlink 3523/tcp
odeum serverlink odeumservlink 3523/udp
odeum serverlink ecmport 3524/tcp
ecm server port ecmport 3524/udp
ecm server port eisport 3525/tcp
eis server port eisport 3525/udp
eis server port starquiz-port 3526/tcp
starquiz port starquiz-port 3526/udp
starquiz port beserver-msg-q 3527/tcp
veritas backup exec server beserver-msg-q 3527/udp
veritas backup exec server jboss-iiop 3528/tcp
jboss iiop jboss-iiop 3528/udp
jboss iiop jboss-iiop-ssl 3529/tcp
jboss iiop/ssl jboss-iiop-ssl 3529/udp
jboss iiop/ssl gf 3530/tcp
grid friendly gf 3530/udp
grid friendly joltid 3531/tcp
joltid joltid 3531/udp
joltid raven-rmp 3532/tcp
raven remote management control raven-rmp 3532/udp
raven remote management control raven-rdp 3533/tcp
raven remote management data raven-rdp 3533/udp
raven remote management data urld-port 3534/tcp
url daemon port urld-port 3534/udp
url daemon port ms-la 3535/tcp
ms-la ms-la 3535/udp
ms-la snac 3536/tcp
snac snac 3536/udp
snac ni-visa-remote 3537/tcp
remote ni-visa port ni-visa-remote 3537/udp
remote ni-visa port ibm-diradm 3538/tcp
ibm directory server ibm-diradm 3538/udp
ibm directory server ibm-diradm-ssl 3539/tcp
ibm directory server ssl ibm-diradm-ssl 3539/udp
ibm directory server ssl pnrp-port 3540/tcp
pnrp user port pnrp-port 3540/udp
pnrp user port voispeed-port 3541/tcp
voispeed port voispeed-port 3541/udp
voispeed port hacl-monitor 3542/tcp
ha cluster monitor hacl-monitor 3542/udp
ha cluster monitor qftest-lookup 3543/tcp
qftest lookup port qftest-lookup 3543/udp
qftest lookup port teredo 3544/tcp
teredo port teredo 3544/udp
teredo port camac 3545/tcp
camac equipment camac 3545/udp
camac equipment symantec-sim 3547/tcp
symantec sim symantec-sim 3547/udp
symantec sim interworld 3548/tcp
interworld interworld 3548/udp
interworld tellumat-nms 3549/tcp
tellumat mdr nms tellumat-nms 3549/udp
tellumat mdr nms ssmpp 3550/tcp
secure smpp ssmpp 3550/udp
secure smpp apcupsd 3551/tcp
apcupsd information port apcupsd 3551/udp
apcupsd information port taserver 3552/tcp
teamagenda server port taserver 3552/udp
teamagenda server port rbr-discovery 3553/tcp
red box recorder adp rbr-discovery 3553/udp
red box recorder adp questnotify 3554/tcp
quest notification server questnotify 3554/udp
quest notification server razor 3555/tcp
vipul's razor razor 3555/udp
vipul's razor sky-transport 3556/tcp
sky transport protocol sky-transport 3556/udp
sky transport protocol personalos-001 3557/tcp
personalos comm port personalos-001 3557/udp
personalos comm port mcp-port 3558/tcp
mcp user port mcp-port 3558/udp
mcp user port cctv-port 3559/tcp
cctv control port cctv-port 3559/udp
cctv control port iniserve-port 3560/tcp
iniserve port iniserve-port 3560/udp
iniserve port bmc-onekey 3561/tcp
bmc-onekey bmc-onekey 3561/udp
bmc-onekey sdbproxy 3562/tcp
sdbproxy sdbproxy 3562/udp
sdbproxy watcomdebug 3563/tcp
watcom debug watcomdebug 3563/udp
watcom debug esimport 3564/tcp
electromed sim port esimport 3564/udp
electromed sim port m2pa 3565/sctp
m2pa m2pa 3565/tcp
m2pa quest-launcher 3566/tcp
quest agent manager quest-launcher 3566/udp
quest agent manager emware-oft 3567/tcp
emware oft services emware-oft 3567/udp
emware oft services emware-epss 3568/tcp
emware emit/secure emware-epss 3568/udp
emware emit/secure mbg-ctrl 3569/tcp
meinberg control service mbg-ctrl 3569/udp
meinberg control service mccwebsvr-port 3570/tcp
mcc web server port mccwebsvr-port 3570/udp
mcc web server port megardsvr-port 3571/tcp
megaraid server port megardsvr-port 3571/udp
megaraid server port megaregsvrport 3572/tcp
registration server port megaregsvrport 3572/udp
registration server port tag-ups-1 3573/tcp
advantage group ups suite tag-ups-1 3573/udp
advantage group ups suite dmaf-server 3574/tcp
dmaf server dmaf-caster 3574/udp
dmaf caster ccm-port 3575/tcp
coalsere ccm port ccm-port 3575/udp
coalsere ccm port cmc-port 3576/tcp
coalsere cmc port cmc-port 3576/udp
coalsere cmc port config-port 3577/tcp
configuration port config-port 3577/udp
configuration port data-port 3578/tcp
data port data-port 3578/udp
data port ttat3lb 3579/tcp
tarantella load balancing ttat3lb 3579/udp
tarantella load balancing nati-svrloc 3580/tcp
nati-servicelocator nati-svrloc 3580/udp
nati-servicelocator kfxaclicensing 3581/tcp
ascent capture licensing kfxaclicensing 3581/udp
ascent capture licensing press 3582/tcp
peg press server press 3582/udp
peg press server canex-watch 3583/tcp
canex watch system canex-watch 3583/udp
canex watch system u-dbap 3584/tcp
u-dbase access protocol u-dbap 3584/udp
u-dbase access protocol emprise-lls 3585/tcp
emprise license server emprise-lls 3585/udp
emprise license server emprise-lsc 3586/tcp
license server console emprise-lsc 3586/udp
license server console p2pgroup 3587/tcp
peer to peer grouping p2pgroup 3587/udp
peer to peer grouping sentinel 3588/tcp
sentinel server sentinel 3588/udp
sentinel server isomair 3589/tcp
isomair isomair 3589/udp
isomair wv-csp-sms 3590/tcp
wv csp sms binding wv-csp-sms 3590/udp
wv csp sms binding gtrack-server 3591/tcp
locanis g-track server gtrack-server 3591/udp
locanis g-track server gtrack-ne 3592/tcp
locanis g-track ne port gtrack-ne 3592/udp
locanis g-track ne port bpmd 3593/tcp
bp model debugger bpmd 3593/udp
bp model debugger mediaspace 3594/tcp
mediaspace mediaspace 3594/udp
mediaspace shareapp 3595/tcp
shareapp shareapp 3595/udp
shareapp iw-mmogame 3596/tcp
illusion wireless mmog iw-mmogame 3596/udp
illusion wireless mmog a14 3597/tcp
a14 (an-to-sc/mm) a14 3597/udp
a14 (an-to-sc/mm) a15 3598/tcp
a15 (an-to-an) a15 3598/udp
a15 (an-to-an) quasar-server 3599/tcp
quasar accounting server quasar-server 3599/udp
quasar accounting server trap-daemon 3600/tcp
text relay-answer trap-daemon 3600/udp
text relay-answer visinet-gui 3601/tcp
visinet gui visinet-gui 3601/udp
visinet gui infiniswitchcl 3602/tcp
infiniswitch mgr client infiniswitchcl 3602/udp
infiniswitch mgr client int-rcv-cntrl 3603/tcp
integrated rcvr control int-rcv-cntrl 3603/udp
integrated rcvr control bmc-jmx-port 3604/tcp
bmc jmx port bmc-jmx-port 3604/udp
bmc jmx port comcam-io 3605/tcp
comcam io port comcam-io 3605/udp
comcam io port splitlock 3606/tcp
splitlock server splitlock 3606/udp
splitlock server precise-i3 3607/tcp
precise i3 precise-i3 3607/udp
precise i3 trendchip-dcp 3608/tcp
trendchip control protocol trendchip-dcp 3608/udp
trendchip control protocol cpdi-pidas-cm 3609/tcp
cpdi pidas connection mon cpdi-pidas-cm 3609/udp
cpdi pidas connection mon echonet 3610/tcp
echonet echonet 3610/udp
echonet six-degrees 3611/tcp
six degrees port six-degrees 3611/udp
six degrees port hp-dataprotect 3612/tcp
hp data protector hp-dataprotect 3612/udp
hp data protector alaris-disc 3613/tcp
alaris device discovery alaris-disc 3613/udp
alaris device discovery sigma-port 3614/tcp
invensys sigma port sigma-port 3614/udp
invensys sigma port start-network 3615/tcp
start messaging network start-network 3615/udp
start messaging network cd3o-protocol 3616/tcp
cd3o control protocol cd3o-protocol 3616/udp
cd3o control protocol sharp-server 3617/tcp
ati sharp logic engine sharp-server 3617/udp
ati sharp logic engine aairnet-1 3618/tcp
aair-network 1 aairnet-1 3618/udp
aair-network 1 aairnet-2 3619/tcp
aair-network 2 aairnet-2 3619/udp
aair-network 2 ep-pcp 3620/tcp
epson projector control port ep-pcp 3620/udp
epson projector control port ep-nsp 3621/tcp
epson network screen port ep-nsp 3621/udp
epson network screen port ff-lr-port 3622/tcp
ff lan redundancy port ff-lr-port 3622/udp
ff lan redundancy port haipe-discover 3623/tcp
haipis dynamic discovery haipe-discover 3623/udp
haipis dynamic discovery dist-upgrade 3624/tcp
distributed upgrade port dist-upgrade 3624/udp
distributed upgrade port volley 3625/tcp
volley volley 3625/udp
volley bvcdaemon-port 3626/tcp
bvcontrol daemon bvcdaemon-port 3626/udp
bvcontrol daemon jamserverport 3627/tcp
jam server port jamserverport 3627/udp
jam server port ept-machine 3628/tcp
ept machine interface ept-machine 3628/udp
ept machine interface escvpnet 3629/tcp
esc/vp.net escvpnet 3629/udp
esc/vp.net cs-remote-db 3630/tcp
c&s remote database port cs-remote-db 3630/udp
c&s remote database port cs-services 3631/tcp
c&s web services port cs-services 3631/udp
c&s web services port distcc 3632/tcp
distributed compiler distcc 3632/udp
distributed complier wacp 3633/tcp
wyrnix ais port wacp 3633/udp
wyrnix ais port hlibmgr 3634/tcp
hntsp library manager hlibmgr 3634/udp
hntsp library manager sdo 3635/tcp
simple distributed objects sdo 3635/udp
simple distributed objects opscenter 3636/tcp
opscenter opscenter 3636/udp
opscenter scservp 3637/tcp
customer service port scservp 3637/udp
customer service port ehp-backup 3638/tcp
ehp backup protocol ehp-backup 3638/udp
ehp backup protocol xap-ha 3639/tcp
extensible automation xap-ha 3639/udp
extensible automation netplay-port1 3640/tcp
netplay port 1 netplay-port1 3640/udp
netplay port 1 netplay-port2 3641/tcp
netplay port 2 netplay-port2 3641/udp
netplay port 2 juxml-port 3642/tcp
juxml replication port juxml-port 3642/udp
juxml replication port audiojuggler 3643/tcp
audiojuggler audiojuggler 3643/udp
audiojuggler ssowatch 3644/tcp
ssowatch ssowatch 3644/udp
ssowatch cyc 3645/tcp
cyc cyc 3645/udp
cyc xss-srv-port 3646/tcp
xss server port xss-srv-port 3646/udp
xss server port splitlock-gw 3647/tcp
splitlock gateway splitlock-gw 3647/udp
splitlock gateway fjcp 3648/tcp
fujitsu cooperation port fjcp 3648/udp
fujitsu cooperation port nmmp 3649/tcp
nishioka miyuki msg protocol nmmp 3649/udp
nishioka miyuki msg protocol prismiq-plugin 3650/tcp
prismiq vod plug-in prismiq-plugin 3650/udp
prismiq vod plug-in xrpc-registry 3651/tcp
xrpc registry xrpc-registry 3651/udp
xrpc registry vxcrnbuport 3652/tcp
vxcr nbu default port vxcrnbuport 3652/udp
vxcr nbu default port tsp 3653/tcp
tunnel setup protocol tsp 3653/udp
tunnel setup protocol vaprtm 3654/tcp
vap realtime messenger vaprtm 3654/udp
vap realtime messenger abatemgr 3655/tcp
activebatch exec agent abatemgr 3655/udp
activebatch exec agent abatjss 3656/tcp
activebatch job scheduler abatjss 3656/udp
activebatch job scheduler immedianet-bcn 3657/tcp
immedianet beacon immedianet-bcn 3657/udp
immedianet beacon ps-ams 3658/tcp
playstation ams (secure) ps-ams 3658/udp
playstation ams (secure) apple-sasl 3659/tcp
apple sasl apple-sasl 3659/udp
apple sasl can-nds-ssl 3660/tcp
candle directory services using ssl can-nds-ssl 3660/udp
candle directory services using ssl can-ferret-ssl 3661/tcp
candle directory services using ssl can-ferret-ssl 3661/udp
candle directory services using ssl pserver 3662/tcp
pserver pserver 3662/udp
pserver dtp 3663/tcp
direcway tunnel protocol dtp 3663/udp
direcway tunnel protocol ups-engine 3664/tcp
ups engine port ups-engine 3664/udp
ups engine port ent-engine 3665/tcp
enterprise engine port ent-engine 3665/udp
enterprise engine port eserver-pap 3666/tcp
ibm eserver pap eserver-pap 3666/udp
ibm eserver pap infoexch 3667/tcp
ibm information exchange infoexch 3667/udp
ibm information exchange dell-rm-port 3668/tcp
dell remote management dell-rm-port 3668/udp
dell remote management casanswmgmt 3669/tcp
ca san switch management casanswmgmt 3669/udp
ca san switch management smile 3670/tcp
smile tcp/udp interface smile 3670/udp
smile tcp/udp interface efcp 3671/tcp
e field control (eibnet) efcp 3671/udp
e field control (eibnet) lispworks-orb 3672/tcp harlequinorb
harlequinorb, lispworks orb lispworks-orb 3672/udp harlequinorb
harlequinorb, lispworks orb mediavault-gui 3673/tcp
openview media vault gui mediavault-gui 3673/udp
openview media vault gui wininstall-ipc 3674/tcp
wininstall ipc port wininstall-ipc 3674/udp
wininstall ipc port calltrax 3675/tcp
calltrax data port calltrax 3675/udp
calltrax data port va-pacbase 3676/tcp
visualage pacbase server va-pacbase 3676/udp
visualage pacbase server roverlog 3677/tcp
roverlog ipc roverlog 3677/udp
roverlog ipc ipr-dglt 3678/tcp
dataguardianlt ipr-dglt 3678/udp
dataguardianlt newton-dock 3679/tcp
newton dock newton-dock 3679/udp
newton dock npds-tracker 3680/tcp
npds tracker npds-tracker 3680/udp
npds tracker bts-x73 3681/tcp
bts x73 port bts-x73 3681/udp
bts x73 port cas-mapi 3682/tcp
emc smartpackets-mapi cas-mapi 3682/udp
emc smartpackets-mapi bmc-ea 3683/tcp
bmc edv/ea bmc-ea 3683/udp
bmc edv/ea faxstfx-port 3684/tcp
faxstfx faxstfx-port 3684/udp
faxstfx dsx-agent 3685/tcp
ds expert agent dsx-agent 3685/udp
ds expert agent tnmpv2 3686/tcp
trivial network management tnmpv2 3686/udp
trivial network management simple-push 3687/tcp
simple-push simple-push 3687/udp
simple-push simple-push-s 3688/tcp
simple-push secure simple-push-s 3688/udp
simple-push secure daap 3689/tcp rendezvous
digital audio access protocol, rendezvous zeroconf (used by apple) daap 3689/udp
digital audio access protocol svn 3690/tcp
subversion svn 3690/udp
subversion magaya-network 3691/tcp
magaya network port magaya-network 3691/udp
magaya network port intelsync 3692/tcp
brimstone intelsync intelsync 3692/udp
brimstone intelsync gttp 3693/tcp
gttp gttp 3693/udp
gttp vpncpp 3694/tcp
vpn cookie prop protocol vpncpp 3694/udp
vpn cookie prop protocol bmc-data-coll 3695/tcp
bmc data collection bmc-data-coll 3695/udp
bmc data collection telnetcpcd 3696/tcp
telnet com port control telnetcpcd 3696/udp
telnet com port control nw-license 3697/tcp
navisworks license system nw-license 3697/udp
navisworks licnese system sagectlpanel 3698/tcp
sagectlpanel sagectlpanel 3698/udp
sagectlpanel kpn-icw 3699/tcp
internet call waiting kpn-icw 3699/udp
internet call waiting lrs-paging 3700/tcp
lrs netpage lrs-paging 3700/udp
lrs netpage netcelera 3701/tcp
netcelera netcelera 3701/udp
netcelera upnp-discovery 3702/tcp
upnp v2 discovery upnp-discovery 3702/udp
upnp v2 discovery adobeserver-3 3703/tcp
adobe server 3 adobeserver-3 3703/udp
adobe server 3 adobeserver-4 3704/tcp
adobe server 4 adobeserver-4 3704/udp
adobe server 4 adobeserver-5 3705/tcp
adobe server 5 adobeserver-5 3705/udp
adobe server 5 rt-event 3706/tcp
real-time event port rt-event 3706/udp
real-time event port rt-event-s 3707/tcp
real-time event secure port rt-event-s 3707/udp
real-time event secure port ca-idms 3709/tcp
ca-idms server ca-idms 3709/udp
ca-idms server portgate-auth 3710/tcp
portgate authentication portgate-auth 3710/udp
portgate authentication edb-server2 3711/tcp
ebd server 2 edb-server2 3711/udp
ebd server 2 sentinel-ent 3712/tcp
sentinel enterprise sentinel-ent 3712/udp
sentinel enterprise tftps 3713/tcp
tftp over tls tftps 3713/udp
tftp over tls delos-dms 3714/tcp
delos direct messaging delos-dms 3714/udp
delos direct messaging anoto-rendezv 3715/tcp
anoto rendezvous port anoto-rendezv 3715/udp
anoto rendezvous port wv-csp-sms-cir 3716/tcp
wv csp sms cir channel wv-csp-sms-cir 3716/udp
wv csp sms cir channel wv-csp-udp-cir 3717/tcp
wv csp udp/ip cir channel wv-csp-udp-cir 3717/udp
wv csp udp/ip cir channel opus-services 3718/tcp
opus server port opus-services 3718/udp
opus server port itelserverport 3719/tcp
itel server port itelserverport 3719/udp
itel server port ufastro-instr 3720/tcp
uf astro. instr. services ufastro-instr 3720/udp
uf astro. instr. services xsync 3721/tcp
xsync xsync 3721/udp
xsync xserveraid 3722/tcp
xserver raid xserveraid 3722/udp
xserver raid sychrond 3723/tcp
sychron service daemon sychrond 3723/udp
sychron service daemon battlenet 3724/tcp
blizzard battlenet battlenet 3724/udp
blizzard battlenet na-er-tip 3725/tcp
netia na-er port na-er-tip 3725/udp
netia na-er port array-manager 3726/tcp
xyratex array manager array-manager 3726/udp
xyartex array manager e-mdu 3727/tcp
ericsson mobile data unit e-mdu 3727/udp
ericsson mobile data unit e-woa 3728/tcp
ericsson web on air e-woa 3728/udp
ericsson web on air fksp-audit 3729/tcp
fireking audit port fksp-audit 3729/udp
fireking audit port client-ctrl 3730/tcp
client control client-ctrl 3730/udp
client control smap 3731/tcp
service manager smap 3731/udp
service manager m-wnn 3732/tcp
mobile wnn m-wnn 3732/udp
mobile wnn multip-msg 3733/tcp
multipuesto msg port multip-msg 3733/udp
multipuesto msg port synel-data 3734/tcp
synel data collection port synel-data 3734/udp
synel data collection port pwdis 3735/tcp
password distribution pwdis 3735/udp
password distribution rs-rmi 3736/tcp
realspace rmi rs-rmi 3736/udp
realspace rmi versatalk 3738/tcp
versatalk server port versatalk 3738/udp
versatalk server port launchbird-lm 3739/tcp
launchbird licensemanager launchbird-lm 3739/udp
launchbird licensemanager heartbeat 3740/tcp
heartbeat protocol heartbeat 3740/udp
heartbeat protocol wysdma 3741/tcp
wysdm agent wysdma 3741/udp
wysdm agent cst-port 3742/tcp
cst - configuration & service tracker cst-port 3742/udp
cst - configuration & service tracker ipcs-command 3743/tcp
ip control systems ltd. ipcs-command 3743/udp
ip control systems ltd. sasg 3744/tcp
sasg sasg 3744/udp
sasg gw-call-port 3745/tcp
gwrtc call port gw-call-port 3745/udp
gwrtc call port linktest 3746/tcp
lxpro.com linktest linktest 3746/udp
lxpro.com linktest linktest-s 3747/tcp
lxpro.com linktest ssl linktest-s 3747/udp
lxpro.com linktest ssl webdata 3748/tcp
webdata webdata 3748/udp
webdata cimtrak 3749/tcp
cimtrak cimtrak 3749/udp
cimtrak cbos-ip-port 3750/tcp
cbos/ip ncapsalation port cbos-ip-port 3750/udp
cbos/ip ncapsalatoin port gprs-cube 3751/tcp
commlinx gprs cube gprs-cube 3751/udp
commlinx gprs cube vipremoteagent 3752/tcp
vigil-ip remoteagent vipremoteagent 3752/udp
vigil-ip remoteagent nattyserver 3753/tcp
nattyserver port nattyserver 3753/udp
nattyserver port timestenbroker 3754/tcp
timesten broker port timestenbroker 3754/udp
timesten broker port sas-remote-hlp 3755/tcp
sas remote help server sas-remote-hlp 3755/udp
sas remote help server canon-capt 3756/tcp
canon capt port canon-capt 3756/udp
canon capt port grf-port 3757/tcp
grf server port grf-port 3757/udp
grf server port apw-registry 3758/tcp
apw rmi registry apw-registry 3758/udp
apw rmi registry exapt-lmgr 3759/tcp
exapt license manager exapt-lmgr 3759/udp
exapt license manager adtempusclient 3760/tcp
adtempus client adtempusclient 3760/udp
adtempus client gsakmp 3761/tcp
gsakmp port gsakmp 3761/udp
gsakmp port gbs-smp 3762/tcp
gbs snapmail protocol gbs-smp 3762/udp
gbs snapmail protocol xo-wave 3763/tcp
xo wave control port xo-wave 3763/udp
xo wave control port mni-prot-rout 3764/tcp
mni protected routing mni-prot-rout 3764/udp
mni protected routing rtraceroute 3765/tcp
remote traceroute rtraceroute 3765/udp
remote traceroute listmgr-port 3767/tcp
listmgr port listmgr-port 3767/udp
listmgr port rblcheckd 3768/tcp
rblcheckd server daemon rblcheckd 3768/udp
rblcheckd server daemon haipe-otnk 3769/tcp
haipe network keying haipe-otnk 3769/udp
haipe network keying cindycollab 3770/tcp
cinderella collaboration cindycollab 3770/udp
cinderella collaboration paging-port 3771/tdp
rtp paging port paging-port 3771/udp
rtp paging port ctp 3772/tcp
chantry tunnel protocol ctp 3772/udp
chantry tunnel protocol ctdhercules 3773/tcp
ctdhercules ctdhercules 3773/udp
ctdhercules zicom 3774/tcp
zicom zicom 3774/udp
zicom ispmmgr 3775/tcp
ispm manager port ispmmgr 3775/udp
ispm manager port dvcprov-port 3776/tcp
device provisioning port dvcprov-port 3776/udp
device provisioning port jibe-eb 3777/tcp
jibe edgeburst jibe-eb 3777/udp
jibe edgeburst c-h-it-port 3778/tcp
cutler-hammer it port c-h-it-port 3778/udp
cutler-hammer it port cognima 3779/tcp
cognima replication cognima 3779/udp
cognima replication nnp 3780/tcp
nuzzler network protocol nnp 3780/udp
nuzzler network protocol abcvoice-port 3781/tcp
abcvoice server port abcvoice-port 3781/udp
abcvoice server port iso-tp0s 3782/tcp
secure iso tp0 port iso-tp0s 3782/udp
secure iso tp0 port bim-pem 3783/tcp
impact mgr./pem gateway bim-pem 3783/udp
impact mgr./pem gateway bfd 3784/tcp
bfd bfd 3784/udp
bfd bfd-control 3785/tcp
bfd-control bfd-control 3785/udp
bfd-control radius-dynauth 3799/tcp
radius dynamic authorization radius-dynauth 3799/udp
radius dynamic authorization pwgpsi 3800/tcp
print services interface pwgpsi 3800/udp
print services interface vhd 3802/tcp
vhd vhd 3802/udp
vhd v-one-spp 3845/tcp
v-one single port proxy v-one-spp 3845/udp
v-one single port proxy winshadow-hd 3861/tcp
winshadow host discovery winshadow-hd 3861/udp
winshadow host discovery giga-pocket 3862/tcp
giga-pocket giga-pocket 3862/udp
giga-pocket pnbscada 3875/tcp
pnbscada pnbscada 3875/udp
pnbscada topflow-ssl 3885/tcp
topflow ssl topflow-ssl 3885/udp
topflow ssl udt_os 3900/tcp
unidata udt os udt_os 3900/udp
unidata udt os aamp 3939/tcp
anti-virus application management port aamp 3939/udp
anti-virus application management port mapper-nodemgr 3984/tcp
mapper network node manager mapper-nodemgr 3984/udp
mapper network node manager mapper-mapethd 3985/tcp
mapper tcp/ip server mapper-mapethd 3985/udp
mapper tcp/ip server mapper-ws_ethd 3986/tcp
mapper workstation server mapper-ws_ethd 3986/udp
mapper workstation server centerline 3987/tcp
centerline centerline 3987/udp
centerline remoteanything 3996/udp
neoworx remote-anything slave daemon remoteanything 3997/udp
neoworx remote-anything master daemon remoteanything 3998/udp
neoworx remote-anything reserved remoteanything 3999/tcp
neoworx remote-anything slave file browser terabase 4000/tcp remoteanything
neoworx remote-anything slave remote control, terabase terabase 4000/udp icq
aol icq instant messaging clent-server communication, terabase newoak 4001/tcp
newoak newoak 4001/udp
newoak pxc-spvr-ft 4002/tcp
pxc-spvr-ft pxc-spvr-ft 4002/udp
pxc-spvr-ft pxc-splr-ft 4003/tcp
pxc-splr-ft pxc-splr-ft 4003/udp
pxc-splr-ft pxc-roid 4004/tcp
pxc-roid pxc-roid 4004/udp
pxc-roid pxc-pin 4005/tcp
pxc-pin pxc-pin 4005/udp
pxc-pin pxc-spvr 4006/tcp
pxc-spvr pxc-spvr 4006/udp
pxc-spvr pxc-splr 4007/tcp
pxc-splr pxc-splr 4007/udp
pxc-splr netcheque 4008/tcp
netcheque accounting netcheque 4008/udp
netcheque accounting chimera-hwm 4009/tcp
chimera hwm chimera-hwm 4009/udp
chimera hwm samsung-unidex 4010/tcp
samsung unidex samsung-unidex 4010/udp
samsung unidex altserviceboot 4011/tcp
alternate service boot altserviceboot 4011/udp
alternate service boot pda-gate 4012/tcp
pda gate pda-gate 4012/udp
pda gate acl-manager 4013/tcp
acl manager acl-manager 4013/udp
acl manager taiclock 4014/tcp
taiclock taiclock 4014/udp
taiclock talarian-mcast1 4015/tcp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast1 4015/udp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast2 4016/tcp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast2 4016/udp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast3 4017/tcp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast3 4017/udp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast4 4018/tcp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast4 4018/udp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast5 4019/tcp
talarian mcast talarian-mcast5 4019/udp
talarian mcast trap 4020/tcp
trap port trap 4020/udp
trap port nexus-portal 4021/tcp
nexus portal nexus-portal 4021/udp
nexus portal dnox 4022/tcp
dnox dnox 4022/udp
dnox esnm-zoning 4023/tcp
esnm zoning port esnm-zoning 4023/udp
esnm zoning port tnp1-port 4024/tcp
tnp1 user port tnp1-port 4024/udp
tnp1 user port partimage 4025/tcp
partition image port partimage 4025/udp
partition image port as-debug 4026/tcp
graphical debug server as-debug 4026/udp
graphical debug server bxp 4027/tcp
bitxpress bxp 4027/udp
bitxpress dtserver-port 4028/tcp
dtserver port dtserver-port 4028/udp
dtserver port ip-qsig 4029/tcp
ip q signaling protocol ip-qsig 4029/udp
ip q signaling protocol jdmn-port 4030/tcp
accell/jsp daemon port jdmn-port 4030/udp
accell/jsp daemon port suucp 4031/tcp
uucp over ssl suucp 4031/udp
uucp over ssl vrts-auth-port 4032/tcp
veritas authorization service vrts-auth-port 4032/udp
veritas authorization service sanavigator 4033/tcp
sanavigator peer port sanavigator 4033/udp
sanavigator peer port ubxd 4034/tcp
ubiquinox daemon ubxd 4034/udp
ubiquinox daemon wap-push-http 4035/tcp
wap push ota-http port wap-push-http 4035/udp
wap push ota-http port wap-push-https 4036/tcp
wap push ota-http secure wap-push-https 4036/udp
wap push ota-http secure yo-main 4040/tcp
yo.net main service yo-main 4040/udp
yo.net main service houston 4041/tcp
rocketeer-houston houston 4041/udp
rocketeer-houston ldxp 4042/tcp
ldxp ldxp 4042/udp
ldxp lockd 4045/tcp lockd 4045/udp
nfs lock daemon/manager bre 4096/tcp
bre (bridge relay element) bre 4096/udp
bre (bridge relay element) patrolview 4097/tcp
patrol view patrolview 4097/udp
patrol view drmsfsd 4098/tcp
drmsfsd drmsfsd 4098/udp
drmsfsd dpcp 4099/tcp
dpcp dpcp 4099/udp
dpcp igo-incognito 4100/tcp
igo incognito data port igo-incognito 4100/udp
igo incognito data port jomamqmonitor 4114/tcp
jomamqmonitor jomamqmonitor 4114/udp
jomamqmonitor nuts_dem 4132/tcp
nuts daemon nuts_dem 4132/udp
nuts daemon nuts_bootp 4133/tcp
nuts bootp server nuts_bootp 4133/udp
nuts bootp server nifty-hmi 4134/tcp
nifty-serve hmi protocol nifty-hmi 4134/udp
nifty-serve hmi protocol nettest 4138/tcp
nettest nettest 4138/udp
nettest oirtgsvc 4141/tcp
workflow server oirtgsvc 4141/udp
workflow server oidocsvc 4142/tcp
document server oidocsvc 4142/udp
document server oidsr 4143/tcp
document replication oidsr 4143/udp
document replication wincim 4144/tcp
pc windows compuserve.com protocol vvr-control 4145/tcp
vvr control vvr-control 4145/udp
vvr control atlinks 4154/tcp
atlinks device discovery atlinks 4154/udp
atlinks device discovery jini-discovery 4160/tcp
jini discovery jini-discovery 4160/udp
jini discovery eims-admin 4199/tcp
eims admin eims-admin 4199/udp
eims admin vrml-multi-use 4200/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4201/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4202/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4203/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4204/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4205/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4206/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4207/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4208/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4209/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4210/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4211/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4212/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4213/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4214/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4215/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4216/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4217/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4218/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4219/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4220/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4221/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4222/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4223/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4224/tcp xtell
vrml multi user systems, xtell messenging server vrml-multi-use 4225/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4226/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4227/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4228/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4229/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4230/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4231/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4232/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4233/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4234/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4235/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4236/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4237/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4238/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4239/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4240/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4241/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4242/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4243/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4244/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4245/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4246/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4247/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4248/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4249/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4250/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4251/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4252/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4253/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4254/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4255/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4256/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4257/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4258/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4259/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4260/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4261/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4262/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4263/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4264/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4265/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4266/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4267/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4268/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4269/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4270/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4271/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4272/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4273/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4274/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4275/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4276/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4277/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4278/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4279/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4280/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4281/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4282/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4283/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4284/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4285/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4286/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4287/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4288/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4289/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4290/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4291/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4292/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4293/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4294/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4295/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4296/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4297/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4298/tcp
vrml multi user systems vrml-multi-use 4299/tcp
vrml multi user systems corelccam 4300/tcp
corel ccam corelccam 4300/udp
corel ccam rwhois 4321/tcp
remote who is rwhois 4321/udp
remote who is msql 4333/tcp
mini-sql server unicall 4343/tcp
unicall unicall 4343/udp
unicall vinainstall 4344/tcp
vinainstall vinainstall 4344/udp
vinainstall m4-network-as 4345/tcp
macro 4 network as m4-network-as 4345/udp
macro 4 network as elanlm 4346/tcp
elan lm elanlm 4346/udp
elan lm lansurveyor 4347/tcp
lan surveyor lansurveyor 4347/udp
lan surveyor itose 4348/tcp
itose itose 4348/udp
itose fsportmap 4349/tcp
file system port map fsportmap 4349/udp
file system port map net-device 4350/tcp
net device net-device 4350/udp
net device plcy-net-svcs 4351/tcp
plcy net services plcy-net-svcs 4351/udp
plcy net services f5-iquery 4353/tcp
f5 iquery f5-iquery 4353/udp
f5 iquery qsnet-trans 4354/tcp
qsnet transmitter qsnet-trans 4354/udp
qsnet transmitter qsnet-workst 4355/tcp
qsnet workstation qsnet-workst 4355/udp
qsnet workstation qsnet-assist 4356/tcp
qsnet assistant qsnet-assist 4356/udp
qsnet assistant qsnet-cond 4357/tcp
qsnet conductor qsnet-cond 4357/udp
qsnet conductor qsnet-nucl 4358/tcp
qsnet nucleus qsnet-nucl 4358/udp
qsnet nucleus saris 4442/tcp
saris saris 4442/udp
saris pharos 4443/tcp
pharos pharos 4443/udp
pharos krb524 4444/tcp nv-video
nv video default, krb524, kerberos 5->4, kerberos 5 to 4 ticket xlator krb524 4444/udp nv-video
nv video default, krb524, kerberos 5->4, krb5 -> krb4 ticket conversion upnotifyp 4445/tcp
upnotifyp upnotifyp 4445/udp
upnotifyp n1-fwp 4446/tcp
n1-fwp n1-fwp 4446/udp
n1-fwp n1-rmgmt 4447/tcp
n1-rmgmt n1-rmgmt 4447/udp
n1-rmgmt asc-slmd 4448/tcp
asc licence manager asc-slmd 4448/udp
asc licence manager privatewire 4449/tcp
privatewire privatewire 4449/udp
privatewire camp 4450/tcp
camp camp 4450/udp
camp ctisystemmsg 4451/tcp
cti system msg ctisystemmsg 4451/udp
cti system msg ctiprogramload 4452/tcp
cti program load ctiprog ramload 4452/udp
cti program load nssalertmgr 4453/tcp
nss alert manager nssalertmgr 4453/udp
nss alert manager nssagentmgr 4454/tcp
nss agent manager nssagentmgr 4454/udp
nss agent manager prchat-user 4455/tcp
pr chat user prchat-user 4455/udp
pr chat user prchat-server 4456/tcp
pr chat server prchat-server 4456/udp
pr chat server prRegister 4457/tcp
pr register prRegister 4457/udp
pr register proxy-plus 4480/tcp
proxy+ http proxy port ipsec-msft 4500/tcp sae-urn
microsoft ipsec nat-t, sae-urn ipsec-msft 4500/udp sae-urn
microsoft ipsec nat-t, sae-urn urn-x-cdchoice 4501/tcp
urn-x-cdchoice urn-x-cdchoice 4501/udp
urn-x-cdchoice worldscores 4545/tcp
worldscores worldscores 4545/udp
worldscores sf-lm 4546/tcp
sf license manager (sentinel) sf-lm 4546/udp
sf license manager (sentinel) lanner-lm 4547/tcp
lanner license manager lanner-lm 4547/udp
lanner license manager rsip 4555/tcp
rsip port rsip 4555/udp
rsip port fax 4557/tcp
flexfax fax transmission service, fax transmission service hylafax 4559/tcp
hylafax client-server protocol, hylafax hylafax 4559/udp
hylafax tram 4567/tcp
tram tram 4567/udp
tram bmc-reporting 4568/tcp
bmc reporting bmc-reporting 4568/udp
bmc reporting piranha1 4600/tcp
piranha1 piranha1 4600/udp
piranha1 piranha2 4601/tcp
piranha2 piranha2 4601/udp
piranha2 smaclmgr 4660/tcp
smaclmgr smaclmgr 4660/udp
smaclmgr kar2ouche 4661/tcp edonkey-cs
kar2ouche peer location service, edonkey file sharing - client connect to server | kar2ouche peer location service kar2ouche 4661/udp
kar2ouche peer location service edonkey-cc 4662/tcp
edonkey file sharing - client connect to other clients edonkey-cm 4665/udp
edonkey file sharing - client send messages to servers other then one connected to rfa 4672/tcp
remote file access server rfa 4672/udp emule-ext
extended emule protocol (queue rating, file reask ping), remote file access server snap 4752/tcp
simple network audio protocol snap 4752/udp
simple network audio protocol iims 4800/tcp
icona instant messenging system iims 4800/udp
icona instant messenging system iwec 4801/tcp
icona web embedded chat iwec 4801/udp
icona web embedded chat ilss 4802/tcp
icona license system server ilss 4802/udp
icona license system server htcp 4827/tcp
htcp htcp 4827/udp squid-htcp
squid proxy htcp port, htcp varadero-0 4837/tcp
varadero-0 varadero-0 4837/udp
varadero-0 varadero-1 4838/tcp
varadero-1 varadero-1 4838/udp
varadero-1 varadero-2 4839/tcp
varadero-2 varadero-2 4839/udp
varadero-2 appserv-http 4848/tcp
app server - admin http appserv-http 4848/udp
app server - admin http appserv-https 4849/tcp
app server - admin https appserv-https 4849/udp
app server - admin https phrelay 4868/tcp
photon relay phrelay 4868/udp
photon relay phrelaydbg 4869/tcp
photon relay debug phrelaydbg 4869/udp
photon relay debug abbs 4885/tcp
abbs abbs 4885/udp
abbs lyskom 4894/tcp
lyskom protocol a lyskom 4894/udp
lyskom protocol a radmin-port 4899/tcp radmin
radmin (www.radmin.com) remote pc control software, radmin port radmin-port 4899/udp
radmin port att-intercom 4983/tcp
at&t intercom att-intercom 4983/udp
at&t intercom smar-se-port1 4987/tcp maybeveritas
smar ethernet port 1 smar-se-port1 4987/udp
smar ethernet port 1 smar-se-port2 4988/tcp
smar ethernet port 2 smar-se-port2 4988/udp
smar ethernet port 2 parallel 4989/tcp
parallel for gauss (tm) parallel 4989/udp
parallel for gauss (tm) maybeveritas 4998/tcp commplex-main 5000/tcp fics UPnP
universal pnp, also free internet chess server, free internet chess server commplex-main 5000/udp UPnP
also complex-main commplex-link 5001/tcp commplex-link 5001/udp rfe 5002/tcp
radio free ethernet rfe 5002/udp
actually uses udp only, radio free ethernet fmpro-internal 5003/tcp filemaker
filemaker, inc. - proprietary transport, filemaker server - http://www.filemaker.com/ti/104289.html fmpro-internal 5003/udp filemaker
filemaker, inc. - proprietary name binding, filemaker server - http://www.filemaker.com/ti/104289.html avt-profile-1 5004/tcp
avt-profile-1 avt-profile-1 5004/udp
avt-profile-1 avt-profile-2 5005/tcp
avt-profile-2 avt-profile-2 5005/udp
avt-profile-2 wsm-server 5006/tcp
wsm server wsm-server 5006/udp
wsm server wsm-server-ssl 5007/tcp
wsm server ssl wsm-server-ssl 5007/udp
wsm server ssl synapsis-edge 5008/tcp
synapsis edge synapsis-edge 5008/udp
synapsis edge telelpathstart 5010/tcp
telepathstart telelpathstart 5010/udp
telepathstart telelpathattack 5011/tcp
telepathattack telelpathattack 5011/udp
telepathattack zenginkyo-1 5020/tcp
zenginkyo-1 zenginkyo-1 5020/udp
zenginkyo-1 zenginkyo-2 5021/tcp
zenginkyo-2 zenginkyo-2 5021/udp
zenginkyo-2 mice 5022/tcp
mice server mice 5022/udp
mice server htuilsrv 5023/tcp
htuil server for pld2 htuilsrv 5023/udp
htuil server for pld2 scpi-telnet 5024/tcp
scpi-telnet scpi-telnet 5024/udp
scpi-telnet scpi-raw 5025/tcp
scpi-raw scpi-raw 5025/udp
scpi-raw asnaacceler8db 5042/tcp
asnaacceler8db asnaacceler8db 5042/udp
asnaacceler8db mmcc 5050/tcp
multimedia conference control tool mmcc 5050/udp
multimedia conference control tool ita-agent 5051/tcp
ita agent ita-agent 5051/udp
ita agent ita-manager 5052/tcp
ita manager ita-manager 5052/udp
ita manager unot 5055/tcp
unot unot 5055/udp
unot intecom-ps1 5056/tcp
intecom ps 1 intecom-ps1 5056/udp
intecom ps 1 intecom-ps2 5057/tcp
intecom ps 2 intecom-ps2 5057/udp
intecom ps 2 sip 5060/tcp
sip sip 5060/udp
sip sip-tls 5061/tcp
sip-tls sip-tls 5061/udp
sip-tls ca-1 5064/tcp
channel access 1 ca-1 5064/udp
channel access 1 ca-2 5065/tcp
channel access 2 ca-2 5065/udp
channel access 2 stanag-5066 5066/tcp
stanag-5066-subnet-intf stanag-5066 5066/udp
stanag-5066-subnet-intf i-net-2000-npr 5069/tcp
i/net 2000-npr i-net-2000-npr 5069/udp
i/net 2000-npr powerschool 5071/tcp
powerschool powerschool 5071/udp
powerschool sdl-ets 5081/tcp
sdl - ent trans server sdl-ets 5081/udp
sdl - ent trans server sentinel-lm 5093/tcp
sentinel lm sentinel-lm 5093/udp
sentinel lm sentlm-srv2srv 5099/tcp
sentlm srv2srv sentlm-srv2srv 5099/udp
sentlm srv2srv admd 5100/tcp
(chili!soft asp admin port) talarian-tcp 5101/tcp admdog
talarian_tcp, (chili!soft asp) talarian-udp 5101/udp
talarian_udp admeng 5102/tcp
(chili!soft asp) ctsd 5137/tcp
mycts server port ctsd 5137/udp
mycts server port rmonitor_secure 5145/tcp
rmonitor secure rmonitor_secure 5145/udp
rmonitor secure atmp 5150/tcp
ascend tunnel management protocol atmp 5150/udp
ascend tunnel management protocol esri_sde 5151/tcp
esri sde instance esri_sde 5151/udp
esri sde remote start sde-discovery 5152/tcp
esri sde instance discovery sde-discovery 5152/udp
esri sde instance discovery ife_icorp 5165/tcp
ife_1corp ife_icorp 5165/udp
ife_1corp aol 5190/tcp
america-online, america-online. also can be used by icq aol 5190/udp
america-online, america-online. aol-1 5191/tcp
americaonline1 aol-1 5191/udp
americaonline1 aol-2 5192/tcp
americaonline2 aol-2 5192/udp
americaonline2 aol-3 5193/tcp
americaonline3 aol-3 5193/udp
americaonline3 targus-getdata 5200/tcp targus-aib1
targus getdata, targus aib 1 targus-getdata 5200/udp targus-aib1
targus getdata, targus aib 1 targus-getdata1 5201/tcp targus-aib2
targus aib 2, targus getdata 1 targus-getdata1 5201/udp targus-aib2
targus aib 2, targus getdata 1 targus-getdata2 5202/tcp
targus getdata 2 targus-getdata2 5202/udp
targus getdata 2 targus-getdata3 5203/tcp
targus getdata 3 targus-getdata3 5203/udp
targus getdata 3 jabber-client 5222/tcp
jabber client connection jabber-client 5222/udp
jabber client connection hp-server 5225/tcp
hp server hp-server 5225/udp
hp server hp-status 5226/tcp
hp status hp-status 5226/udp
hp status sgi-dgl 5232/tcp
sgi distributed graphics padl2sim 5236/tcp padl2sim 5236/udp igateway 5250/tcp
igateway igateway 5250/udp
igateway 3com-njack-1 5264/tcp
3com network jack port 1 3com-njack-1 5264/udp
3com network jack port 1 3com-njack-2 5265/tcp
3com network jack port 2 3com-njack-2 5265/udp
3com network jack port 2 jabber-server 5269/tcp
jabber server connection jabber-server 5269/udp
jabber server connection pk 5272/tcp
pk pk 5272/udp
pk transmit-port 5282/tcp
marimba transmitter port transmit-port 5282/udp
marimba transmitter port hacl-hb 5300/tcp
ha cluster heartbeat,
ha cluster heartbeat hacl-hb 5300/udp
ha cluster heartbeat,
ha cluster heartbeat hacl-gs 5301/tcp
ha cluster general services,
ha cluster general services hacl-gs 5301/udp
ha cluster general services,
ha cluster general services hacl-cfg 5302/tcp
ha cluster configuration,
ha cluster configuration hacl-cfg 5302/udp
ha cluster configuration,
ha cluster configuration hacl-probe 5303/tcp
ha cluster probing, ha cluster probing hacl-probe 5303/udp
ha cluster probing, ha cluster probing hacl-local 5304/tcp
ha cluster commands hacl-local 5304/udp hacl-test 5305/tcp
ha cluster test hacl-test 5305/udp sun-mc-grp 5306/tcp
sun mc group sun-mc-grp 5306/udp
sun mc group sco-aip 5307/tcp
sco aip sco-aip 5307/udp
sco aip cfengine 5308/tcp
cfengine cfengine 5308/udp
cfengine jprinter 5309/tcp
j printer jprinter 5309/udp
j printer outlaws 5310/tcp
outlaws outlaws 5310/udp
outlaws tmlogin 5311/tcp
tm login tmlogin 5311/udp
tm login opalis-rbt-ipc 5314/tcp
opalis-rbt-ipc opalis-rbt-ipc 5314/udp
opalis-rbt-ipc hacl-poll 5315/tcp
ha cluster udp polling hacl-poll 5315/udp
ha cluster udp polling mdns 5353/tcp
multicast dns mdns 5353/udp
multicast dns excerpt 5400/tcp pcduo-old
remcon pc-duo - old port, excerpt search excerpt 5400/udp
excerpt search excerpts 5401/tcp
excerpt search secure excerpts 5401/udp
excerpt search secure mftp 5402/tcp
mftp mftp 5402/udp
mftp hpoms-ci-lstn 5403/tcp
hpoms-ci-lstn hpoms-ci-lstn 5403/udp
hpoms-ci-lstn hpoms-dps-lstn 5404/tcp
hpoms-dps-lstn hpoms-dps-lstn 5404/udp
hpoms-dps-lstn netsupport 5405/tcp pcduo
netsupport, remcon pc-duo - new port netsupport 5405/udp
netsupport systemics-sox 5406/tcp
systemics sox systemics-sox 5406/udp
systemics sox foresyte-clear 5407/tcp
foresyte-clear foresyte-clear 5407/udp
foresyte-clear foresyte-sec 5408/tcp
foresyte-sec foresyte-sec 5408/udp
foresyte-sec salient-dtasrv 5409/tcp
salient data server salient-dtasrv 5409/udp
salient data server salient-usrmgr 5410/tcp
salient user manager salient-usrmgr 5410/udp
salient user manager actnet 5411/tcp
actnet actnet 5411/udp
actnet continuus 5412/tcp
continuus continuus 5412/udp
continuus wwiotalk 5413/tcp
wwiotalk wwiotalk 5413/udp
wwiotalk statusd 5414/tcp
statusd statusd 5414/udp
statusd ns-server 5415/tcp
ns server ns-server 5415/udp
ns server sns-gateway 5416/tcp
sns gateway sns-gateway 5416/udp
sns gateway sns-agent 5417/tcp
sns agent sns-agent 5417/udp
sns agent mcntp 5418/tcp
mcntp mcntp 5418/udp
mcntp dj-ice 5419/tcp
dj-ice dj-ice 5419/udp
dj-ice cylink-c 5420/tcp
cylink-c cylink-c 5420/udp
cylink-c netsupport2 5421/tcp
net support 2 netsupport2 5421/udp
net support 2 salient-mux 5422/tcp
salient mux salient-mux 5422/udp
salient mux virtualuser 5423/tcp
virtualuser virtualuser 5423/udp
virtualuser devbasic 5426/tcp
devbasic devbasic 5426/udp
devbasic sco-peer-tta 5427/tcp
sco-peer-tta sco-peer-tta 5427/udp
sco-peer-tta telaconsole 5428/tcp
telaconsole telaconsole 5428/udp
telaconsole base 5429/tcp
billing and accounting system exchange base 5429/udp
billing and accounting system exchange radec-corp 5430/tcp
radec corp radec-corp 5430/udp
radec corp park-agent 5431/tcp
park agent park-agent 5431/udp
park agent postgresql 5432/tcp postgres
postgres database server, postgresql, postgresql database postgresql 5432/udp
postgresql database dttl 5435/tcp
data tunneling transceiver linking (dttl) dttl 5435/udp
data tunneling transceiver linking (dttl) apc-5454 5454/tcp
apc 5454 apc-5454 5454/udp
apc 5454 apc-5455 5455/tcp
apc 5455 apc-5455 5455/udp
apc 5455 apc-5456 5456/tcp
apc 5456 apc-5456 5456/udp
apc 5456 silkmeter 5461/tcp
silkmeter silkmeter 5461/udp
silkmeter ttl-publisher 5462/tcp
ttl publisher ttl-publisher 5462/udp
ttl publisher ttlpriceproxy 5463/tcp
ttl price proxy ttlpriceproxy 5463/udp
ttl price proxy netops-broker 5465/tcp
netops-broker netops-broker 5465/udp
netops-broker connect-proxy 5490/tcp
many http connect proxies fcp-addr-srvr1 5500/tcp hotline
fcp-addr-srvr1 fcp-addr-srvr1 5500/udp securid
securid, fcp-addr-srvr1 fcp-addr-srvr2 5501/tcp hotline-data
fcp-addr-srvr2 fcp-addr-srvr2 5501/udp
fcp-addr-srvr2 fcp-srvr-inst1 5502/tcp
fcp-srvr-inst1 fcp-srvr-inst1 5502/udp
fcp-srvr-inst1 fcp-srvr-inst2 5503/tcp
fcp-srvr-inst2 fcp-srvr-inst2 5503/udp
fcp-srvr-inst2 fcp-cics-gw1 5504/tcp
fcp-cics-gw1 fcp-cics-gw1 5504/udp
fcp-cics-gw1 secureidprop 5510/tcp
ace/server services sdlog 5520/tcp
ace/server services sdserv 5530/tcp
ace/server services sdreport 5540/tcp
ace/server services sdxauthd 5540/udp
ace/server services sdadmind 5550/tcp
ace/server services sgi-eventmond 5553/tcp
sgi eventmond port sgi-eventmond 5553/udp
sgi eventmond port sgi-esphttp 5554/tcp
sgi esp http sgi-esphttp 5554/udp
sgi esp http personal-agent 5555/tcp freeciv
personal agent personal-agent 5555/udp rplay
personal agent udpplus 5566/tcp
udpplus udpplus 5566/udp
udpplus esinstall 5599/tcp
enterprise security remote install esinstall 5599/udp
enterprise security remote install esmmanager 5600/tcp
enterprise security manager esmmanager 5600/udp
enterprise security manager esmagent 5601/tcp
enterprise security agent esmagent 5601/udp
enterprise security agent a1-msc 5602/tcp
a1-msc a1-msc 5602/udp
a1-msc a1-bs 5603/tcp
a1-bs a1-bs 5603/udp
a1-bs a3-sdunode 5604/tcp
a3-sdunode a3-sdunode 5604/udp
a3-sdunode a4-sdunode 5605/tcp
a4-sdunode a4-sdunode 5605/udp
a4-sdunode pcanywheredata 5631/tcp pcanywhere
pcanywheredata pcanywheredata 5631/udp
pcanywheredata pcanywherestat 5632/tcp pcanywhere
pcanywherestat pcanywherestat 5632/udp pcanywhere
pcanywherestat jms 5673/tcp
jacl message server jms 5673/udp
jacl message server hyperscsi-port 5674/tcp
hyperscsi port hyperscsi-port 5674/udp
hyperscsi port v5ua 5675/tcp
v5ua application port v5ua 5675/udp
v5ua application port raadmin 5676/tcp
ra administration raadmin 5676/udp
ra administration questdb2-lnchr 5677/tcp
quest central db2 launchr questdb2-lnchr 5677/udp
quest central db2 launchr rrac 5678/tcp
remote replication agent connection rrac 5678/udp
remote replication agent connection dccm 5679/tcp
direct cable connect manager dccm 5679/udp
direct cable connect manager canna 5680/tcp
kana->kanji server, canna (japanese input) ggz 5688/tcp
ggz gaming zone ggz 5688/udp
ggz gaming zone proshareaudio 5713/tcp
proshare conf audio proshareaudio 5713/udp
proshare conf audio prosharevideo 5714/tcp
proshare conf video prosharevideo 5714/udp
proshare conf video prosharedata 5715/tcp
proshare conf data prosharedata 5715/udp
proshare conf data prosharerequest 5716/tcp
proshare conf request prosharerequest 5716/udp
proshare conf request prosharenotify 5717/tcp
proshare conf notify prosharenotify 5717/udp
proshare conf notify ms-licensing 5720/tcp
ms-licensing ms-licensing 5720/udp
ms-licensing openmail 5729/tcp
openmail user agent layer openmail 5729/udp
openmail user agent layer unieng 5730/tcp
steltor's calendar access, netscape suiteware unieng 5730/udp
steltor's calendar access unisnc 5731/tcp
netscape suiteware unidas 5732/tcp
netscape suiteware ida-discover1 5741/tcp
ida discover port 1 ida-discover1 5741/udp
ida discover port 1 ida-discover2 5742/tcp
ida discover port 2 ida-discover2 5742/udp
ida discover port 2 fcopy-server 5745/tcp
fcopy-server fcopy-server 5745/udp
fcopy-server fcopys-server 5746/tcp
fcopys-server fcopys-server 5746/udp
fcopys-server openmailg 5755/tcp
openmail desk gateway server openmailg 5755/udp
openmail desk gateway server x500ms 5757/tcp
openmail x.500 directory server x500ms 5757/udp
openmail x.500 directory server openmailns 5766/tcp
openmail newmail server openmailns 5766/udp
openmail newmail server s-openmail 5767/tcp
openmail suer agent layer (secure) s-openmail 5767/udp
openmail suer agent layer (secure) openmailpxy 5768/tcp
openmail cmts server openmailpxy 5768/udp
openmail cmts server netagent 5771/tcp
netagent netagent 5771/udp
netagent vnc 5800/tcp vnc-http
virtual network computer http access, display 0 vnc 5801/tcp vnc-http-1
virtual network computer http access, display 1 vnc-http-2 5802/tcp
virtual network computer http access, display 2 vnc-http-3 5803/tcp
virtual network computer http access, display 3 icmpd 5813/tcp
icmpd icmpd 5813/udp
icmpd wherehoo 5859/tcp
wherehoo wherehoo 5859/udp
wherehoo vnc 5900/tcp
orl virtual network client, virtual network computer display 0, virtual network computer vnc-1 5901/tcp
virtual network computer display :1, virtual network computer display 1 vnc-2 5902/tcp
virtual network computer display :2, virtual network computer display 2 vnc-3 5903/tcp
virtual network computer display 3 mppolicy-v5 5968/tcp
mppolicy-v5 mppolicy-v5 5968/udp
mppolicy-v5 mppolicy-mgr 5969/tcp
mppolicy-mgr mppolicy-mgr 5969/udp
mppolicy-mgr ncd-pref-tcp 5977/tcp
ncd preferences tcp port ncd-diag-tcp 5978/tcp
ncd diagnostic tcp port ncd-conf-tcp 5979/tcp
ncd configuration tcp port wbem-rmi 5987/tcp
wbem rmi wbem-rmi 5987/udp
wbem rmi wbem-http 5988/tcp
wbem http wbem-http 5988/udp
wbem http wbem-https 5989/tcp
wbem https wbem-https 5989/udp
wbem https nuxsl 5991/tcp
nuxsl nuxsl 5991/udp
nuxsl ncd-pref 5997/tcp
ncd preferences telnet port ncd-diag 5998/tcp
ncd diagnostic telnet port cvsup 5999/tcp ncd-conf
cvsup file transfer/john polstra/freebsd, cvsup, ncd configuration telnet port cvsup 5999/udp
cvsup x11 6000/tcp X11 xterm
x window server, x window system, 6000-6063 are assigned to x window system, x-windows server x11 6000/udp
x window system x11 6001/tcp xwin X11:1
x window server, x window system, x-windows server x11 6001/udp
x window system x11 6002/tcp xwin X11:2
x window server, x window system, x-windows server x11 6002/udp
x window system x11 6003/tcp xwin X11:3
x window server, x window system, x-windows server x11 6003/udp
x window system x11 6004/tcp X11:4 xwin
x window server, x window system, x-windows server x11 6004/udp
x window system x11 6005/tcp X11:5 xwin
x window server, x window system, x-windows server x11 6005/udp
x window system x11 6006/tcp X11:6 xwin
x window server, x window system, x-windows server x11 6006/udp
x window system x11 6007/tcp X11:7 xwin
x window server, x window system, x-windows server x11 6007/udp
x window system x11 6008/tcp X11:8
x window server, x window system x11 6008/udp
x window system x11 6009/tcp X11:9
x window server, x window system x11 6009/udp
x window system x11 6010/tcp x11-ssh
unofficial name, for convenience, x window system x11 6010/udp x11-ssh
x window system x11 6011/tcp
x window system x11 6011/udp
x window system x11 6012/tcp
x window system x11 6012/udp
x window system x11 6013/tcp
x window system x11 6013/udp
x window system x11 6014/tcp
x window system x11 6014/udp
x window system x11 6015/tcp
x window system x11 6015/udp
x window system x11 6016/tcp
x window system x11 6016/udp
x window system x11 6017/tcp
x window system x11 6017/udp
x window system x11 6018/tcp
x window system x11 6018/udp
x window system x11 6019/tcp
x window system x11 6019/udp
x window system x11 6020/tcp
x window system x11 6020/udp
x window system x11 6021/tcp
x window system x11 6021/udp
x window system x11 6022/tcp
x window system x11 6022/udp
x window system x11 6023/tcp
x window system x11 6023/udp
x window system x11 6024/tcp
x window system x11 6024/udp
x window system x11 6025/tcp
x window system x11 6025/udp
x window system x11 6026/tcp
x window system x11 6026/udp
x window system x11 6027/tcp
x window system x11 6027/udp
x window system x11 6028/tcp
x window system x11 6028/udp
x window system x11 6029/tcp
x window system x11 6029/udp
x window system x11 6030/tcp
x window system x11 6030/udp
x window system x11 6031/tcp
x window system x11 6031/udp
x window system x11 6032/tcp
x window system x11 6032/udp
x window system x11 6033/tcp
x window system x11 6033/udp
x window system x11 6034/tcp
x window system x11 6034/udp
x window system x11 6035/tcp
x window system x11 6035/udp
x window system x11 6036/tcp
x window system x11 6036/udp
x window system x11 6037/tcp
x window system x11 6037/udp
x window system x11 6038/tcp
x window system x11 6038/udp
x window system x11 6039/tcp
x window system x11 6039/udp
x window system x11 6040/tcp
x window system x11 6040/udp
x window system x11 6041/tcp
x window system x11 6041/udp
x window system x11 6042/tcp
x window system x11 6042/udp
x window system x11 6043/tcp
x window system x11 6043/udp
x window system x11 6044/tcp
x window system x11 6044/udp
x window system x11 6045/tcp
x window system x11 6045/udp
x window system x11 6046/tcp
x window system x11 6046/udp
x window system x11 6047/tcp
x window system x11 6047/udp
x window system x11 6048/tcp
x window system x11 6048/udp
x window system x11 6049/tcp
x window system x11 6049/udp
x window system x11 6050/tcp arcserve
arcserve agent, x window system x11 6050/udp
x window system x11 6051/tcp
x window system x11 6051/udp
x window system x11 6052/tcp
x window system x11 6052/udp
x window system x11 6053/tcp
x window system x11 6053/udp
x window system x11 6054/tcp
x window system x11 6054/udp
x window system x11 6055/tcp
x window system x11 6055/udp
x window system x11 6056/tcp
x window system x11 6056/udp
x window system x11 6057/tcp
x window system x11 6057/udp
x window system x11 6058/tcp
x window system x11 6058/udp
x window system x11 6059/tcp
x window system x11 6059/udp
x window system x11 6060/tcp
x window system x11 6060/udp
x window system x11 6061/tcp
x window system x11 6061/udp
x window system x11 6062/tcp
x window system x11 6062/udp
x window system x11 6063/tcp
x window system x11 6063/udp
x window system ndl-ahp-svc 6064/tcp
ndl-ahp-svc ndl-ahp-svc 6064/udp
ndl-ahp-svc winpharaoh 6065/tcp
winpharaoh winpharaoh 6065/udp
winpharaoh ewctsp 6066/tcp
ewctsp ewctsp 6066/udp
ewctsp srb 6067/tcp
srb srb 6067/udp
srb gsmp 6068/tcp
gsmp gsmp 6068/udp
gsmp trip 6069/tcp
trip trip 6069/udp
trip messageasap 6070/tcp
messageasap messageasap 6070/udp
messageasap ssdtp 6071/tcp
ssdtp ssdtp 6071/udp
ssdtp diagnose-proc 6072/tcp
diagnose-proc diagnose-proc 6072/udp
diagnose-proc directplay8 6073/tcp
directplay8 directplay8 6073/udp
directplay8 konspire2b 6085/tcp
konspire2b p2p network konspire2b 6085/udp
konspire2b p2p network synchronet-db 6100/tcp
synchronet-db synchronet-db 6100/udp
synchronet-db synchronet-rtc 6101/tcp VeritasBackupExec
backup exec unix and 95/98/me aent, synchronet-rtc synchronet-rtc 6101/udp
synchronet-rtc synchronet-upd 6102/tcp
synchronet-upd synchronet-upd 6102/udp
synchronet-upd rets 6103/tcp RETS-or-BackupExec
backup exec agent accelerator and remote agent also sql server and cisco works blue, rets rets 6103/udp
rets dbdb 6104/tcp
dbdb dbdb 6104/udp
dbdb primaserver 6105/tcp isdninfo
prima server, isdninfo primaserver 6105/udp
prima server mpsserver 6106/tcp isdninfo
i4lmond, mps server mpsserver 6106/udp
mps server etc-control 6107/tcp
etc control etc-control 6107/udp
etc control sercomm-scadmin 6108/tcp
sercomm-scadmin sercomm-scadmin 6108/udp
sercomm-scadmin globecast-id 6109/tcp
globecast-id globecast-id 6109/udp
globecast-id softcm 6110/tcp
hp softbench cm softcm 6110/udp
hp softbench cm spc 6111/tcp
hp softbench sub-process control spc 6111/udp
hp softbench sub-process control dtspcd 6112/tcp dtspc
cde subprocess control, dtspcd dtspcd 6112/udp
dtspcd backup-express 6123/tcp
backup express backup-express 6123/udp
backup express meta-corp 6141/tcp
meta corporation license manager meta-corp 6141/udp
meta corporation license manager aspentec-lm 6142/tcp
aspen technology license manager aspentec-lm 6142/udp
aspen technology license manager watershed-lm 6143/tcp
watershed license manager watershed-lm 6143/udp
watershed license manager statsci1-lm 6144/tcp
statsci license manager - 1 statsci1-lm 6144/udp
statsci license manager - 1 statsci2-lm 6145/tcp
statsci license manager - 2 statsci2-lm 6145/udp
statsci license manager - 2 lonewolf-lm 6146/tcp
lone wolf systems license manager lonewolf-lm 6146/udp
lone wolf systems license manager montage-lm 6147/tcp
montage license manager montage-lm 6147/udp
montage license manager ricardo-lm 6148/tcp
ricardo north america license manager ricardo-lm 6148/udp
ricardo north america license manager tal-pod 6149/tcp
tal-pod tal-pod 6149/udp
tal-pod crip 6253/tcp
crip crip 6253/udp
crip bmc-grx 6300/tcp
bmc grx bmc-grx 6300/udp
bmc grx emp-server1 6321/tcp
empress software connectivity server 1 emp-server1 6321/udp
empress software connectivity server 1 emp-server2 6322/tcp
empress software connectivity server 2 emp-server2 6322/udp
empress software connectivity server 2 sflow 6343/tcp
sflow traffic monitoring sflow 6343/udp
sflow traffic monitoring gnutella-svc 6346/tcp gnutella
gnutella file sharing protocol, gnutella, the gnu napster, gnutella-svc gnutella-svc 6346/udp
gnutella-svc gnutella-rtr 6347/tcp
gnutella-rtr gnutella-rtr 6347/udp
gnutella-rtr metatude-mds 6382/tcp
metatude dialogue server metatude-mds 6382/udp
metatude dialogue server clariion-evr01 6389/tcp
clariion-evr01 clariion-evr01 6389/udp
clariion-evr01 info-aps 6400/tcp crystalreports
seagate crystal reports info-was 6401/tcp crystalenterprise
seagate crystal enterprise info-eventsvr 6402/tcp info-cachesvr 6403/tcp info-filesvr 6404/tcp info-pagesvr 6405/tcp info-processvr 6406/tcp reserved1 6407/tcp reserved2 6408/tcp reserved3 6409/tcp reserved4 6410/tcp skip-cert-recv 6455/tcp
skip certificate receive skip-cert-send 6456/tcp
skip certificate send lvision-lm 6471/tcp
lvision license manager lvision-lm 6471/udp
lvision license manager boks 6500/tcp
boks master boks 6500/udp
boks master boks_servc 6501/tcp
boks servc boks_servc 6501/udp
boks servc boks_servm 6502/tcp netop-rc
boks servm, netop remote control (by danware data a/s) boks_servm 6502/udp netop-rc
boks servm, netop remote control (by danware data a/s) boks_clntd 6503/tcp
boks clntd boks_clntd 6503/udp
boks clntd badm_priv 6505/tcp
boks admin private port badm_priv 6505/udp
boks admin private port badm_pub 6506/tcp
boks admin public port badm_pub 6506/udp
boks admin public port bdir_priv 6507/tcp
boks dir server, private port bdir_priv 6507/udp
boks dir server, private port bdir_pub 6508/tcp
boks dir server, public port bdir_pub 6508/udp
boks dir server, public port mgcs-mfp-port 6509/tcp
mgcs-mfp port mgcs-mfp-port 6509/udp
mgcs-mfp port mcer-port 6510/tcp
mcer port mcer-port 6510/udp
mcer port lds-distrib 6543/tcp
lds_distrib lds-distrib 6543/udp
lds_distrib apc-6547 6547/tcp PowerChutePLUS
apc 6547 apc-6547 6547/udp
apc 6547 apc-6548 6548/tcp PowerChutePLUS
apc 6548 apc-6548 6548/udp
apc 6548 apc-6549 6549/tcp
apc 6549 apc-6549 6549/udp PowerChutePLUS
apc 6549 fg-sysupdate 6550/tcp
fg-sysupdate fg-sysupdate 6550/udp
fg-sysupdate xdsxdm 6558/tcp xdsxdm 6558/udp sane-port 6566/tcp
sane control port sane-port 6566/udp
sane control port parsec-master 6580/tcp
parsec masterserver parsec-master 6580/udp
parsec masterserver parsec-peer 6581/tcp
parsec peer-to-peer parsec-peer 6581/udp
parsec peer-to-peer parsec-game 6582/tcp
parsec gameserver parsec-game 6582/udp
parsec gameserver analogx 6588/tcp
analogx http proxy port afesc-mc 6628/tcp
afe stock channel m/c afesc-mc 6628/udp
afe stock channel m/c mach 6631/tcp
mitchell telecom host mach 6631/udp
mitchell telecom host ircu 6665/tcp
ircu ircu 6665/udp
ircu ircu 6666/tcp irc-serv
internet relay chat server, ircu ircu 6666/udp
ircu ircu 6667/tcp ircd irc
often used irc port (also see 194), internet relay chat, ircu, internet relay chat (unoffical) ircu 6667/udp
ircu ircu 6668/tcp irc
internet relay chat, ircu ircu 6668/udp
ircu ircu 6669/tcp
ircu ircu 6669/udp
ircu vocaltec-gold 6670/tcp
vocaltec global online directory vocaltec-gold 6670/udp
vocaltec global online directory vision_server 6672/tcp
vision_server vision_server 6672/udp
vision_server vision_elmd 6673/tcp
vision_elmd vision_elmd 6673/udp
vision_elmd napster 6699/tcp
napster file (mp3) sharing software kti-icad-srvr 6701/tcp
kti/icad nameserver kti-icad-srvr 6701/udp
kti/icad nameserver ibprotocol 6714/tcp
internet backplane protocol ibprotocol 6714/udp
internet backplane protocol bmc-perf-agent 6767/tcp
bmc perform agent bmc-perf-agent 6767/udp
bmc perform agent bmc-perf-mgrd 6768/tcp
bmc perform mgrd bmc-perf-mgrd 6768/udp
bmc perform mgrd smc-http 6788/tcp
smc-http smc-http 6788/udp
smc-http smc-https 6789/tcp
smc-https smc-https 6789/udp
smc-https hnmp 6790/tcp
hnmp hnmp 6790/udp
hnmp ambit-lm 6831/tcp
ambit-lm ambit-lm 6831/udp
ambit-lm netmo-default 6841/tcp
netmo default netmo-default 6841/udp
netmo default netmo-http 6842/tcp
netmo http netmo-http 6842/udp
netmo http iccrushmore 6850/tcp
iccrushmore iccrushmore 6850/udp
iccrushmore muse 6888/tcp
muse muse 6888/udp
muse jmact3 6961/tcp
jmact3 jmact3 6961/udp
jmact3 jmevt2 6962/tcp
jmevt2 jmevt2 6962/udp
jmevt2 swismgr1 6963/tcp
swismgr1 swismgr1 6963/udp
swismgr1 swismgr2 6964/tcp
swismgr2 swismgr2 6964/udp
swismgr2 swistrap 6965/tcp
swistrap swistrap 6965/udp
swistrap swispol 6966/tcp
swispol swispol 6966/udp
swispol acmsoda 6969/tcp
acmsoda acmsoda 6969/udp
acmsoda iatp-highpri 6998/tcp
iatp-highpri iatp-highpri 6998/udp
iatp-highpri iatp-normalpri 6999/tcp
iatp-normalpri iatp-normalpri 6999/udp
iatp-normalpri afs3-fileserver 7000/tcp
file server itself, msdos, file server itself afs3-fileserver 7000/udp
file server itself, afs fileserver afs3-callback 7001/tcp
callbacks to cache managers afs3-callback 7001/udp
callbacks to cache managers, afs callback server afs3-prserver 7002/tcp
users & groups database afs3-prserver 7002/udp
afs protection server, users & groups database afs3-vlserver 7003/tcp
volume location database afs3-vlse rver 7003/udp
afs volumelocation server, volume location database afs3-kaserver 7004/tcp
afs/kerberos authentication service afs3-kaserver 7004/udp
afs kerberos authentication server, afs kerberos authenication server, afs/kerberos authentication service afs3-volser 7005/tcp
volume managment server, volume management server afs3-volser 7005/udp
afs volume server, volume managment server, volume management server afs3-errors 7006/tcp
error interpretation service afs3-errors 7006/udp
error interpretation service, afs error server ? afs3-bos 7007/tcp
basic overseer process afs3-bos 7007/udp
afs basic over-see server ?, basic overseer process afs3-update 7008/tcp
server-to-server updater afs3-update 7008/udp
?, server-to-server updater, afs server to server update afs3-rmtsys 7009/tcp
remote cache manager service afs3-rmtsys 7009/udp
?, remote cache manager service, afs remote cache manager service ups-onlinet 7010/tcp afs3-resserver
onlinet uninterruptable power supplies, mr-afs residence server ups-onlinet 7010/udp afs3-resserver
onlinet uninterruptable power supplies, mr-afs residence server talon-disc 7011/tcp afs3-remio
talon discovery port, mr-afs remote io server talon-disc 7011/udp afs3-remio
talon discovery port, mr-afs remote io server talon-engine 7012/tcp
talon engine talon-engine 7012/udp
talon engine microtalon-dis 7013/tcp
microtalon discovery microtalon-dis 7013/udp
microtalon discovery microtalon-com 7014/tcp
microtalon communications microtalon-com 7014/udp
microtalon communications talon-webserver 7015/tcp
talon webserver talon-webserver 7015/udp
talon webserver dpserve 7020/tcp
dp serve dpserve 7020/udp
dp serve dpserveadmin 7021/tcp
dp serve admin dpserveadmin 7021/udp
dp serve admin op-probe 7030/tcp
objectplanet probe op-probe 7030/udp
objectplanet probe arcp 7070/tcp realserver
arcp arcp 7070/udp
arcp lazy-ptop 7099/tcp
lazy-ptop lazy-ptop 7099/udp
lazy-ptop font-service 7100/tcp fs
font server, x font service font-service 7100/udp
x font service virprot-lm 7121/tcp
virtual prototypes license manager virprot-lm 7121/udp
virtual prototypes license manager clutild 7174/tcp
clutild clutild 7174/udp
clutild fodms 7200/tcp
fodms flip fodms 7200/udp
fodms flip dlip 7201/tcp
dlip dlip 7201/udp
dlip openmanage 7273/tcp
dell openmanage itactionserver1 7280/tcp
itactionserver 1 itactionserver1 7280/udp
itactionserver 1 itactionserver2 7281/tcp
itactionserver 2 itactionserver2 7281/udp
itactionserver 2 swx 7300/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7301/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7302/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7303/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7304/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7305/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7306/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7307/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7308/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7309/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7310/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7311/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7312/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7313/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7314/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7315/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7316/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7317/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7318/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7319/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7320/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7321/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7322/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7323/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7324/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7325/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7326/tcp icb
internet citizen's band, the swiss exchange swx 7327/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7328/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7329/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7330/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7331/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7332/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7333/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7334/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7335/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7336/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7337/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7338/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7339/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7340/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7341/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7342/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7343/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7344/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7345/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7346/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7347/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7348/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7349/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7350/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7351/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7352/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7353/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7354/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7355/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7356/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7357/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7358/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7359/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7360/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7361/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7362/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7363/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7364/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7365/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7366/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7367/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7368/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7369/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7370/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7371/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7372/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7373/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7374/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7375/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7376/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7377/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7378/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7379/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7380/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7381/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7382/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7383/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7384/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7385/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7386/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7387/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7388/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7389/tcp
the swiss exchange swx 7390/tcp
the swiss exchange mindfilesys 7391/tcp
mind-file system server mindfilesys 7391/udp
mind-file system server mrssrendezvous 7392/tcp
mrss-rendezvous server mrssrendezvous 7392/udp
mrss-rendezvous server winqedit 7395/tcp
winqedit winqedit 7395/udp
winqedit pmdmgr 7426/tcp
openview dm postmaster manager pmdmgr 7426/udp
openview dm postmaster manager oveadmgr 7427/tcp
openview dm event agent manager oveadmgr 7427/udp
openview dm event agent manager ovladmgr 7428/tcp
openview dm log agent manager ovladmgr 7428/udp
openview dm log agent manager opi-sock 7429/tcp
openview dm rqt communication opi-sock 7429/udp
openview dm rqt communication xmpv7 7430/tcp
openview dm xmpv7 api pipe xmpv7 7430/udp
openview dm xmpv7 api pipe pmd 7431/tcp
openview dm ovc/xmpv3 api pipe pmd 7431/udp
openview dm ovc/xmpv3 api pipe faximum 7437/tcp
faximum faximum 7437/udp
faximum pythonds 7464/tcp
python documentation server telops-lmd 7491/tcp
telops-lmd telops-lmd 7491/udp
telops-lmd ovbus 7501/tcp
hp openview bus daemon ovbus 7501/udp
hp openview bus daemon ovhpas 7510/tcp
hp openview application server ovhpas 7510/udp
hp openview application server pafec-lm 7511/tcp
pafec-lm pafec-lm 7511/udp
pafec-lm nta-ds 7544/tcp
flowanalyzer displayserver nta-ds 7544/udp
flowanalyzer displayserver nta-us 7545/tcp
flowanalyzer utilityserver nta-us 7545/udp
flowanalyzer utilityserver vsi-omega 7566/tcp
vsi omega vsi-omega 7566/udp
vsi omega aries-kfinder 7570/tcp
aries kfinder aries-kfinder 7570/udp
aries kfinder sun-lm 7588/tcp
sun license manager sun-lm 7588/udp
sun license manager qaz 7597/tcp
quaz trojan worm indi 7624/tcp
instrument neutral distributed interface indi 7624/udp
instrument neutral distributed interface pmdfmgt 7633/tcp
pmdf management pmdfmgt 7633/udp
pmdf management cucme-1 7648/udp
cucme live video/audio server cucme-2 7649/udp
cucme live video/audio server cucme-3 7650/udp
cucme live video/audio server cucme-4 7651/udp
cucme live video/audio server imqtunnels 7674/tcp
imq ssl tunnel imqtunnels 7674/udp
imq ssl tunnel imqtunnel 7675/tcp
imq tunnel imqtunnel 7675/udp
imq tunnel imqbrokerd 7676/tcp
imq broker rendezvous imqbrokerd 7676/udp
imq broker rendezvous sstp-1 7743/tcp
sakura script transfer protocol sstp-1 7743/udp
sakura script transfer protocol cbt 7777/tcp
cbt cbt 7777/udp
cbt interwise 7778/tcp
interwise interwise 7778/udp
interwise vstat 7779/tcp
vstat vstat 7779/udp
vstat accu-lmgr 7781/tcp
accu-lmgr accu-lmgr 7781/udp
accu-lmgr minivend 7786/tcp
minivend minivend 7786/udp
minivend pnet-conn 7797/tcp
propel connector port pnet-conn 7797/udp
propel connector port pnet-enc 7798/tcp
propel encoder port pnet-enc 7798/udp
propel encoder port apc-7845 7845/tcp
apc 7845 apc-7845 7845/udp
apc 7845 apc-7846 7846/tcp
apc 7846 apc-7846 7846/udp
apc 7846 qo-secure 7913/tcp
quickobjects secure port qo-secure 7913/udp
quickobjects secure port t2-drm 7932/tcp
tier 2 data resource manager t2-drm 7932/udp
tier 2 data resource manager t2-brm 7933/tcp
tier 2 business rules manager t2-brm 7933/udp
tier 2 business rules manager supercell 7967/tcp
supercell supercell 7967/udp
supercell micromuse-ncps 7979/tcp
micromuse-ncps micromuse-ncps 7979/udp
micromuse-ncps quest-vista 7980/tcp
quest vista quest-vista 7980/udp
quest vista irdmi2 7999/tcp
irdmi2 irdmi2 7999/udp
irdmi2 irdmi 8000/tcp http-alt
irdmi, a common alternative http port irdmi 8000/udp
irdmi vcom-tunnel 8001/tcp
vcom tunnel vcom-tunnel 8001/udp
vcom tunnel teradataordbms 8002/tcp
teradata ordbms teradataordbms 8002/udp
teradata ordbms jserv 8007/tcp ajp12
apache jserv protocol 1.x, apache jserv module http-alt 8008/tcp
http alternate http-alt 8008/udp
http alternate ajp13 8009/tcp
apache jserv protocol 1.3 oa-system 8022/tcp
oa-system oa-system 8022/udp
oa-system spamd 8025/tcp
spamd(8) spamd-cfg 8026/tcp
spamd(8) configuration pro-ed 8032/tcp
proed pro-ed 8032/udp
proed mindprint 8033/tcp
mindprint mindprint 8033/udp
mindprint gg 8074/tcp
gadu-gadu instant messaging gg 8074/udp
gadu-gadu instant messaging http-alt 8080/tcp http-proxy
common http proxy/second web server port, http alternate (see port 80) http-alt 8080/udp
http alternate (see port 80) blackice-icecap 8081/tcp
icecap user console blackice-alerts 8082/tcp
blackice alerts sent to this port radan-http 8088/tcp
radan http radan-http 8088/udp
radan http xprint-server 8100/tcp
xprint server xprint-server 8100/udp
xprint server mtl8000-matrix 8115/tcp
mtl8000 matrix mtl8000-matrix 8115/udp
mtl8000 matrix cp-cluster 8116/tcp
check point clustering cp-cluster 8116/udp
check point clustering privoxy 8118/tcp
privoxy http proxy privoxy 8118/udp
privoxy http proxy indigo-vrmi 8130/tcp
indigo-vrmi indigo-vrmi 8130/udp
indigo-vrmi indigo-vbcp 8131/tcp
indigo-vbcp indigo-vbcp 8131/udp
indigo-vbcp dbabble 8132/tcp
dbabble dbabble 8132/udp
dbabble patrol 8160/tcp
patrol patrol 8160/udp
patrol patrol-snmp 8161/tcp
patrol snmp patrol-snmp 8161/udp
patrol snmp vvr-data 8199/tcp
vvr data vvr-data 8199/udp
vvr data trivnet1 8200/tcp
trivnet trivnet1 8200/udp
trivnet trivnet2 8201/tcp
trivnet trivnet2 8201/udp
trivnet lm-perfworks 8204/tcp
lm perfworks lm-perfworks 8204/udp
lm perfworks lm-instmgr 8205/tcp
lm instmgr lm-instmgr 8205/udp
lm instmgr lm-dta 8206/tcp
lm dta lm-dta 8206/udp
lm dta lm-sserver 8207/tcp
lm sserver lm-sserver 8207/udp
lm sserver lm-webwatcher 8208/tcp
lm webwatcher lm-webwatcher 8208/udp
lm webwatcher server-find 8351/tcp
server find server-find 8351/udp
server find cruise-enum 8376/tcp
cruise enum cruise-enum 8376/udp
cruise enum cruise-swroute 8377/tcp
cruise swroute cruise-swroute 8377/udp
cruise swroute cruise-config 8378/tcp
cruise config cruise-config 8378/udp
cruise config cruise-diags 8379/tcp
cruise diags cruise-diags 8379/udp
cruise diags cruise-update 8380/tcp
cruise update cruise-update 8380/udp
cruise update cvd 8400/tcp
cvd cvd 8400/udp
cvd sabarsd 8401/tcp
sabarsd sabarsd 8401/udp
sabarsd abarsd 8402/tcp
abarsd abarsd 8402/udp
abarsd admind 8403/tcp
admind admind 8403/udp
admind espeech 8416/tcp
espeech session protocol espeech 8416/udp
espeech session protocol espeech-rtp 8417/tcp
espeech rtp protocol espeech-rtp 8417/udp
espeech rtp protocol pcsync-https 8443/tcp https-alt
common alternative https port, pcsync https pcsync-https 8443/udp
pcsync https pcsync-http 8444/tcp
pcsync http pcsync-http 8444/udp
pcsync http npmp 8450/tcp
npmp npmp 8450/udp
npmp vp2p 8473/tcp
virtual point to point vp2p 8473/udp
virtual point to point rtsp-alt 8554/tcp
rtsp alternate (see port 554) rtsp-alt 8554/udp
rtsp alternate (see port 554) d-fence 8555/tcp
symax d-fence d-fence 8555/udp
symax d-fence natd 8668/divert
network address translation ibus 8733/tcp
ibus ibus 8733/udp
ibus mc-appserver 8763/tcp
mc-appserver mc-appserver 8763/udp
mc-appserver openqueue 8764/tcp
openqueue openqueue 8764/udp
openqueue ultraseek-http 8765/tcp
ultraseek http ultraseek-http 8765/udp
ultraseek http msgclnt 8786/tcp
message client msgclnt 8786/udp
message client msgsrvr 8787/tcp
message server msgsrvr 8787/udp
message server truecm 8804/tcp
truecm truecm 8804/udp
truecm cddbp-alt 8880/tcp
cddbp cddbp-alt 8880/udp
cddbp ddi-tcp-1 8888/tcp sun-answerbook
newsedge server tcp (tcp 1), sun answerbook http server ddi-udp-1 8888/udp
newsedge server udp (udp 1) ddi-tcp-2 8889/tcp
desktop data tcp 1 ddi-udp-2 8889/udp
newsedge server broadcast ddi-tcp-3 8890/tcp
desktop data tcp 2 ddi-udp-3 8890/udp
newsedge client broadcast ddi-tcp-4 8891/tcp
desktop data tcp 3: ness application ddi-udp-4 8891/udp
desktop data udp 3: ness application ddi-tcp-5 8892/tcp seosload
from the new computer associates etrust acx, desktop data tcp 4: farm product ddi-udp-5 8892/udp
desktop data udp 4: farm product ddi-tcp-6 8893/tcp
desktop data tcp 5: newsedge/web application ddi-udp-6 8893/udp
desktop data udp 5: newsedge/web application ddi-tcp-7 8894/tcp
desktop data tcp 6: coal application ddi-udp-7 8894/udp
desktop data udp 6: coal application jmb-cds1 8900/tcp
jmb-cds 1 jmb-cds1 8900/udp
jmb-cds 1 jmb-cds2 8901/tcp
jmb-cds 2 jmb-cds2 8901/udp
jmb-cds 2 manyone-http 8910/tcp
manyone-http manyone-http 8910/udp
manyone-http manyone-xml 8911/tcp
manyone-xml manyone-xml 8911/udp
manyone-xml cumulus-admin 8954/tcp
cumulus admin port cumulus-admin 8954/udp
cumulus admin port bctp 8999/tcp
brodos crypto trade protocol bctp 8999/udp
brodos crypto trade protocol cslistener 9000/tcp
cslistener cslistener 9000/udp
cslistener etlservicemgr 9001/tcp kastenxpipe
kastenx pipe, etl service manager etlservicemgr 9001/udp kastenxpipe
kastenx pipe, etl service manager dynamid 9002/tcp
dynamid authentication dynamid 9002/udp
dynamid authentication sctp 9006/tcp
sctp sctp 9006/udp
sctp tambora 9020/tcp
tambora tambora 9020/udp
tambora panagolin-ident 9021/tcp
pangolin identification panagolin-ident 9021/udp
pangolin identification paragent 9022/tcp
privateark remote agent paragent 9022/udp
privateark remote agent swa-1 9023/tcp
secure web access - 1 swa-1 9023/udp
secure web access - 1 swa-2 9024/tcp
secure web access - 2 swa-2 9024/udp
secure web access - 2 swa-3 9025/tcp
secure web access - 3 swa-3 9025/udp
secure web access - 3 swa-4 9026/tcp
secure web access - 4 swa-4 9026/udp
secure web access - 4 glrpc 9080/tcp
groove glrpc glrpc 9080/udp
groove glrpc websm 9090/tcp zeus-admin
zeus admin server, websm websm 9090/udp
websm xmltec-xmlmail 9091/tcp
xmltec-xmlmail xmltec-xmlmail 9091/udp
xmltec-xmlmail hp-pdl-datastr 9100/tcp jetdirect pdl-datastream
printer pdl data stream, pdl data streaming port, hp jetdirect card hp-pdl-datastr 9100/udp pdl-datastream
printer pdl data stream, pdl data streaming port bacula-dir 9101/tcp
bacula director bacula-dir 9101/udp
bacula director bacula-fd 9102/tcp
bacula file daemon bacula-fd 9102/udp
bacula file daemon bacula-sd 9103/tcp
bacula storage daemon bacula-sd 9103/udp
bacula storage daemon DragonIDSConsole 9111/tcp
dragon ids console ms-sql2000 9152/tcp netlock1 9160/tcp
netlock1 netlock1 9160/udp
netlock1 netlock2 9161/tcp
netlock2 netlock2 9161/udp
netlock2 netlock3 9162/tcp
netlock3 netlock3 9162/udp
netlock3 netlock4 9163/tcp
netlock4 netlock4 9163/udp
netlock4 netlock5 9164/tcp
netlock5 netlock5 9164/udp
netlock5 wap-wsp 9200/tcp
wap connectionless session service wap-wsp 9200/udp
wap connectionless session service wap-wsp-wtp 9201/tcp
wap session service wap-wsp-wtp 9201/udp
wap session service wap-wsp-s 9202/tcp
wap secure connectionless session service wap-wsp-s 9202/udp
wap secure connectionless session service wap-wsp-wtp-s 9203/tcp
wap secure session service wap-wsp-wtp-s 9203/udp
wap secure session service wap-vcard 9204/tcp
wap vcard wap-vcard 9204/udp
wap vcard wap-vcal 9205/tcp
wap vcal wap-vcal 9205/udp
wap vcal wap-vcard-s 9206/tcp
wap vcard secure wap-vcard-s 9206/udp
wap vcard secure wap-vcal-s 9207/tcp
wap vcal secure wap-vcal-s 9207/udp
wap vcal secure lif-mlp 9210/tcp
lif mobile locn protocol lif-mlp 9210/udp
lif mobile locn protocol lif-mlp-s 9211/tcp
lif mobile locn secure lif-mlp-s 9211/udp
lif mobile locn secure fsc-port 9217/tcp
fsc communication port fsc-port 9217/udp
fsc communication port swtp-port1 9281/tcp
sofaware transport port 1 swtp-port1 9281/udp
sofaware transport port 1 swtp-port2 9282/tcp
sofaware transport port 2 swtp-port2 9282/udp
sofaware transport port 2 callwaveiam 9283/tcp
callwaveiam callwaveiam 9283/udp
callwaveiam visd 9284/tcp
veritas information serve visd 9284/udp
veritas information serve n2h2server 9285/tcp
n2h2 filter service port n2h2server 9285/udp
n2h2 filter service port cumulus 9287/tcp
cumulus cumulus 9287/udp
cumulus armtechdaemon 9292/tcp
armtech daemon armtechdaemon 9292/udp
armtech daemon guibase 9321/tcp
guibase guibase 9321/udp
guibase mpidcmgr 9343/tcp
mpidcmgr mpidcmgr 9343/udp
mpidcmgr mphlpdmc 9344/tcp
mphlpdmc mphlpdmc 9344/udp
mphlpdmc ctechlicensing 9346/tcp
c tech licensing ctechlicensing 9346/udp
c tech licensing fjdmimgr 9374/tcp
fjdmimgr fjdmimgr 9374/udp
fjdmimgr fjinvmgr 9396/tcp
fjinvmgr fjinvmgr 9396/udp
fjinvmgr mpidcagt 9397/tcp
mpidcagt mpidcagt 9397/udp
mpidcagt ismserver 9500/tcp
ismserver ismserver 9500/udp
ismserver mngsuite 9535/tcp man
management suite remote control mngsuite 9535/udp man
management suite remote control msgsys 9594/tcp
message system msgsys 9594/udp
message system pds 9595/tcp
ping discovery service pds 9595/udp
ping discovery service micromuse-ncpw 9600/tcp
micromuse-ncpw micromuse-ncpw 9600/udp
micromuse-ncpw streamcomm-ds 9612/tcp
streamcomm user directory streamcomm-ds 9612/udp
streamcomm user directory l5nas-parchan 9747/tcp
l5nas parallel channel l5nas-parchan 9747/udp
l5nas parallel channel rasadv 9753/tcp
rasadv rasadv 9753/udp
rasadv davsrc 9800/tcp
webdav source port davsrc 9800/udp
webdav source port sstp-2 9801/tcp
sakura script transfer protocol-2 sstp-2 9801/udp
sakura script transfer protocol-2 sapv1 9875/tcp
session announcement v1 sapv1 9875/udp
session announcement v1 sd 9876/tcp
session director sd 9876/udp
session director cyborg-systems 9888/tcp
cyborg systems cyborg-systems 9888/udp
cyborg systems monkeycom 9898/tcp
monkeycom monkeycom 9898/udp
monkeycom sctp-tunneling 9899/tcp
sctp tunneling sctp-tunneling 9899/udp
sctp tunneling iua 9900/sctp
iua iua 9900/tcp
iua iua 9900/udp
iua domaintime 9909/tcp
domaintime domaintime 9909/udp
domaintime sype-transport 9911/tcp
sypecom transport protocol sype-transport 9911/udp
sypecom transport protocol apc-9950 9950/tcp
apc 9950 apc-9950 9950/udp
apc 9950 apc-9951 9951/tcp
apc 9951 apc-9951 9951/udp
apc 9951 apc-9952 9952/tcp
apc 9952 apc-9952 9952/udp
apc 9952 issa 9991/tcp
iss system scanner agent palace-1 9992/tcp issc palace
onlive-1, iss system scanner console, palace palace-1 9992/udp palace
onlive-1, palace palace-2 9993/tcp palace
onlive-2, palace palace-2 9993/udp palace
onlive-2, palace palace-3 9994/tcp palace
onlive-3, palace palace-3 9994/udp palace
onlive-3, palace palace-4 9995/tcp palace
palace-4, palace palace-4 9995/udp palace
palace-4, palace palace-5 9996/tcp palace
palace-5, palace palace-5 9996/udp palace
palace-5, palace palace-6 9997/tcp palace
palace-6, palace palace-6 9997/udp palace
palace-6, palace distinct32 9998/tcp
distinct32 distinct32 9998/udp
distinct32 distinct 9999/tcp abyss
abyss web server remote web management interface, distinct distinct 9999/udp
distinct ndmp 10000/tcp snet-sensor-mgmt
network data management protocol, securenet pro sensor https management server ndmp 10000/udp
network data management protocol scp-config 10001/tcp
scp configuration port scp-config 10001/udp
scp configuration port stel 10005/tcp
secure telnet mvs-capacity 10007/tcp
mvs capacity mvs-capacity 10007/udp
mvs capacity octopus 10008/tcp
octopus multiplexer octopus 10008/udp
octopus multiplexer amanda 10080/tcp
amanda amanda 10080/udp
amanda backup util, amanda, dump server control kamanda 10081/udp
amanda with kerberos amandaidx 10082/tcp
amanda indexing amidxtape 10083/tcp
amanda tape indexing ezmeeting-2 10101/tcp
ezmeeting ezmeeting-2 10101/udp
ezmeeting ezproxy-2 10102/tcp
ezproxy ezproxy-2 10102/udp
ezproxy ezrelay 10103/tcp
ezrelay ezrelay 10103/udp
ezrelay netiq-endpoint 10113/tcp
netiq endpoint netiq-endpoint 10113/udp
netiq endpoint netiq-qcheck 10114/tcp
netiq qcheck netiq-qcheck 10114/udp
netiq qcheck netiq-endpt 10115/tcp
netiq endpoint netiq-endpt 10115/udp
netiq endpoint netiq-voipa 10116/tcp
netiq voip assessor netiq-voipa 10116/udp
netiq voip assessor bmc-perf-sd 10128/tcp
bmc-perform-service daemon bmc-perf-sd 10128/udp
bmc-perform-service daemon axis-wimp-port 10260/tcp
axis wimp port axis-wimp-port 10260/udp
axis wimp port blocks 10288/tcp
blocks blocks 10288/udp
blocks rmiaux 10990/tcp
auxiliary rmi port rmiaux 10990/udp
auxiliary rmi port irisa 11000/tcp
irisa irisa 11000/udp
irisa metasys 11001/tcp
metasys metasys 11001/udp
metasys vce 11111/tcp
viral computing environment (vce) vce 11111/udp
viral computing environment (vce) smsqp 11201/tcp
smsqp smsqp 11201/udp
smsqp imip 11319/tcp
imip imip 11319/udp
imip imip-channels 11320/tcp
imip channels port imip-channels 11320/udp
imip channels port arena-server 11321/tcp
arena server listen arena-server 11321/udp
arena server listen atm-uhas 11367/tcp
atm uhas atm-uhas 11367/udp
atm uhas hkp 11371/tcp pksd
openpgp http keyserver, pgp public key server hkp 11371/udp
openpgp http keyserver tempest-port 11600/tcp
tempest protocol port tempest-port 11600/udp
tempest protocol port h323callsigalt 11720/tcp
h323 call signal alternate h323callsigalt 11720/udp
h323 call signal alternate intrepid-ssl 11751/tcp
intrepid ssl intrepid-ssl 11751/udp
intrepid ssl sysinfo-sp 11967/tcp
sysinfo service protocol sysinfo-sp 11967/udp
sysinfo sercice protocol entextxid 12000/tcp cce4x
ibm enterprise extender sna xid exchange, clearcommerce engine 4.x (www.clearcommerce.com) entextxid 12000/udp
ibm enterprise extender sna xid exchange entextnetwk 12001/tcp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos network priority entextnetwk 12001/udp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos network priority entexthigh 12002/tcp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos high priority entexthigh 12002/udp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos high priority entextmed 12003/tcp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos medium priority entextmed 12003/udp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos medium priority entextlow 12004/tcp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos low priority entextlow 12004/udp
ibm enterprise extender sna cos low priority dbisamserver1 12005/tcp
dbisam database server - regular dbisamserver1 12005/udp
dbisam database server - regular dbisamserver2 12006/tcp
dbisam database server - admin dbisamserver2 12006/udp
dbisam database server - admin rets-ssl 12109/tcp
rets over ssl rets-ssl 12109/udp
rets over ssl hivep 12172/tcp
hivep hivep 12172/udp
hivep italk 12345/tcp NetBus
netbus backdoor trojan or trend micro office scan, netbus backdoor trojan, italk chat system italk 12345/udp
italk chat system NetBus 12346/tcp
netbus backdoor trojan tsaf 12753/tcp
tsaf port tsaf 12753/udp
tsaf port i-zipqd 13160/tcp
i-zipqd i-zipqd 13160/udp
i-zipqd powwow-client 13223/tcp
powwow client powwow-client 13223/udp
powwow client powwow-server 13224/tcp
powwow server powwow-server 13224/udp
powwow server VeritasNetbackup 13701/tcp
vmd server VeritasNetbackup 13702/tcp
ascd server VeritasNetbackup 13705/tcp
tl8cd server VeritasNetbackup 13706/tcp
odld server VeritasNetbackup 13708/tcp
vtlcd server VeritasNetbackup 13709/tcp
ts8d server VeritasNetbackup 13710/tcp
tc8d server VeritasNetbackup 13711/tcp
server VeritasNetbackup 13712/tcp
tc4d server VeritasNetbackup 13713/tcp
tl4d server VeritasNetbackup 13714/tcp
tsdd server VeritasNetbackup 13715/tcp
tshd server VeritasNetbackup 13716/tcp
tlmd server VeritasNetbackup 13717/tcp
tlhcd server VeritasNetbackup 13718/tcp
lmfcd server bprd 13720/tcp VeritasNetbackup
bprd protocol (veritas netbackup), bprd server bprd 13720/udp
bprd protocol (veritas netbackup) bpdbm 13721/tcp bpbrm VeritasNetbackup
bpdbm server, bpbrm protocol (veritas netbackup), bpdbm protocol (veritas netbackup) bpdbm 13721/udp bpbrm
bpbrm protocol (veritas netbackup), bpdbm protocol (veritas netbackup) bpjava-msvc 13722/tcp VeritasNetbackup
bpjava-msvc client, bp java msvc protocol bpjava-msvc 13722/udp
bp java msvc protocol vnetd 13724/tcp
veritas network utility vnetd 13724/udp
veritas network utility bpcd 13782/tcp VeritasNetbackup
veritas netbackup, bpcd client bpcd 13782/udp
veritas netbackup vopied 13783/tcp VeritasNetbackup
vopied protocol, vopied client vopied 13783/udp
vopied protocol dsmcc-config 13818/tcp
dsmcc config dsmcc-config 13818/udp
dsmcc config dsmcc-session 13819/tcp
dsmcc session messages dsmcc-session 13819/udp
dsmcc session messages dsmcc-passthru 13820/tcp
dsmcc pass-thru messages dsmcc-passthru 13820/udp
dsmcc pass-thru messages dsmcc-download 13821/tcp
dsmcc download protocol dsmcc-download 13821/udp
dsmcc download protocol dsmcc-ccp 13822/tcp
dsmcc channel change protocol dsmcc-ccp 13822/udp
dsmcc channel change protocol sua 14001/sctp
sua sua 14001/tcp itu-sccp-ss7
itu sccp (ss7), sua sua 14001/udp itu-sccp-ss7
itu sccp (ss7), de-registered (2001 june 06) sage-best-com1 14033/tcp
sage best! config server 1 sage-best-com1 14033/udp
sage best! config server 1 sage-best-com2 14034/tcp
sage best! config server 2 sage-best-com2 14034/udp
sage best! config server 2 vcs-app 14141/tcp
vcs application vcs-app 14141/udp
vcs application gcm-app 14145/tcp
gcm application gcm-app 14145/udp
gcm application vrts-tdd 14149/tcp
veritas traffic director vrts-tdd 14149/udp
veritas traffic director hde-lcesrvr-1 14936/tcp
hde-lcesrvr-1 hde-lcesrvr-1 14936/udp
hde-lcesrvr-1 hde-lcesrvr-2 14937/tcp
hde-lcesrvr-2 hde-lcesrvr-2 14937/udp
hde-lcesrvr-2 hydap 15000/tcp
hypack data aquisition hydap 15000/udp
hypack data aquisition swgps 15126/tcp
nortel java s/wgps global payment solutions for us credit card authorizations xpilot 15345/tcp
xpilot contact port xpilot 15345/udp
xpilot contact port 3link 15363/tcp
3link negotiation 3link 15363/udp
3link negotiation netserialext1 16360/tcp
netserialext1 netserialext1 16360/udp
netserialext1 netserialext2 16361/tcp
netserialext2 netserialext2 16361/udp
netserialext2 netserialext3 16367/tcp
netserialext3 netserialext3 16367/udp
netserialext3 netserialext4 16368/tcp
netserialext4 netserialext4 16368/udp
netserialext4 subseven 16959/tcp
subseven trojan intel-rci-mp 16991/tcp
intel-rci-mp intel-rci-mp 16991/udp
intel-rci-mp isode-dua 17007/tcp isode-dua 17007/udp soundsvirtual 17185/tcp
sounds virtual soundsvirtual 17185/udp wdbrpc
vxworks wdb remote debugging oncrpc, sounds virtual chipper 17219/tcp
chipper chipper 17219/udp
chipper kuang2 17300/tcp
kuang2 backdoor biimenu 18000/tcp
beckman instruments, inc. biimenu 18000/udp
beckman instruments, inc. opsec-cvp 18181/tcp opsec_cvp
opsec cvp, check point opsec opsec-cvp 18181/udp
opsec cvp opsec-ufp 18182/tcp opsec_ufp
opsec ufp, check point opsec opsec-ufp 18182/udp
opsec ufp opsec-sam 18183/tcp opsec_sam
opsec sam, check point opsec opsec-sam 18183/udp
opsec sam opsec-lea 18184/tcp opsec_lea
opsec lea, check point opsec opsec-lea 18184/udp
opsec lea opsec-omi 18185/tcp opsec_omi
opsec omi, check point opsec opsec-omi 18185/udp
opsec omi opsec-ela 18187/tcp opsec_ela
opsec ela, check point opsec opsec-ela 18187/udp
opsec ela checkpoint-rtm 18241/tcp
check point rtm checkpoint-rtm 18241/udp
check point rtm ac-cluster 18463/tcp
ac cluster ac-cluster 18463/udp
ac cluster ique 18769/tcp
ique protocol ique 18769/udp
ique protocol apc-necmp 18888/tcp
apcnecmp apc-necmp 18888/udp
apcnecmp opsec-uaa 19191/tcp
opsec uaa opsec-uaa 19191/udp
opsec uaa ua-secureagent 19194/tcp
userauthority secureagent ua-secureagent 19194/udp
userauthority secureagent keysrvr 19283/tcp
key server for sassafras keysrvr 19283/udp
key server for sassafras keyshadow 19315/tcp
key shadow for sassafras keyshadow 19315/udp
key shadow for sassafras mtrgtrans 19398/tcp
mtrgtrans mtrgtrans 19398/udp
mtrgtrans hp-sco 19410/tcp
hp-sco hp-sco 19410/udp
hp-sco hp-sca 19411/tcp
hp-sca hp-sca 19411/udp
hp-sca hp-sessmon 19412/tcp
hp-sessmon hp-sessmon 19412/udp
hp-sessmon sxuptp 19540/tcp
sxuptp sxuptp 19540/udp
sxuptp jcp 19541/tcp
jcp client jcp 19541/udp
jcp client dnp 20000/tcp
dnp dnp 20000/udp
dnp btx 20005/tcp
xcept4 (interacts with german telekom's cept videotext service) ipdtp-port 20202/tcp
ipd tunneling port ipdtp-port 20202/udp
ipd tunneling port ipulse-ics 20222/tcp
ipulse-ics ipulse-ics 20222/udp
ipulse-ics track 20670/tcp
track track 20670/udp
track athand-mmp 20999/tcp
at hand mmp athand-mmp 20999/udp
at hand mmp vofr-gateway 21590/tcp
vofr gateway vofr-gateway 21590/udp
vofr gateway tvpm 21800/tcp
tvnc pro multiplexing tvpm 21800/udp
tvnc pro multiplexing webphone 21845/tcp
webphone webphone 21845/udp
webphone netspeak-is 21846/tcp
netspeak corp. directory services netspeak-is 21846/udp
netspeak corp. directory services netspeak-cs 21847/tcp
netspeak corp. connection services netspeak-cs 21847/udp
netspeak corp. connection services netspeak-acd 21848/tcp
netspeak corp. automatic call distribution netspeak-acd 21848/udp
netspeak corp. automatic call distribution netspeak-cps 21849/tcp
netspeak corp. credit processing system netspeak-cps 21849/udp
netspeak corp. credit processing system snapenetio 22000/tcp
snapenetio snapenetio 22000/udp
snapenetio optocontrol 22001/tcp
optocontrol optocontrol 22001/udp
optocontrol wnn6 22273/tcp wnn4
wnn6 (japanese input), wnn4 (japanese input), wnn6 wnn6 22273/udp
wnn6 wnn4_Cn 22289/tcp wnn6_Cn
wnn4 (chinese input), wnn6 (chinese input) wnn4_Kr 22305/tcp wnn6_Kr
wnn6 (korean input), wnn4 (korean input) wnn4_Tw 22321/tcp wnn6_Tw
wnn4 (taiwanse input), wnn6 (taiwanse input) hpnpd 22370/tcp
hewlett-packard network printer daemon hpnpd 22370/udp
hewlett-packard network printer daemon vocaltec-wconf 22555/tcp
vocaltec web conference vocaltec-phone 22555/udp
vocaltec internet phone aws-brf 22800/tcp
telerate information platform lan aws-brf 22800/udp
telerate information platform lan brf-gw 22951/tcp
telerate information platform wan brf-gw 22951/udp
telerate information platform wan med-ltp 24000/tcp
med-ltp med-ltp 24000/udp
med-ltp med-fsp-rx 24001/tcp
med-fsp-rx med-fsp-rx 24001/udp
med-fsp-rx med-fsp-tx 24002/tcp
med-fsp-tx med-fsp-tx 24002/udp
med-fsp-tx med-supp 24003/tcp
med-supp med-supp 24003/udp
med-supp med-ovw 24004/tcp
med-ovw med-ovw 24004/udp
med-ovw med-ci 24005/tcp
med-ci med-ci 24005/udp
med-ci med-net-svc 24006/tcp
med-net-svc med-net-svc 24006/udp
med-net-svc filesphere 24242/tcp
filesphere filesphere 24242/udp
filesphere vista-4gl 24249/tcp
vista 4gl vista-4gl 24249/udp
vista 4gl intel_rci 24386/tcp
intel rci intel_rci 24386/udp
intel rci binkp 24554/tcp
binkp binkp 24554/udp
binkp flashfiler 24677/tcp
flashfiler flashfiler 24677/udp
flashfiler proactivate 24678/tcp
turbopower proactivate proactivate 24678/udp
turbopower proactivate snip 24922/tcp
simple net ident protocol snip 24922/udp
simple net ident protocol icl-twobase1 25000/tcp
icl-twobase1 icl-twobase1 25000/udp
icl-twobase1 icl-twobase2 25001/tcp
icl-twobase2 icl-twobase2 25001/udp
icl-twobase2 icl-twobase3 25002/tcp
icl-twobase3 icl-twobase3 25002/udp
icl-twobase3 icl-twobase4 25003/tcp
icl-twobase4 icl-twobase4 25003/udp
icl-twobase4 icl-twobase5 25004/tcp
icl-twobase5 icl-twobase5 25004/udp
icl-twobase5 icl-twobase6 25005/tcp
icl-twobase6 icl-twobase6 25005/udp
icl-twobase6 icl-twobase7 25006/tcp
icl-twobase7 icl-twobase7 25006/udp
icl-twobase7 icl-twobase8 25007/tcp
icl-twobase8 icl-twobase8 25007/udp
icl-twobase8 icl-twobase9 25008/tcp
icl-twobase9 icl-twobase9 25008/udp
icl-twobase9 icl-twobase10 25009/tcp
icl-twobase10 icl-twobase10 25009/udp
icl-twobase10 vocaltec-hos 25793/tcp
vocaltec address server vocaltec-hos 25793/udp
vocaltec address server niobserver 25901/tcp
niobserver niobserver 25901/udp
niobserver niprobe 25903/tcp
niprobe niprobe 25903/udp
niprobe quake 26000/tcp
quake quake 26000/udp
quake game server, quake wnn6-ds 26208/tcp wnn6_DS
wnn6-ds, wnn6 (dserver) wnn6-ds 26208/udp
wnn6-ds ezproxy 26260/tcp
ezproxy ezproxy 26260/udp
ezproxy ezmeeting 26261/tcp
ezmeeting ezmeeting 26261/udp
ezmeeting k3software-svr 26262/tcp
k3 software-server k3software-svr 26262/udp
k3 software-server k3software-cli 26263/tcp
k3 software-client k3software-cli 26263/udp
k3 software-client gserver 26264/tcp
gserver gserver 26264/udp
gserver hunt 26740/udp
multi-player/multi-host maze-wars, hunt(6) hexen2 26900/udp
hexen 2 game server flex-lm 27000/tcp flexlm0
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27001/tcp flexlm1
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27002/tcp flexlm2
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27003/tcp flexlm3
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27004/tcp flexlm4
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27005/tcp flexlm5
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27006/tcp flexlm6
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27007/tcp flexlm7
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27008/tcp flexlm8
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flex-lm 27009/tcp flexlm9
flex lm (1-10), flexlm license manager additional ports flexlm10 27010/tcp
flexlm license manager additional ports halflife 27015/udp
half-life game server imagepump 27345/tcp
imagepump imagepump 27345/udp
imagepump subseven 27374/tcp
subseven windows trojan Trinoo_Bcast 27444/udp
trinoo distributed attack tool master -> bcast daemon communication, trinoo distributed attack tool master quakeworld 27500/udp
quake world kopek-httphead 27504/tcp
kopek http head port kopek-httphead 27504/udp
kopek http head port Trinoo_Master 27665/tcp
trinoo distributed attack tool master server control port quake2 27910/udp
quake 2 game server Quake3Server 27960/udp quake3
quake 3 arena server tw-auth-key 27999/tcp
tw authentication/key distribution and tw-auth-key 27999/udp
attribute certificate services heretic2 28910/udp
heretic 2 game server pago-services1 30001/tcp
pago services 1 pago-services1 30001/udp
pago services 1 pago-services2 30002/tcp
pago services 2 pago-services2 30002/udp
pago services 2 Trinoo_Register 31335/udp
trinoo distributed attack tool bcast daemon registration port Elite 31337/tcp
sometimes interesting stuff can be found here BackOrifice 31337/udp
cdc back orifice remote admin tool xqosd 31416/tcp
xqos network monitor xqosd 31416/udp
xqos network monitor lm-mon 31620/tcp
lm mon lm-mon 31620/udp
lm mon gamesmith-port 31765/tcp
gamesmith port gamesmith-port 31765/udp
gamesmith port filenet-tms 32768/tcp
filenet tms filenet-tms 32768/udp
filenet tms filenet-rpc 32769/tcp
filenet rpc filenet-rpc 32769/udp
filenet rpc filenet-nch 32770/tcp sometimes-rpc3
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box, filenet nch filenet-nch 32770/udp sometimes-rpc4
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box, filenet nch filenet-rmi 32771/tcp sometimes-rpc5
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rusersd), filenet rmi filenet-rmi 32771/udp sometimes-rpc6
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rusersd), filenet rmi filenet-pa 32772/tcp sometimes-rpc7
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (status), filenet process analyzer filenet-pa 32772/udp sometimes-rpc8
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (status), filenet process analyzer sometimes-rpc9 32773/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rquotad) sometimes-rpc10 32773/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rquotad) sometimes-rpc11 32774/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rusersd) sometimes-rpc12 32774/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rusersd) sometimes-rpc13 32775/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (status) sometimes-rpc14 32775/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (status) sometimes-rpc15 32776/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (sprayd) sometimes-rpc16 32776/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (sprayd) sometimes-rpc17 32777/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (walld) sometimes-rpc18 32777/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (walld) sometimes-rpc19 32778/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rstatd) sometimes-rpc20 32778/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box (rstatd) sometimes-rpc21 32779/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box sometimes-rpc22 32779/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box sometimes-rpc23 32780/tcp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box sometimes-rpc24 32780/udp
sometimes an rpc port on my solaris box sometimes-rpc25 32786/tcp
sometimes an rpc port (mountd) sometimes-rpc26 32786/udp
sometimes an rpc port sometimes-rpc27 32787/tcp
sometimes an rpc port dmispd (dmi service provider) sometimes-rpc28 32787/udp
sometimes an rpc port idmgratm 32896/tcp
attachmate id manager idmgratm 32896/udp
attachmate id manager diamondport 33331/tcp
diamondcentral interface diamondport 33331/udp
diamondcentral interface traceroute 33434/tcp
traceroute use traceroute 33434/udp
traceroute use turbonote-2 34249/tcp
turbonote relay server default port turbonote-2 34249/udp
turbonote relay server default port kastenxpipe 36865/tcp
kastenx pipe kastenxpipe 36865/udp
kastenx pipe neckar 37475/tcp
science + computing's venus administration port neckar 37475/udp
science + computing's venus administration port galaxy7-data 38201/tcp
galaxy7 data tunnel galaxy7-data 38201/udp
galaxy7 data tunnel sygatefw 39213/udp
sygate firewall management port version 3.0 build 521 and above turbonote-1 39681/tcp
turbonote default port turbonote-1 39681/udp
turbonote default port cscp 40841/tcp
cscp cscp 40841/udp
cscp csccredir 40842/tcp
csccredir csccredir 40842/udp
csccredir csccfirewall 40843/tcp
csccfirewall csccfirewall 40843/udp
csccfirewall fs-qos 41111/tcp
foursticks qos protocol fs-qos 41111/udp
foursticks qos protocol crestron-cip 41794/tcp
crestron control port crestron-cip 41794/udp
crestron control port crestron-ctp 41795/tcp
crestron terminal port crestron-ctp 41795/udp
crestron terminal port reachout 43118/tcp reachout 43188/tcp
reachout reachout 43188/udp
reachout ndm-agent-port 43189/tcp
ndm-agent-port ndm-agent-port 43189/udp
ndm-agent-port ip-provision 43190/tcp
ip-provision ip-provision 43190/udp
ip-provision pmcd 44321/tcp
pcp server (pmcd) pmcd 44321/udp
pcp server (pmcd) tinyfw 44334/tcp
tiny personal firewall admin port coldfusion-auth 44442/tcp
coldfusion advanced security/siteminder authentication port (by allaire/netegrity) coldfusion-auth 44443/tcp
coldfusion advanced security/siteminder authentication port (by allaire/netegrity) rockwell-encap 44818/tcp
rockwell encapsulation rockwell-encap 44818/udp
rockwell encapsulation ciscopop 45000/udp
cisco postoffice protocol for cisco secure ids invision-ag 45054/tcp
invision ag invision-ag 45054/udp
invision ag eba 45678/tcp
eba prise eba 45678/udp
eba prise ssr-servermgr 45966/tcp
ssrservermgr ssr-servermgr 45966/udp
ssrservermgr mbus 47000/tcp
message bus mbus 47000/udp
message bus dbbrowse 47557/tcp
databeam corporation dbbrowse 47557/udp
databeam corporation directplaysrvr 47624/tcp
direct play server directplaysrvr 47624/udp
direct play server ap 47806/tcp
alc protocol ap 47806/udp
alc protocol bacnet 47808/tcp
building automation and control networks bacnet 47808/udp
building automation and control networks nimcontroller 48000/tcp
nimbus controller nimcontroller 48000/udp
nimbus controller nimspooler 48001/tcp
nimbus spooler nimspooler 48001/udp
nimbus spooler nimhub 48002/tcp
nimbus hub nimhub 48002/udp
nimbus hub nimgtw 48003/tcp
nimbus gateway nimgtw 48003/udp
nimbus gateway com-bardac-dw 48556/tcp
com-bardac-dw com-bardac-dw 48556/udp
com-bardac-dw compaqdiag 49400/tcp
compaq web-based management bo2k 54320/tcp
back orifice 2k default port bo2k 54321/udp
back orifice 2k default port netprowler-manager 61439/tcp netprowler-manager2 61440/tcp netprowler-sensor 61441/tcp pcanywhere 65301/tcp
autor: Sebastian Wielgosz
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